James Vaughn
Granville County
North Carolina
Submitted by Beverly Scrutchfield Diefenderfer

 Will Book 7 page 606

In the name of God  Amen  I James Vaughn of Williamsborough Granville County State of North Carolina being at present in a weak state of body but thanks be to the Almighty in sound State of Mind and memory do make and ordain this to be my last will and Testament revoking and annulling all and every one heretofore by me made

I loan to my beloved wife Ann Vaughan my whole Estate real & personal
to manner Form as hereafter to be stated & described with some
Exceptions here after to be named during her widowhood-

Item.  I give & bequeath to my beloved wife Ann Vaughan one third of my estate real & personal my Carriage and two best horses four beds and
furniture all the curtains & Toilets of every description to and her heirs

Item  I give & bequeath to my Nephew Doctor William Vaughn son of my brother Wm who now resides or did the last time I heard from him in
Woodville State Mississippi terotary my negro woman Patt from whom I
had her together with her two Children Maria & Mosses  & all her future Increase also one negro fellow or woman his choice belonging to my
Estate to be delivered after the death of my beloved wife to him & his heirs

Item.  I give & bequeath to my Niece Jnne or Jinny Dickins to be delivered
at the time aforesaid the 2nd.  choice of my Negroes to her & her heirs

Item.  I give & bequeath to my Niece Martha or Patsey Walker to be
delivered as aforesaid the 3rd Choice of my Negroes to her and her heirs

Item.  I give & bequeath to my Nephew Henry Rose one hundred pounds
VaCy (VA Currency) & to his Sister Catherine fifty pounds VCurrency to
be paid as aforesaid if they are living if not the gift revoked as to this deal

Item  I give & beqeath in like manner fifty pounds each to my three nieces
daughters of my sister Catherine Putney

Item  I give & bequeath to my sister Catherine Putney one --------- dollars
p------- from the date of my death to be paid to her for her own pocket
money one forth quarterly which my executor hereafter to be named is
charged with the punctual execution off-

Item  I have thought it best to sell the following property being leased
managed the net sales that is to say one third of which my beloved wife
will be Entitled to so soon as collected ( Vizt,   my house & lott known by
the name of the Eagle Tavern this should be sold privately at several years Credit so as to get it's value if thought advisable by those concerned my
track of Land of 132 1/2 acres lying on Little Island Creek  all my house
hold & kitchen furniture stock of all kind plantation. Utensils & all and
articles not herein enumerated except those heretofore devised & also
Except the Tavern articles which cannot be sold except some superfluess
articles of no service to the Tavern and unless Samuel Dickens Esqr should think proper to abolish the Copartner ship sooner than the end of the Term engaged by him &  myself to carry on.  I say in this case it cannot at
present be sold my beloved wife will be entitled to one third of the net rent,
tho repairs of the house & lott will of course consume a part of it.

Item  The property therefore to be divided will be my Negroes my Nutbush
Land & the maner House & Lott on which I live in case my Estate should
not draw the Lott in which Patt & her Children should fall in in that case
I wish my Excutor to Bartar a negroe or negroes for them the failing the
value of them must be paid my Nephew Wm.  which they may be worth
at the time he is to receive them.

Item  In case it should be more convenient to my beloved wife to have the Nutbush land & my mannor house W Lott & use the negroes the latter
however I suppose she ought to keep as she will have two thirds during widowhood & one third infee she is at liberty to do so as she will have
ample money to purchase else where.

Item  the  rest & residue of my Estate not already divised I give & beq to
six sisters & brothers & to their respective heirs of their body but no further
& those must be living at the date of the death of my beloved wife when
the divisees are payable To Wit. sisters Mary Rawls who after now
intermarried with ----- Christenberry, Elizabeth Rawls Mildred Collier
Brothers Thomas Vaughn William Vaughn Sister Catherine Raney who
has since intermarried with Benjamin Putney with respect to my sister Catherine's Children I except one by name Thomas who I have found
has been undutifull to his mother.  he I am told is well off out of her part
he is to have one Shilling VCy. only to each of these one sixth part of the
net amount of my Estate not already divised

7th.  my Executor will advertise the most responsible & the best
Circulated in trust to come forward with Powers of attorney to receive
Each dividend being them selves Legatees & one from each family so
soon as he is ready to pay them and in case they fail to come forward
in five years from the date of advertising the part so given to be Equally
divided amongst the Others applying  -

8th.  the money in all cases are to be loaned out from the common  -----
& continue to be so done til a close takes place into good hands so that it
may be accumatating_

9th.  my belovd wife will be entitled to one third part of the net Int &
rents of my part of the Estate during life or widowhood

10th.  My stock in trade which may be seen by my articles of agreement
with Samuel Dickins but more particularly by the books of Vaughan &
Dickins when settled after directing five hundred Dolls of my part to be
retained by Samuel Dickins for his trouble in settling this business or if
he prefers I am willing he shall have 6 pcent one third of such net amount
is to be paid over to my beloved wife & the ballance to be put to Interest as
all other monies -

11th  I do hereby annull the Legacys given to any one in case he or she
should commence suit vs my Executor all differences may be easily settled
by reference to two good men. -

12th And lastly I appoint my friend Samuel Dickins my Executor to this
my last will & Testament with full power to settle all my business together
with Vaughan & Cardwells which I have to settle in as ample a manner
as I am or could do and for his trouble I allow him 6 percent & the net
amount after paying all my Just debts if any my beloved wife Ann Vaughan
will entitled to one third In witness whereof I have hereunto pend my hand
& seal this twenty fifth day of January in the year of our Lord Christ Anno Domini Eighteen hundred & sixteen and in the fortieth year of American Independence signed sealed & acknowledgd to be the Testators act & did
in presence of us

James Vaughan

N. Long Junr.
James Neal

State of North Carolina
Granville County
May Court A D    1816

The executors of the foregoing last Will and Testament of James Vaughan deceased was duly sworn on oath in this Court by Nicholas Long Junr and James Neal the two subscribing witnesses thereto and ordered to be recorded.
At the same time comes forward Samuel Dickins Esq and duly qualified as
an Executor to the same --

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