Deed Abstracts

Part 3, K to P


Meck 17.079

3 Sep 1816

Lemuel Vaughan

George Vaughan & William Vaughan

Gift Deed of Slave. Recorded 3 Feb 1817.

Meck 17.166

7 Aug 1817

Allen Blankenship & His Wife Mary Blankenship of Rutherford Co, Tn

Lemuel Vaughan


162 £. Adj. Mark Jackson, Jones, Bard? Recorded 16 Feb 1818


Meck DB 12.233

26 Mar 1805

Samuel Rottenberry

Samuel Vaughan


£100. Adj. William Ely, John Harris, Delphia Cleaton. Witnesses: Goodwin Taylor, Leviston Vaughan, John Taylor, Robert Alexander Vaughan. Recorded 8 Apr 1805.

Meck DB 13.459

7 Apr 1808

Ambrose Vaughan (father)

Leaveston Vaughan (son)


Wolf Pit Br.

Love & Affection. Adj. James Daly, James Taylor, Goodwin Taylor. Witnesses: John___, Goodwyn Taylor. Recorded 11 Apr 1808.



28 Aug 1817

Ambrose Vaughan

Leviston Vaughan


$90. Adj. John Taylor, Said Leviston, Ambrose Daly. No Witnesses. Recorded 18 Aug 1817.

Meck 17.092

2 Nov 1816

John Daly & Jones Daly

Leviston Vaughan


$88. Witnesses: John Taylor, Ambrose Daly. Recorded 18 Aug 1817.


Meck DB 21.048

28 Feb 1822

Thomas G. Taylor

Livingston H. Vaughan


$25. Said Taylor, Lucas. Witnesses: None. Recorded 9 Jul 1824.

Meck DB 21.047

4 Apr 1822

Thomas G. Taylor

Livingston H. Vaughan


$25. Said Taylor, Lucas. Witnesses: None. Recorded 9 Jul 1824.

Meck DB 20.227

13 Mar 1823

Livingston H. Vaughan

& his wife Sally

Richard Apperson

4 & 140 poles


Flatt Cr.

$36.66. Adj. the tract her purchased from Randolph Davis?, Taylor, . 13 Feb 1822 survey by Daniel Middagh, surveyor. Has metes & bounds. Witnesses: Thomas Taylor. Recorded 8 Apr 1823?.

Meck DB 20.388

17 Dec 1823

Livingston H. Vaughan

James Harwell, Sr., Tr.


[Hard to read] Mortgage. Adj. John Taylor, Ambrose? Vaughan, Stephen Jones, Richard Apperson, Edward Walker. Witnesses: Will Hill, Matthew Walker, Miles Abernathy, John Hicks. Recorded 1 Jan 1824.

Meck DB 23.515

5 May 1829

Levingston H Vaughan,

James T. Watson

& Thomas G. Taylor

Benjamin Watson,

of Tennessee

12 1/2

Long Br.

$45. Adj. Long Br., Benjamin Tanner. Witnesses Evans Tanner, Hutcherson F Tanker. Recorded 20 Jul 1829.

Meck DB 24.124

13 Mar 1830

Levingston H Vaughan

Charles H. Land

& William R Baskerville, 2nd part

Charles Baskerville 3rd part

Deed of Trust. To secure $104.15. Personal property. Witnesses: William H. Puryear, William Baskerville, Lewis Williams Sr, Samuel Dortch. Recorded 15 Mar1830.

Meck DB 24.211

28 Jul 1830

Levingston H Vaughan

Charles Baskerville, 2nd part Charles W Baird &

William R. Baskerville

Deed of Trust. To secure $301.40. Personal Property. No witnesses. Recorded 29 Jul 1830.

Meck DB 24.308

2 Dec 1830

Robert Vaughan

& his wife Rebecca Vaughan

Nancy Sands



Where Robert now lives. 230 acres, part of the lands of Ambrose Vaughan, dec’d. distributed among his widow and children save 6 ½ acres on the northern side which Ambrose purchased of Philip L. Sands for which no deed was made, which is excepted from this conveyance and 30 acres supposed to have been cut of the William W. Fennell leaving by survey 266 ½ acres. Adj. Sands, Drumright, Wolfe ___ Br., Levingston H. Vaughan, John Taylor. Excepting lands of Martha Vaughan, widow of said Ambrose, dec’d. Witnesses: Charles Baskerville, William B. Maclain, Robertson F Cheatham. Recorded 21 Mar 1831.

Meck DB 26.119

__ ___


Robert H Warran,

of Tipton Co Tennessee

Livingston H Vaughan


S238.84. Adj. Isaac B Watson, Henry David, Edward Walker, said Vaughan, the estate of John Taylor, Samuel H Warran. Witness R C Gregory. Recorded 7 Aug 1834.

Meck DB 26.120

28 Jan 1832

Livingston H Vaughan

Mason Branden


$30. Adj. Benjamin Tanner, Blanton Ferry Road, Sally Branden, Ezekial Stewart. No witnesses. Recorded 7 Aug 1834.

Meck DB 29.240

3 May 1841

Levingston H Vaughan

Ambrose Vaughan


Rocky Br near Flatt Cr

$270. Adj. Levingston H Vaughan, Nancy Sands, John Cook, John Taylor. No witnesses. Recorded 4 May 1841.

Meck DB 30.481

14 Dec 1841

R. V. Cheatham

& his wife Eliza J. Cheatham

Livingston H. Vaughan

189 + 68 poles


$800. Has metes & bounds. Adj. Bennett Y. Tanner, road, ridge path. Includes survey plat. Witnesses: None. Recorded 31 Jul 1843.

Meck DB 30.166

28 Dec 1842

Ambrose Vaughan

James S. Moss, second part

Samuel E. Warran, third part


Mortgage. Land conveyed to Ambrose Vaughan by his father Livingston H. Vaughan. Witnesses: None. Recorded 22 Apr 1823. Witnesses: Stephen D. Moss, John P. Smith, John B. Roff. Recorded 20 Feb 1843.

Meck DB 30.125

30 Dec 1842

Livingston H. Vaughan

William B. Gleaton


Flat Cr.

Mortgage. Tract 1: 350 acres Flat Cr. adj. Evans Tanner, John Cook. Tract 2: 300 acres. Witnesses: None. Recorded 31 Dec 1842.

Meck DB 30.425

4 Mar 1843

James W. Harwell

Livingston Vaughan

Release. Trust Deed 27 Mar 1839. Debt satisfied. Witnesses: None. Recorded 23 Jun 1843.

Meck DB 32.541

27 Sep 1844

John Taylor,

Estate of by Thomas Wartman, Excr.

Livingston H. Vaughan


$210. Adj. said Vaughan, John Cook. Subject to widow’s dower. Witnesses: None. Recorded 10 Aug 1848.

Meck DB 31.402

27 Sep 1844

Livingston H. Vaughan

Alexander A. Vaughan

Anderson P. Vaughan

Ambrose Vaughan

William Vaughan

Beverly B. Vaughan

Richard L. Vaughan

Robert Vaughan

Mary Crutchfield, wife of Lewis G. Crutchfield,

Susan Nance, wife of Isham L. Nance


[Hard to read] Consideration: Two slaves valued at $875. Property to be delivered upon the death of Livingston H. Vaughan and his wife Sarah. Witnesses: None. Recorded 17 Feb 1845.

Meck DB 31.596

1 Aug 1845

Ambrose Vaughan, by Charles D. Cleaton, Trustee.

William Vaughan


Release from Trust Deed dated 24 Nov 1842. Adj. John Cook, Nancy Lane, Livingston H. Vaughan. Witnesses: None. Recorded 18 Oct 1845.

Meck DB 32.570

20 Jul 1847

William B. Cleaton

Livingston H. Vaughan,

2nd part

Matthew Williams, 3rd part


Release of property to Livingston H. Vaughan, upon payment of trust deed. Witnesses: None. Recorded 12 Oct 1848.

Meck DB 32.567

22 Jul 1847

Benjamin J. Walker

Livingston H. Vaughan,

2nd part

William Vaughan, 3rd part


Release of property to Livingston H. Vaughan, upon payment of trust deed. Adj. Matthew Williams, Charles D. Cleaton. Witnesses: None. Recorded 12 Oct 1848.

PETER VAUGHAN (son of William Vaughan)

18 Oct 1769

Peter Overby, William Vaughan and Peter Vaughan witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 2, Page 342. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771, page 93.

Meck DB 02.344

18 Oct


William Griffin

John Vaughan


Buffalo Creek

£60. S5e34p; S25w32p; S89w250p; N87e264p. Witnesses: Peter Overby, William Vaughan and Peter Vaughan. Recorded on 12 Mar., 1770. T.l.c. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1765-1771, Page 93.

Meck DB 05.203

9 Mar


William Vaughan and His Wife Milly Vaughan

Peter Vaughan


bs Buffalo Creek

£100. Part of land granted Henry Green, Sr., adjacent William Sizemore. Witnesses: None. Recorded on 9 Mar., 1778. T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1777-1779, page 34.

13 Sep 1783

Samuel Vaughan, James Wilkins and Peter Vaughan witnessed this deed. Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deed Book 6, Page 305. See T.L.C. Genealogy, Mecklenburg County, Virginia Deeds, 1779-1786, page 62.

Meck DB 07.263

3 Sep 1787

Samuel Vaughan

Peter Vaughan

Peter Overy & his wife Elizabeth, Richard Gregory, John Vaughan, James Vaughan, Ambros Gregory, Winkfield Hayes & David Chandler, legatees of William Vaughan

Mildridge Vaughan,

widow of William Vaughan

£2,000. Bond. Give up right to land where Mildridge Vaughan now lives, to be at her disposal at her death. Witnesses: John Wynn, William Wilkinson, John Butler?, John Gregory, _____. Recorded __ ___ 1788.

Meck DB 12.004

21 Jan 1804

John Vaughan

Peter Vaughan


South side Big Buffalo Cr.

$42. Adj. Peter Vaughan, John Vaughan. Witnesses: John Vaughan, Stephen Vaughan, Abel Gregory. Recorded 9 Apr 1804.

Meck DB 13.230

7 Apr 1807

Peter Overby

(son of Zach)

Peter Vaughan

12 1/2

Waters of Great Buffalo Cr.

£19. Adj. William Neal, William Tillotson. Part of a tract Peter Overby purchased of William Stroud. Witnesses: Stephen P Pool, Jonathon Jackson, Aaron Butler. Recorded 8 Jun 1807.


Meck 17.518

27 Oct 1818

James H Newton & His Wife Elizabeth Newton

Peter Jr Vaughan of Halifax co


Little Buffalo Cr

$584. Adj. George Newton, Estate of Bernard R Glasscocke, Said Newton. Part of Tract Purchased from Job Wright. Witnesses: W P Poole, Allen Gregory, David Neal. Recorded 16 Nov 1818.

Meck DB 20.225

29 Jan ____

Achilles? Wilbourne

& his wife _____

Stephen P. Pool

Martha Williams, widow of John Williams, Jr.

Peter Vaughan


Wtrs. Great Buffalo

[Hard to read] $460. Has metes & bounds. Witnesses: None. Recorded 17 Mar 1823.

Meck DB 25.134

1 Jun 1832

Peter Vaughan, son Peter and Polly Vaughan his wife

Samuel Jones


Waters of Little Buffalo Cr.

$200. James Newton, said Jones, Robert Glascock, John Newton. Part of tract purchased from James Newton. Recorded 1 June 1832.

Meck DB 25.169

1 Jun 1832

Peter Vaughan (son of Peter)

& his wife Polly Vaughan

Robert Glascock


Waters of Little Buffalo Cr.

$215. Adj. John Newton, Morgan Puryear, said Glascock. Part of a tract purchased from James H Newton. No witnesses. Recorded 1 Jun 1832.

Meck DB 25.189

26 Jul 1832

Mary H. Harrison,

estate of of Montgomery Co Tennessee, by Thomas R Harrison

Peter Vaughan (son Peter)


Waters of Buck Cr.

$238. Adj. John Lewis, Francis Griffen, Michael Clark. No witnesses. Recorded 17 Sep 1832

Meck DB 28.166

28 Dec 1838

Peter Vaughan

& his wife Polly Vaughan

Robert Y Overby


Both side of Big Buffalo Cr.

$204. Adj. David Vaughan, Thomas Moore, Thomas Neal, said Robert on the Estate by Jane Vaughan. Lands deeded to him by his father Peter Vaughan. Witnessed by A. Overby. Recorded 18 Feb 1839.

Meck DB 28.168

26 Dec 1838

Robert Y Overby,

and his wife Polly Overby

Peter Vaughan


Waters of Beach Cr.

$204. Adj. Charles Somerhill, Edmond Nelson, Gray Holloway. Witnessed by A. Overby. Recorded 18 Feb 1839.


Meck DB 19.131

7 Dec 1820

Stephen Worsham, trustee of mortgage

Spencer C. Vaughan

David Purkins


Wtrs Buffalo Cr.

$203. Adj, Ambrose Gregory, Perkins, John Newton. Has metes & bounds. Witnesses: Robert Y. Overby, ___ Overby, John V. Wilkins, Peter Vaughan, John Vaughan, Jane Vaughan. Recorded 16 Jul 1821.

Meck DB 22.363

13 Mar


Peter Vaughan

Jane Vaughan

a/k/a Jane Overby

12 1/2

Waters Great Buffalo Cr.

Bond. $10. Adj. ____, William Giddons. No witnesses. Retained a life estate. Recorded 11 Mar 1827. [Note: Jane is likely a dau. of Peter who married an Overby.] [Note: Tax digests confirm Jane is the daughter of Peter.]

Meck DB 23.406

6 Jan 1829

Peter Sr Vaughan

David Vaughan, son of Peter Vaughan


Great Buffaloe Cr.

$300. Adj. Jane Vaughan, Edward Tillitrout?, estate of John Vaughan, estate of Charles Hamblimg, Witnessed by: Stephen P. Poole, James Tisen, James Jones. Recorded 16 Feb 1829.


Meck DB 23.304

26 Sep 1828

Thomas Sr Howerton,

and his wife Tabitha, of Halifax Co.

Peter G Vaughan


Waters of Great Buffalo Cr.

$57. Adj. Nelson’s Mill Road, road leading to Thomas Howerton’s Mill, Thomas Howerton. No witnesses. Recorded 20 ___ 1828.


Meck DB 21.261

21 Mar 1825

Pleasant Vaughan

Commonwealth of Virginia

Bond to serve as constable. Sureties: Zachariah Shackleford, Tachamus? Degrafenreitt?, Sherrod G. Colley. Recorded 21 Mar 1825.

Meck DB 22.017

12 Jan 1826

William G. Hogan and his wife Rebecca

Pleasant Vaughan


$250. Adj. Sanford Bowers, James Simmons, Jacob Johnson, William Coleman,

Meck DB 23.175

10 Apr 1828

Pleasant Vaughan

Hundley Ryland,

2nd part

Churchwell Curtis 3rd part


Deed of Trust. Tract purchased of William G.Hogan. Adj. Sansford? Brown?, William Coleman. To secure a bond of $100. Witness: James M. Curtis. Recorded 21 Apr 1828.

Meck DB 23.385

20 Jan 1829

Pleasant Vaughan,

and his wife Mourning Vaughan

Doctor James May, 2nd part

Jessee Craddock 3rd part


Deed of Trust. To secure a debt of $64 due by bond. Adj. Sandford Bowers, William Coleman. Recorded 20 Jan 1829.

Meck DB 24.259

30 Sep 1830

Pleasant Vaughan

and his wife Mourning E. Vaughan

Edwin Hudson

John Hudson


$550. Adj. William Coleman, Lundsford _______. No witnesses. Recorded 13 Nov 1813.

Meck DB 25.166

21 Jul 1832

Edwin Hudson

& his wife Elizabeth Hudson

John Hudson & his wife Nancy Hudson

Pleasant Vaughan


$300. Adj William Coleman, Sandford Bowers. No witnesses. Recorded 21 Jul 1832.

Meck DB 25.315

19 Nov 1832

Pleasant Vaughan

& his wife Mourning E Vaughan

Albert Coley

Henry Coley


$408. No witnesses. Recorded 18 Jan 1833.

Meck DB 25.316

19 Nov 1832

Albert Coley,

& his wife Elizabeth Coley

Henry Coley

Pleasant Vaughan 2nd part

Charles L. Hutcherson


Trust Deed. No witnesses. Recorded 18 Jan 1833. [I failed to copy a portion of this deed, so I guessed as to everything after the names of the parties.]

Meck DB 25.327

26 Jan 1833

Pleasant Vaughan

Charles L Hutcherson

Power of attorney to collect sums owing to Pleasant Vaughan by Nicholas P Perkins of Williamson Co Tennessee and James Vaughan of Rutherford Co, Tennessee. Recorded 26 Jan 1833.

Meck DB 26.027

15 Oct 1832

Jacobus Johnson

Pleasant Vaughan


$65. Adj. William Thompson. Witnesses: Hardaway Sell & Samuel Daly. Recorded 20 Jan 1834.

Meck DB 26.059

16 Dec 1833

Pleasant Vaughan

& his wife Mourning E Vaughan

Cargal Thompson

62 -97/100

$125. Adj. William Thompson. Recorded 16 Dec 1833?

Meck DB 26.212

14 May 1834

Henry Coley,

Albert Coley & Elizabeth his wife

Pleasant Vaughan


$408. Adj. Sandford Bowers. No witnesses Recorded 15 Dec 1834.

Meck DB 26.439

16 Nov 1838

Pleasant Vaughan

Augusten Smith

Commonwealth of Virginia

Bond. $2500. Pleasant to serve as Constable for two years. Recorded 16 Nov 1835.

Meck DB 26.598

9 Jul 1836

Jesse Parrish

Pleasant Vaughan


$20. Adj. said Vaughan. No witnesses. Recorded 18 Jul 1836.

Meck DB 27.363


Pleasant Vaughan

George Holmes

John Hutcherson

Commonwealth of Virginia

Bond. $2500. Pleasant Vaughan to serve as Constable. Recorded November, 1837.

Meck DB 27.580

18 Jun 1838

Richard Thompson

John W Thompson

Pleasant Vaughan


$44. Adj. Jesse Parrish, said Richard Thompson &and John W Thompson, Parish Line and corner. Witnesses: James R. Sarattin??? & Nicholas C. Thompson.

Meck DB 28.381

21 Sep 1839

Pleasant Vaughan

Mourning E Vaughan, his wife

Nicholas C Thompson,

of Lunenburg Co.


$616. Adj. Sanford Bowers. No witnesses. Recorded 21 Oct 1839.

Meck DB 28.413

18 Nov 1839

Pleasant Vaughan

Augustin Smith

Coppan Hudson

Commonwealth of Virginia

Bond. $2500. Pleasant Vaughan to serve as Constable for District 92? Recorded 18 Nov 1839.

Meck DB 28.462

5 Jan 1838

David White

Nancy White his wife

Jesse Parish

2nd part

Pleasant Vaughan, 3rd part, Trustee

100 acres

Deed of Trust. Adj Coley, Benjamin Lewis. Witnesses: Joshua Davis, William C. Meachery?, A J White, Homer P Vaughan, Thomas E Ricks, Samuel Almond, James T Walker. Recorded 17 Feb 1840.

Meck DB 29.094

27 Sep 1840

Pleasant Vaughan

Mourning E Vaughan his wife

Abel Farrar

67 1/2

$250. Adj. Lewis Williams, William Thompson. No witnesses. Recorded 1840.

Meck DB 29.255

21 Dec 1839

Clauverious R Coleman

Susan G. Coleman, his wife

Pleasant Vaughan

Cephos? Hudson


$500. Adj. Samuel Jefferson, Hugh Davis. Recorded 17 May 1841. Relinquishment of Dower recorded in Book 30, page 301.

Meck DB 29.395

15 Nov 1841

Pleasant Vaughan,

Wilson Harris

Pettus Farrar

Commonwealth of Virginia

Bond. $2500. Pleasant Vaughan to serve as Constable. Recorded 15 Nov 1841.

Meck DB 30.038

28 Feb 1842

Nicholas C. Thompson

& his wife Sally A. Thompson

Pleasant Vaughan

35 & 90 poles


[Hard to read] $88.90. Part of land purchased from Samuel Daly, adj. said Vaughan & Zachariah _____. Witnesses: None. Recorded 19 Sep 1842.

Meck DB 30.015

10 Oct 1842

Pleasant Vaughan

Charles S. Hutcherson

Mortgage. Witnesses: None. Recorded 12 Oct 1842.

Meck DB 32.452

5 Dec 1847

Signal S. Thompson

Pleasant Vaughan

Mortgage. All interest in the estate of John Dismukes and the estate of Benjamin L. Dismukes. Witnesses: None. Recorded 8 Dec 1847.


Meck DB 08.110

27 Dec 1791

John Vaughan

(Signed by Elijah Rudd and Priscilla Vaughan!)

Stephen Vaughan,

of Halifax Co

Richard? Russell? Vaughan,

of Halifax Co.

Elijah Rudd,

of Lunenburg Co.


Buffalo Cr.

£100. Adj. Vaughan, Rudd, Big Br. Witnesses: James Jones, Benjamin Jones, John Wilburn. Deed signed by Elijah Rudd & Priscilla Vaughan. Recorded 1 Jan 1792. [The parties of this deed do not match the recitation at the beginning of the deed.]

Compiled By: David H. Robertson, 159 Hickory St., Roswell, GA 30075