County Intro

Mecklenburg County was formed in 1765 when it along with Charlotte County were split of from Lunenburg County. When researching prior to 1765, it is obvious that Lunenburg County records should be searched.

Lunenburg County was formed in 1746 out of Brunswick County. Again, it is obvious when researching prior to 1746 that Brunswick County Records should be researched. What is not obvious is that parts of Surry County and Isle of Wight County were added to Brunswick in 1723 and 1732. Accordingly, those counties should be researched when researching Mecklenburg families prior of 1746.

Parish Intro

Mecklenburg is comprised of St. James Parish (Lunenburg County 1761-1765 and Mecklenburg County 1765-) and St. Luke’s Parish 1846 -.

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Land Tax Digests Summary 1796-1809

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