County Intro

Surry County was formed in 1652 when it was split off from James City County. Part of Surry County was added to Brunswick County in 1723 and 1732. This area later became Greensville County. In 1753, Sussex County was split off of Surry County.

Parish Intro

Lawnes Crrek Parish was formed in 1640; and Southwark Parish was formed in 1647. Albemarle Parish was formed in Surry County in 1738 from the reorganization of Southwark Parish and Lawnes Creek Parish. Lawnes Creek Parish then ceased to exist. Southwark Parish continued in Surry County. When Sussex County was formed Albemarle Parish became Sussex County.


The various branches of the Vaughan Family cleared out of Surry County in the 18th Century. There are but a few extraneous records after Sussex County was formed in 1753.

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Mixed Records (Before 1800)

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