Vaughan - Vaughn Collection
Vaughan Etc., Newsletter

Published by Verna Baker Banes
1984 - 1989

Because of the complexity of material presented, indexing the information was very tedious,
therefore some names probably were omitted. The data did not fit into the usual computer
indexing format, so each line was read meticulously to locate names and identifying dates.

    Great effort was made to simplify, preserve, present, and index this collection, but readers
will still need to be creative in their skills in locating and interpreting facts presented on the film.

    All Vaughan/Vaughn names are listed together in the index because there are contradictions
as to how one branch of the family desired to spell the name.

    To simplify the index, names of spouses of Vaughan/Vaughns were listed by family name only.
A separate index is provided for the non-Vaughan/Vaughn names. Names of contributors are
included both in the Index and in the listings of file numbers.

    As the Newsletter dealt mainly with data on people born before 1900, and because of privacy
concerns, some people born after that time are not indexed.

    Where available a date is included with each Vaughan/Vaughn entry. Dates were selected in
the order of birth, death, married, ca (some date to indicate the person lived in that time period),
or will/probate. Definite dates are given when possible, but in some instances the date could have
varied by five years on either side of the date stated.

    Abbreviations used are:  b= birth, d= death, m= married,  ca= about or approximately,  
w= will or probate

    The Index printed on the microfilm is also available on paper or computer diskette.
Contact the compiler for details.

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