David Vaughan of South Carolina
Data from Leonardo Andrea Manuscript
Submitted by Shirley McCoy

These are David Vaughans mentioned in the Leonardo Andrea manuscripts.
These are NOT necessarily the same David Vaughan.

A Note from Shirley:  My notes in [brackets-SM]   Leonardo Andrea (LA) Manuscript

Will of Thomas Vaughan - Camden District, SC

sg. 13 Dec 1793 - pr. 26 Feb 1794

Wife, Mary

Abigail Vaughan, minor
David Vaughan, not yet age 21 (removed to Greenville area with Travis Rees-LA)
Isaac Vaughan, just age 21
Boulden Vaughan
Elizabeth Scott  (removed to Edgefield area-LA)

Will of Travis Rees - Greenville Co., SC (He came from High Hills of Sumter Co., SC-LA)
sg. 22 Oct 1817 - pr. date not shown
No wife listed.

Thomas Rees

Ex; Henry Rees; John Rees*; Jesse Rees; Sarah Snow; and, Mary Rogers.

*"My son John Rees is afflicted and I place him in the care of David
Vaughan  and also free my faithful old slave Betty and provide for her
care and place her under the care of David Vaughan of Greenville

Will of David Vaughan - Greenville Co., SC (wealthy man with scores of slaves-LA)
sg. 12 Jan 1849 - pr 11 May 1852

Wife, Mary Vaughan, Ex

Emelia Green (Millie), the Nathaniel Morgan Plantation
     m. John C. Green
Sarah Green, the Rock Creek Plantation
William Pickney Vaughan, Ex, the Home Plantation
Benjamin Vaughan, Plantation on Peter's Creek
Hepsibeth Shepherd, Plantation along Laurens Co. line
     m. Eli Shepherd
*Sylvia Smith Vaughan, a plantation [not named-SM]
*Mary Vaughan, a plantation [not named-SM]

Trustees:  William P. Vaughan and Zadoc F. Smith
Wits:  Henry P. Hammett, Jefferson Smith, and Beborah I. Hammett

*The family states that either Mary or Sylvia wed a Vaughn of the
Virginia set who also came into the Greenville-Spartanburg area."  LA

David Vaughan m. bef 1807, Mary Smith, d/o Reuben Smith and wife,
Sylvia Hawkins.  Reuben Smith was a Lt. in the Rev War.  After the Rev
War Reuben and family came to Greenville from the Chester/Union area.

Reuben Smith's will, sg. 9 Jun 1810 - pr. 29 Sep 1810, Greenville Co., SC

No wife named (in the Smith graveyard her tombstone states that she d. 1807 and she was from
Union Co., SC-SM)

Abner Smith
William Smith
John Dawson Smith
Mary, w/o David Vaughan

Ex; Reuben Smith, Jr.; Sarah, w/o Benjamin Land
(came to Greenville from Chester/Kershaw-LA), and he Ex; Melissaa, w/o
Nathaniel Walker, and he Ex.Wits:  Adam R. Lister, Stephen Smith and
Mary Harbin.

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