John Vaughan
 Isle of Wight Co. of Virginia
July the 27th 1741
Submitted by Jeannie

What is interesting is that in a book of transcribed wills by Blanche Adams Chapman, she
transcribed HILBURN as KILBURN. It was later proved to be HILBURN I was told with
some certinty.  The inventory was returned by Vaughn Hilburn July 26th 1742.

In the name of God, Amen. Since the life of man is so uncertin, I JOHN
VAUGHN, of Isle of Wight Co. of Virginia do constitute & ordain this to
be my last will and testament making null & void all former wills &
testament which I have made.

First. I give my soul to God of heaven depending on Christ my savior. Dear
to have salvation ? my body unto the earth from whence it came to be returned
according to the discretion my ? and for those worldly goods it hath pleased
to bless me with I bequeath as followeth.

Item. I give unto my wife ELLINER VAUGHN during her natural life my
plantation, my negro woman named DINA, and all my goods & chattels in
Virginia and else where, and after her death I dispose of them as follweth:

Item. I give my plantation & all my land after my wife's death unto VAUGHN
HILBURN and unto his heirs forever.

Item. I give unto JOHN SIMMONS minor son of JOHN SIMMONS  Junr
of Surrey County a negro woman named DINA after the death of my wife,
and if the said VAUGHN HILBURN dyes without lawful ? then I give my plantation and land which I gave it unto the said JNO. SIMMONSminer in
as full and ample manner as I have given it unto the said VAUGHN HILBURN, and that my loving friend JNO SIMMONS Sen. Take into his care the negro wench & all I have given unto JOHN SIMMONS miner and keep them for his grandson and his use.

Item. After my wife ELLINER VAUGHN death, I give all my whole sole ?
all estate whcih I have given unto her during her life unto JOHN SIMMONS miner and unto VAUGHN HILBURN to be equally divided between them and
to thier heirs.

I do constitute & appoint VAUGHN HILBURN as my whole & sole ? of this
my last will & testament. In witness whereof I have put my hand & seal this
9th Feb. 1736.

Signed & sealed (each with his own mark)

At court held for the Isle of Wight County, July the 27th 1741
This last will & testament of JOHN VAUGHN decd was presented in court
by VAUGHN HILBURN  the ? there in named who made oath thereto and being proved by the oath of JOHN UPCHURCH one of the witness thereto
who also deposed that he said JOHN DORTCH & JOHN SPENCE subscribe this will as witnesses thereto is admitted to record.
Truly recorded ? Baker?  (question marks mean it was hard to read)

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