Deed Abstracts

Part 5, S-V

SAMUEL VAUGHAN (son of William Vaughan)

Meck 04.152

10 Sep


John Vaughan and Wife Milea (Amelia) Vaughan

Thomas Earle


£25. Land granted to William Vaughan given to his Son John Vaughan by deed dated 11 Oct., 1765. N along William Vaughan, along back line, along Samuel Vaughan, down road. Witnesses: None. Recorded on 13 Sep., 1773. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1771-1776, page 68.

Meck 04.311

8 Feb


Martin Tureman

Phillip Cockerham


Great Buffalo Creek

£75. Bounded by Phillip Cockerham, John Stone, Potter, George Newton and James Wilkins. Witnesses: Samuel Vaughan, Thomas Earles and Prudence Vaughan. His wife Nancy Tureman released her dower rights. Recorded on 13 June, 1774. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1771-1776, page 88.

Meck 05.154

16 Oct


John Green

Henry Green Jr.


bs Great Buffalo Creek

£25. Bounded by John Green, John Butler, David Chandler and William Wilkins. Witnesses: Samuel Vaughan, Thomas Moore, William Stroud and Peter Overby. Recorded on 8 December, 1777. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1777-1779, page 27.

Meck 05.151

17 Oct


John Green

David Perkins


bs Buffalo Creek

£288. Bounded by William Vaughan. Witnesses: Samuel Vaughan, William Wilkinson and Alexander Carter. His wife Elizabeth Green released her dower rights. Recorded on 8 December, 1777. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1777-1779, page 26.

Meck 05.423

7 Apr


Nicholas Overby

Peter Overby


Tewayhomme Creek

£100. Bounded by Griffin. Witnesses: John Murray, Edward Finch, Richard Gregory and Samuel Vaughan. Recorded on 10 May, 1779. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1777-1779, page 64.

13 Sep 1783

Samuel Vaughan, James Wilkins and Peter Vaughan witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Page 305. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 62.

30 Oct 1783

Samuel Vaughan, John Vaughan and Ansell Cunningham witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Page 359. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 72.

Meck DB 07.263

3 Sep 1787

Samuel Vaughan

Peter Vaughan

Peter Overby & his wife Elizabeth, Richard Gregory, John Vaughan, James Vaughan, Ambros Gregory, Winkfield Hayes & David Chandler, legatees of William Vaughan

Mildridge Vaughan,

widow of William Vaughan

£2,000. Bond. Give up right to land where Mildridge Vaughan now lives, to be at her disposal at her death. Witnesses: John Wynn, William Wilkinson, John Butler?, John Gregory, William Stroud. Recorded 14 Apr 1788.

Meck DB 07.410

13 Oct 1788

William Vaughan,

Estate of - John Wynn, Executor

John Sr Jones,

of Chesterfield Co.


£55. Adj. south side of road that leads to Peter Overby, Samuel Vaughan, John Butler, Purkins, Thompson. Witnesses: Thomas Wilsom, Lewis Gann, James Townes, ____ Jones. Recorded 8 Jun 1789.


Meck DB 08.022

__ ___ ____

Samuel Vaughan, of Wilson Co., Tennessee

Thomas Estes


£66. Adj. John Butler, John Camron, Thomas Estes, John Jones (Chesterfield), road. Witnesses: John Wynn, William Stroud, James Wynn, Zack Yancey. Recorded 15 Apr 1790.

9 Oct 1797

Samuel Vaughan made his will naming wife Prudence, children Patty Vaughan, William Vaughan, Polly Vaughan, Claiburne Vaughan, Luke Vaughan, Dicey Vaughan, John Vaughan, Joel Vaughan, Samuel Vaughan, Chesley Vaughan, Peter Vaughan, Sally Vaughan, Betsy Vaughan. Washington County, KY, Will Book A, page 114, Katherine B. Elliott, Emigration to other states from Southside Virginia, Volume 1, page 62.


Meck DB 12.233

26 Mar 1805

Samuel Rottenberry

Samuel Vaughan


£100. Adj. William Ely, John Harris, Delphia Cleaton. Witnesses: Goodwin Taylor, Leviston Vaughan, John Taylor, Robert Alexander Vaughan. Recorded 8 Apr 1805.

Meck 18.270


Samuel H. Vaughan &

Rebecca Vaughan

John Basey



[Very hard to read] Recorded: 16 May 1820.

Meck DB 19.073

2 Mar 1821

Samuel Vaughan

Charles Baskerville

[Hard to read] Mortgage secured by personal property. Witnesses: B. H. Bailey, S. R. Jones, ___. Recorded __ Apr 1821.

Meck DB 20.192

14 Jan 1823

Samuel H. Vaughan

& his wife Rebecca

William Davis


Taylor’s Cr.

[Hard to read] £100. Adj. Randall Davis?, Randolph ___. Witnesses: None. Recorded 20 Jan 1823.


Meck DB 27.329

14 Aug 1837

Samuel B Vaughan, & his wife Martha Vaughan

Jonathan B.

Northington, trustee 2nd part

Emanuel H Hudgens 3rd part


Deed of Trust. $18. Adj. Henry N Ness? Tract where said Vaughan now resides. No witnesses. Recorded 20 Sep 1837

SPENCER C. VAUGHAN (from Petersburg City)

Meck DB 09.152

2 May 1796

Henry Bohannon

Spencer Crawford Vaughan

30 1/2

Waters Buffalo Cr.

£6. Adj. John Wynn. Witnesses: Mourning Wynn, John Winn. Recorded 13 Jun 1796.

Meck DB 10.193

17 Dec 1799

Nancy Bohannon,

wife of Henry Bohannon

Spencer C Vaughan

Release of dower. Reference deed dated 8 May 1796.

Meck DB 11.278

12 Oct 1802

Philip Haley

Spencer C. Vaughan.


Water’s of Davy’s Br.

$500. Adj. Gilliland, Haley, Philip Haley, William ____, Capt. James Jones, dec’d. Excepting dower rights of Elizabeth Shotwell on part of the land. Witnesses: Arthur C. Atkinson, Stephen Pall, John Mayes, John Hill, William Munford. Recorded 13 Dec 1802. His wife Peggy Haley released her dower rights.

Meck DB 12.005

6 Feb 1804

Francis Williamson

Spencer C. Vaughan


Headwaters of Buffalo Cr.

£120. On Main road from Sir Peyton’s Ferry to the Red House. Being same land Said Vaughan sold to said Williamson in 1800 called Bohannon’s Tract. Adj. E Burton, Robert Yancey, William White. Witnesses: Thomas B McRobert, Fr Jones. Recorded 9 Apr 1804.

Meck DB 12.052

7 Jun 1804

Spencer C. Vaughan

Sally Parker


Headwaters of Buffalo

__5. Adj. Edward Burton, Yancey, Carter. No witnesses. Recorded 9 Jul 1804.

Meck DB 13.610

__ Nov 1808

Spencer C. Vaughan

Benjamin Carter


Davis Br.

£180. Adj. Pierce, Gill, Phillip Hailey, James Jones, dec’d. Witnesses: Alexander S. Field, Richard Swepson, Richard M. Allen. Recorded 12 Dec 1808.

Meck DB 14.185

11 Dec 1809

Spencer C Vaughan

Thomas Faulkner,

of Granville, NC


Waters of Buffalo

$800. Adj. John Worsham, James Griffin, William Seal?, Griffin, Marville. Witnesses: Michael __water, Stephen P. Pool, James Culbreath, Frankling? Moore. Recorded 8 Jan 1810.

Meck 16.225

23 May 1816

Edward L Tabb Clk

Spencer C Vaughan


Tax Receipt 1801 & 1802 Taxes

Meck 16.226

31 May 1816

Edward L Tabb Clk

Amelia Vaughan, Charles Hamblen for


Tax Receipt 1797 Taxes.

Meck DB 19.131

7 Dec 1820

Stephen Worsham, trustee of mortgage

Spencer C. Vaughan

David Purkins


Wtrs Buffalo Cr.

$203. Adj, Ambrose Gregory, Perkins, John Newton. Has metes & bounds. Witnesses: Robert Y. Overby, ___ Overby, John V. Wilkins, Peter Vaughan, John Vaughan, Jane Vaughan. Recorded 16 Jul 1821.

Meck DB 22.152

17 Apr 1826

David Vaughan

son of David Vaughan & his wife Lettice Vaughan

James H Newton


Little Buffalo Cr

$120 Adj King, James A. Newton, Estate of Spencer Vaughan, dec’d., William Newton (son of Robert Newton), Polly Newton, widow of Robert Newton, dec’d. Part of a tract of Robert Newton, Sr. which was assigned to Lettice Vaughan, late Lettice Newton which was her equal part of the estate of Robert Newton, Sr., dec’d.. No Witnesses. Recorded 17 Aug 1826.

Meck DB 22.485

11 Jul 1826

Robert Y Overby,

James Williamson

Edward Tillotson, for Estate of Spencer Vaughan, dec’d

David Perkins

64+21 acres?

Little Buffalo Cr.

$384. Adj road to S Boston, James H Newton, John Robert _____? Part of a tract of land purchased from Ambrose Gregory. No witnesses. Recorded 20 Aug 1827.

Meck DB 23.038

19 Nov 1827

David Vaughan,

son of Spencer [Vaughan], his wife Lettis Vaughan, dau. of Robert Newton, dec’d

James H. Newton

$65. Their equal share in estate of Robert Newton. No witnesses. Recorded 20 Nov 1827.

Meck DB 24.425

24 Sep 1831

Jeremiah Vaughan

Warner A Wortham,

and his wife

Bethiah Salor Wortham, late Bethiah Salor Vaughan, dau of Elizabeth Vaughan, dec’d, who was the daughter of Robert Williamson, dec’d, whose widow was Polly Williamson

James Williamson

$22. Their interest in the estate of Robert Williamson, dec’d., being the dower property of Polly Williamson. Jeremiah Vaughan sells his equal interest in his father Doctor Spencer C. Vaughan’s estate. No witnesses. Recorded 17 Oct 1831.

STEPHEN VAUGHAN (son of James Vaughan of Lunenburg Co)

Meck 01.134

9 Sep


Stephen Vaughan and His Wife Mary Vaughan

Roger Atkinson


£50. Start at Stephen Vaughan’s corner, S24W134P, E20S275P along Malon, N142 along Broadnax, W19.5N “as it meanders to the beginning. Witnesses: None. Recorded on 9 Sep., 1765. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771, page 16.

3 Jan 1771

Stephen Vaughan witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 3, Page 66. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1771-1776, page 7.

Meck 02.554

8 Jan


Stephen Vaughan and His Wife Mary Vaughan

Reuben Vaughan


Anthony Br.

£70. Proportional part of 795 acres granted Stephen Vaughan and Reuben Vaughan, excepting 200 acres conveyed to Roger Atkinson. S74W170P, E19.5S219, N246, up Anthony Branch. Witnesses: Thomas Jefferson, James Mcdaniel, Edward Mcdaniel and William Cooper. Recorded on 11 Mar., 1771. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771, page 112.

11 Jan 1771

Rubin Vaughan and Stephen Vaughan witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 2, Page 556. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771, page 112.


Meck DB 07.343

16 Aug 1788

John Gregory,

& his wife Mary Gregory

Stephen Vaughan


S. side Dan R., Bigg Br.

£50. Conveyed to Gregory by his brother Smith Gregory. Adj. Peter Overby. Witnesses: John Vaughan, Peter Overby, Alexander Overby. Recorded 13 October, 1788.

Meck DB 08.110

27 Dec 1791

John Vaughan

(Signed by Elijah Rudd and Priscilla Vaughan!)

Stephen Vaughan,

of Halifax Co

Richard? Russell?Vaughan,

of Halifax Co.

Elijah Rudd,

of Lunenburg Co.


Buffalo Cr.

£100. Adj. Vaughan, Rudd, Big Br. Witnesses: James Jones, Benjamin Jones, John Wilburn. Deed signed by Elijah Rudd & Priscilla Vaughan. Recorded 1 Jan 1792. [The parties of this deed do not match the recitation at the beginning of the deed.]

Meck DB 08.347

14 Oct 1793

John Vaughan

Stephen Vaughan


Br. of Buffalo Cr.

£75. Adj. John Vaughan, Reid?, Overby, Stephen Vaughan. No witnesses. Recorded 14 Oct 1793.

Meck DB 09.320

5 Sep 1797

John Wilbourn,

& his wife Prudence Wilbourn

Stephen Vaughan


Buffalo Cr.

£20. Adj. Stephen Vaughan, John Vaughan. No witnesses. Recorded 11 Sep 1797.

Meck DB 09.344

2 Oct 1797

Thomas Stovall

Richard Glasgo


S. side Merre? Creek

Mostly Illegible. £160. Purchased of Peyton Skipwith. Adj. Samuel Young, Jesse _____, Jacob Briggs. Witnesses: James Blanks, Daniel Sizemore, Stephen Vaughan. Recorded: 9 Oct 1797

Meck DB 11.197

15 Jul 1802

Stephen Vaughan

James Blanks


Waters of Great Buffalo Cr.

£120. Adj. Peter Overby, John Vaughan, John Williams, Sally Griffin, Benjamin Worsham, County line, Lewis Bowen. Witnesses: Stephen P. Pool, William Hendrick, Daniel Butler. Recorded 10 Sep 1802. His wife Druscilla Vaughan released her dower rights.

Meck DB 12.004

21 Jan 1804

John Vaughan

Peter Vaughan


South side Big Buffalo Cr.

$42. Adj. Peter Vaughan, John Vaughan. Witnesses: John Vaughan, Stephen Vaughan, Abel Gregory. Recorded 9 Apr 1804.

TEMPERANCE VAUGHANMarried to William, son of Reuben?

Meck DB 08.370

28 Oct 1793

John Cox

Lucrecy Cox,

his wife & Temperance Vaughan, his daughter

Slave gift deed. Witnesses: Griffin Dodd, Geofrey Crowder, Samuel Cox, Nicholas _____. Recorded 18 Jan 1794.


Meck DB 20.120

16 Oct 1822

Theodorick Vaughan,

admr. Hiram Vaughan

Edmund Hardy

General Power of attorney to collect property due him from Tn. Witnesses: Edward L. Tabb. Recorded 17 Oct. 1822.


11 May 1778

Thomas Vaugn witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 5, Page 301. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1777-1779, page 49.

5 Feb 1780

Thomas Vaughan witnessed this deed.. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Page 7. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 4.

Meck 06.124

29 Jul


Thomas Vaughan

William Smith and Richard Jeffries, as Trustees for Elizabeth Vaughan (Under 17)and Polly Vaughan

Five slaves. Witnesses: C. Hood, R. Munford and W. Bridgewater. Recorded on 10 Sep., 1780. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 27.

20 Dec 1782

Thomas Vaughan witnessed this deed.. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Page 222. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 46.

14 Jul 1783

Thomas Vaughan witnessed this deed.. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Page 328. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 66.

Meck DB 07.045

5 Feb 1786

Joseph Royster

Thomas Vaughan

60£. 2 slaves. Witnesses: Thomas Wilson, Ann Vaughan. Recorded 14 Jun 1786.

Meck DB 07.078

1 Jan 1787

Edward Lewis & Francis Lewis, execrs of LWT of Edward Lewis [widow Mary departed in December 1781]

Thomas Vaughan


Little Cr. Adj. Barbary Haster

Edward Lewis the younger bid £511 and sold it to Thomas Vaughan. Adj. Barbary Haster. Witnesses: Thomas Watson, William Hall, Ingram Vaughan. Recorded 2 Jan 1787

Meck DB 07.080

20 Sep 1786

Joseph Royster

Thomas Vaughan

Slave. Witnesses: Francis Lewis & Thomas Wilson. Recorded 8 Jan 1787.

Meck DB 07.119

2 Nov 1786

Richard Clausel

Thomas Vaughan


6,600 lbs. Tobacco. Purchased some years ago of Samuel Wooten, where Richard Clausel now lives, excepting about 20 or 30 acres some time ago sold to Richard Kennon, for the use of the estate of Robert Mumford, deceased. Adj. estate of Thomas Anderson, dec’d, Samuel Venable, Signal? Jones, Sr. and also three slaves. Witnesses: Edward Lewis, Mary Baker, Susanna Lewis. Recorded 8 Jan 1787.

Meck DB 07.191

17 Jul 1789

Richard Clausel

Thomas Vaughan

£56 sh15 8p and 13 hundred weight tobacco. Slave deed. Witnesses: Thomas Parker, William Marable, John Vaughan, Herod Overby. Recorded 15 Sep 1787.

Meck DB 07.213

12 Nov 1787

Lewis Parham,


Thomas Vaughan,

Deputy Sheriff

Thomas Vaughan named as Deputy Sheriff. Recorded 12 Nov 1787.

Meck DB 07.240

28 Jan 1788

Joseph Royster,

& his wife Anne Royster

Thomas Vaughan


£250. Adj. Donaldson, Avery, Hester. Witnesses: Lewis Green, William Bridewater, William Lewis, H. Hall. Recorded 11 Feb 1788.

Meck DB 07.251

28 Jan 1788

Joseph Royster

Thomas Vaughan

£120. Four Slaves. Thomas Welson, Elizabeth Vaughan, William Lewis, Hines Holt. Recorded 11 Feb 1788.

Meck DB 07.346

6 Aug 1788

Richard Jones

Thomas Vaughan

£200. Slave Deed. Witnesses: Thomas Wilson, William Kendrick. Recorded 7 Dec 1788.

Meck DB 07.362

29 Jul 1788

Jacob Chavous

James Hester

Thomas Vaughan

David Stokes


Meck DB 07.373

27 Dec 1788

Richard Jones

James Hester

Thomas Vaughan

£68 sh18 p3. Slave Deed. Witnesses: John Burton, Alexander Boyd. Recorded 10 Feb 1789.

Meck DB 07.538

3 Nov 1789

Thomas Vaughan

Edward Lewis


£150. Adj. Donaldson, Avery, Hester, Roberts. Witnesses: Henry Walker, Thomas Burnett, George B. Hamner, Swepson Jeffries. Recorded 8 Feb 1790.

Meck DB 07.653

20 Mar 1790

David Jr Stokes

Thomas Vaughan

Slaves to secure debt from Stokes to Vaughan. Witnesses: Thompson Fowlkes, John Hopkins, John Wilson, Jr. Recorded 11 Oct 1790.

Meck DB 07.673

16 Dec 1790

Francis Lewis

Thomas Vaughan

£8. Slave Deed. Witnesses: P Puryear, John S. Fries, Bressie Lewis, Spencer Speed. Recorded 10 Jan 1791.

Meck DB 08.069

15 Mar 1791

Edward Jr. Bevill

Thomas Vaughan (Trustee)



Trust Deed. Recorded 12 Sep 1791.

Meck DB 08.117

12 Jan 1792

Thomas Bresie

Thomas Vaughan


Butchers Cr.

[This deed is very hard to read.] £100. Adj. Estate of Robert Munford, dec’d, Samuel Wooten, the estate of Abraham Hester, dec’d, Butchers Cr. Being the same land willed to grantor by his father Francis Bressie, recorded in Lunenburg Co. Witnesses: Bressie Lewis, Spencer Speed, Miles Wilson, John Wilson. Recorded 8 Feb 1792.

Meck DB 08.210

3 Jul 1792

Richard Clausel

Thomas Vaughan,




Skipped - Trust Deed

Meck DB 08.233

16 Nov 1792

Samuel Jr Hester

Thomas Vaughan


Land Devised to Samuel Hester Jr. by his father Abraham Hester. acres? One moiety. Adj. Samuel Hester. Witnesses: Thomas Field, D Jr Stokes, Joseph Sterling. Recorded 10 Dec 1792.

Meck DB 08.247

14 Dec 1792

Samuel Jr Hester

Thomas Vaughan



Witnesses Spencer Speed, Thomas Wilson, Peter ___, Bressie Lewis, James Wilson. Recorded 14 Jan 1793.

Meck DB 08.284

11 Apr 1791?

William Sterling,


Thomas Vaughan


sh10. Formerly the lands of Achillus Jeffries. Adj. Crowder, Burwell, David Gold. No witnesses. Recorded 8 Apr 1793.

Meck DB 08.289

8 Apr 1793

William Sterling,


Thomas Vaughan


£3. Formerly the land of John Wilson (Amelia). Adj. Massey?, Adkins. No witnesses. Recorded 8 Apr 1793.

Meck DB 08.290

8 Apr 1793

William Sterling,


Thomas Vaughan


£2. Formerly the land of Abram Tucker. Adj. Atkinson, Williams?, Boswell. No witnesses. Recorded 8 Apr 1793.

Meck DB 08.360

11 Nov 1793

William Johnson,


Thomas Vaughan

Named Thomas as Deputy Sheriff. Recorded 11 Nov 1793.

Meck DB 09.132

28 Aug 1796

William Munford

& his wife Elisasbethe Mumford

Thomas Vaughan


Little Cr.

£20 sh 13. Adj. Edward Lewis Patent 472 acres (28 Feb 1756). Witnesses: Richard Kenmore?, William Bridgwater. Recorded 17 Sep 1796

Meck DB 09.166


Henry Royster

Thomas Vaughan




Meck DB 09.174


Thomas Vaughan,


Thomas Fitzpatrick




Meck DB 09.186


William Duncan

Thomas Vaughan




Meck DB 10.242


Alexander Donald of Coventry South Britain, formerly of Mecklenburg Co., merchant & William Cross of Auchentoshan, Dunbarton Co, north Britain & and Ann Cross, formerly Buchanon, lawful daughter of Neil Buchanan who was lawful heir of Auchintoshan, one of hers of John Buchanon, formerly of Mecklenburg Co. and afterwards in Glasgow

Thomas Vaughan



Power of attorney. Witnesses: William Duff & John Heges. Recorded _____.

Meck DB 09.257

10 Jan 1797

William Mumford,

& his wife Ann Mumford

Thomas Vaughan


£10 sh10. Tract commonly known as Richland. Adj. said Vaughan, Samuel Wooten, Sr. Wit Richard Kennon, Spensor Speed, E B Kennon, James Clack. Recorded 10 Apr 1797.

Meck DB 09.301

7 Jun 1797

Thomas Vaughan

Elijah Griffin



Mostly Illegible. No witnesses. Recorded 11 Jun 1797

Meck DB 09.324

11 Sep 1797

Bresie Lewis

Thomas Vaughan

Slave deed. Mostly Illegible. £225. Witnesses: Spencer Speed, James Clack, _____ Dabb, Recorded 11 Sep 1797

Meck DB 09.325


John Maynard

Thomas Vaughan

Mostly Illegible. $1,000. Maynard’s Ferry. Trust Deed? Witnesses: John S. Clack, Thomas Wilson, Thomas Field, William Hunley. Ref: Patent to Robert Mitchell. Livery of Seizin dated 22 Jun 1797. Recorded 11 Sep 1797

Meck DB 10.079

12 Feb 1797

Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Massey


$90. Adj. Colley, Ref: prior deed to Thomas Vaughan dated 8 Apr 1793 by Bessie Lewis, deputy. Witnesses: E Baskerville, D. Moss, Spen Speed, Ing Vaughan. Recorded 10 Jun 1799.

Meck DB 09.360


Samuel Dedman

Thomas Vaughan,




Mostly Illegible. Trust Deed.

Meck DB 09.421

22 Apr 1798?

Thomas Vaughan

Thomas Field


Maynard’s Ferry

Mostly Illegible. Recorded 9 Apr 1798.

Meck DB 09.448


Alexander Donald,

& Alexander Donald & Company

Thomas Vaughan




Meck DB 10.046

__ Dec 1799

Thomas Wilson

Thomas Vaughan

Jacob Chavous



£900. Mostly Illegible.

Meck DB 10.047

20 Dec 1798

Thomas Vaughan

John Somerville

Slave Deed. Witnesses: William Taylor, James Wilson as to Thomas Wilson, Miles Wilson, _____ .Recorded 10 Jan 1799.

Meck DB 10.082

18 Oct 1798

Thomas Vaughan,

as attorney in fact for the surviving partners of Alexander Donald & Co.

Spencer Sp eed


Recitation in Beginning of Deed: Alexander Donald, merchant in London and William Cross, merchant in Glasgow, the lawful husband of Ann Buchanon, who was the lawful daughter of Neil Buchanon of Auchintoshan?, who was the lawful heir of Neil Buchanon, merchant in Virginia and afterwards of Glasgow, partners in Virginia and carried on by Ebenezer Macharg? under the name and title of Alexander Donald and Alexander Donald & Company by Thomas Vaughan of Mecklenburg County authorized on 1 Mar 1798 and recorded in County of Mecklenburg, Virginia 9 July, 1798!!! £103 sh2 p9. Being the same land conveyed by James Kennon? and recorded on 18 Sep 1778. [My copy of this deed was of poor quality] [Partners of Alexander Donald & Co were Hugh Colquhoun?, John Buchanon. This deed recites a chain of debt and the property from its original date, including an assignment to _____ Vaughan 1798. Recorded 8 Jul 1799.

Meck DB 10.083

8 Jul 1799

Spencer Speed

Thomas Vaughan


£108 sh2 9p. [Oops. Failed to copy balance of deed.]

Meck DB 10.143


Thomas Vaughan,

as attorney in fact for the surviving partners of Alexander Donald & Co.

Richard Walker




Meck DB 10.145

9 Sep 1799

Richard Henry Walker

Thomas Vaughan


_____ Cr.

$650. No witnesses. Recorded 9 Sep 1799.

Meck DB 10.286

9 May 1800

Spencer Speed

Thomas Vaughan


Estland? Creek

₤60. Conveyed by Henry Sago 18 Mar 1765, recorded 18 May 1765. Adj. Thomas Anderson. Bowllings Br., John Glass. Witnesses: Edmund Taylor, William Taylor, John Tabb. Recorded 9 Jun 1800

Meck DB 10.379

12 Aug 1800

Thomas Vaughan, agent for Charles Duncan & Company

Williams Ragsdale




Meck DB 10.419

29 Nov 1800

Littleberry Winn

& his wife Mary Winn, one of the heirs of John Maynard, dec’d.

Thomas Vaughan



South side Roanoke R.

£549. Witnesses: R H Walker, William French, Francis E. Walker. Recorded 18 Dec 1800.

Meck DB 10.454

10 Jan 1801

Mary Winn,

wife of Littleberry Winn

Thomas Vaughan



Released her dower rights. Recorded 9 Feb 1801.

Meck DB 10.460

28 Feb 1799

Thomas Vaughan

Mary Alford Blackbourn, 2nd part

Sir Peyton Shipwith and Clement Blackbourne, 3rd part


$1.00 Marriage impending between Thomas Vaughan and Mary Alford Blackbourn. [This document is essentially a pre-nup!]. Certain 7 slaves she owned prior to marriage shall be added to her dower in the event Thomas should die. Witnesses: Isaac Shipwith, William Cunningham, Richard H Walker, Thomas M Nelson, Spencer Speed. Recorded 9 Sep 1799.

Meck DB 10.545

10 Jun 1801

Anna Owen Cameron,

 wife of John Cameron

Thomas Vaughan


Released her dower rights. Recorded 13 Jul 1801

Meck DB 11.163

12 Jul 1802

Samuel Hester

Thomas Vaughan


£45. Bequeathed by Edward Lewis to Barbara Hester by will dated 13 Aug 1780, an bequeathed by Barbara Hester to Samuel Hester by will dated 31 Oct 1783. No witnesses. Recorded 12 Jul 1802. Elizabeth Hester released her dower rights at Deed Book 11, p. 178.

Meck DB 11.353

10 Dec 1802

Jacob Chaves

Thomas Vaughan


Branches of Middle Blue Stone

£100. Adj. William Hudson, Samuel Hudson, Richard Wynn, said Jacob Chaves. Conveyed by Robert Burton to Jacob Chaves 14 Feb 1774Witnesses:

Meck DB 11.445

7 Sep 1803

Elizabeth Chaves

Thomas Vaughan


Elizabeth Chaves released her dower rights.

Meck 17.113

15 Nov 1817

Robert Puryear

Sarah Puryear

Julius Williams

Lucy Williams

John Burton

James Vaughan


West side Butchens? Cr.

$180. Adj. Robert Armistead, James Hester, Dec’d, Who Bought of Mrs. Sarah Puryear Williams. No Witnesses. Recorded 18 Nov 1818.

Meck DB 26.445

14 Sep 1835

Edmund H Vaughan

of Shelby Co Tennessee

Thomas M Nelson

Power of Attorney to divide the personal dower estate of Mary Alford Vaughan, dec’d, widow of Thomas Vaughan, dec’d. Witnesses: John C Doty, Thomas J Turley. Recorded 16 Nov 1835.

Meck DB 27.560

23 Jun 1838

Mary A Vaughan,

estate of by commissioners

Edward N Toon


Dower Estate from her husband Thomas Vaughan, dec’d. $955.86. Recorded 23 Jun 1838.

Meck DB 28.214

6 Mar 1839

Mary A. Vaughan,

by Commissioners

Thomas Blackburn


Butchers Cr.

Ref: Chancery Case Edward Vaughan v. Joseph B Clausel, admr of the Estate of Mary A Vaughan, dec’d. $176.40. Adj. Samuel Lockett, said Thomas Blackburn. Dower land of Mary Ann Vaughan, widow of Thomas Vaughan. Recorded 6 Apr 1839.

Compiled By: David H. Robertson, 159 Hickory St., Roswell, GA 30075