Harrison L. Thornton
Oglethorpe County, Georgia

Oglethorpe, County GA
Will Book D, pp 334-335

Ordinary Office December Term 1855

In the name of God, Amen

I Harrison L. Thornton being weak in body but of sound mind
and memory---and ordain this my last will and testament, first
I resign my soul to God and my body to be interred in common.

Item 1st I will that all my just debts be paid within the time
prescribed by law.

Item 2nd I will all that my son Isaac N Thornton has recieved
as his full proportion of my Estate, and that he return when
called on the gray filly I have ecently loaned him.

Item 3rd I will unto my daughter Permelia R. Thornton one
yellow filly a bed and bed clothing as her full proportion of
my estate.

Item 4th I will all the residue of my estate Real Personal, stock
of all kind household and kitchen furniture together with all
the crop and supply of provisions in hand as common stock
for the support raising and education of my  children with my
wife Aley Thornton

Item 5th I will that my Executor give out of the above named
estate to my son William Thornton, one horse or filly one
saddle and bridle, and if it can be spared, bed as his full
proportion of my estate.

Item 6th I will that my Executor, provide the estate will justify
them, do by my other children as I have with the three above
named, and if as not near equal as in their judgement can be,
and that my Executor has full power to buy or sell of my estate
as in their judgement shall promote the interest of the same.

Item 7th I will in case of the death of my wife, for all my estate
to be sold and the proceeds equally divided between my children
not herein named, and in the case of her marriage the whole
estate be sold and she recieve as her part one share with my
children not herein named.

Item 8th I do constitute and appoint my wife Aley Thornton
and friend Jasper Stephens my lawful Executors to carry this
my last Will and Testament into effect.

Signed sealed acknowledged published and declared this
Seventh day of November Eighteen Hundred and Fifty Five
in the presence of

Drury L. Smith
R.M. Glenn
Thomas S. Cunningham

H.L. Thornton

Note form Linda:  Permilia R. Thornton born 1833 died 1907
second wife of  James A. Vaughn  born Jan-20-1819 Oglethorpe County, Georgia d. June 26 1864, Banks County, Georgia. James,
son of William and Sarah Colley Vaughan of Oglethorpe Co.,
Georgia, were married bet 1856 and 1858 

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