Some Vaughan Marriages in Virginia
(and a few Elsewhere)
from Earliest Found to 1825
Submitted by Mary Gregg

Marriage Page

The below files are an accumulation of many sources, as stated. The purpose of
these files are for references to VAUGHAN/VAUGHN lines in Virginia and
intended for personal use only. NO PART OR PORTION of these files may be
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The following is a list of Virginia Vaughan  and Vaughn Marriages with many notations and reference numbers, provided by Mary Gregg. Each Vaughan individual is listed by their first name and in alphabetical order starting with "Unknown".
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Unknown Given Name

_______ Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Shields, perhaps in Williamsburg.  She was d/o James Shields. I believe the groom was William Vaughan, but have no proof.

(Male) Vaughan/Vaughn m. ________ Briggs before Nov. 20, 1729, perhaps in Surry Co. She was d/o Charles Briggs, whose will in Surry WB 8:15 mentions his grandchildren Henry Vaughn and Elizabeth Vaughn. There may be a connection to John Vawhon, for according to Cavaliers & Pioneers, Charles Briggs received a grant on Mar. 24, 1725, in Isle of Wight County on the south side of Three Creeks beginning at John Vawhon's line ... The grandson Henry mentioned by Charles Briggs may have married a daughter of John Thomas of Southampton Co., Va. for in his will (Southampton WB 2:304) dated Apr. 9, 1763, John Thomas made bequests to James, Henry, Thomas and Mary Briggs Vaughan, children of Henry Vaughan.

______ Vaughan/Vaughn m. Amy Cousens, Chesterfield Co., before
Dec. 21, 1752. She was d/o Charles Cousens. [Chesterfield WB 1:78]

_______ Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Simmons before Mar. 11, 1765, perhaps in Brunswick Co. Proven by her father's will in Brunswick WB 3:497.

_______ Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca Burn, before Nov. 5, 1779, perhaps in Southampton Co. She was d/o David Burn whose will of that date in Southampton Co. WB 3:291 proves it.

(Female) Vaughan/Vaughn m. ________ Smithers, perhaps in Nansemond Co.  This VAUGHAN bride was half-sister of John Vaughan. [72]

_______ Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Jamieson, perhaps in Norfolk Co. She was sis/o Elizabeth Jamieson who married Thomas Bressie, proven by BRESSIE RW Pension application R329

Given Name beginning with "A"

Abner Vaughan/Vaughn m. Docia Murphy, before May 7, 1789, probably in Halifax Co. [She was d/o John and Ann Murphy.] [Halifax DB 14:464 & 25:229] [Abner was a RW Sol., b. Jan. 10, 1765, Halifax Co., Va.] [71]

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edith Gist, possibly ca 1730. He died in
(?)Yohogania Co., Va. Sept. 1778. She was d/o Richard Gist & Zipporah Murray; she was b. in 1707 in Baltimore & d. a. 1778. [Newsletter IV:29; V:19; VI:1:11]

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hannah Wheeler [He was s/o Abraham and Edith (Gist) Vaughan, q.v.]

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Loveday ________ before Oct. 22, 1748, possibly in Brunswick Co., . He was son of Richard Vaughan. [1, 2]

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________ before Dec. 21, 1750, possibly in Amelia Co. [On above date (Am DB 4:16), Abraham of Lunenburg, joined by his wife Mary, sold land in Amelia that he had patented Jan. 12, 1746.]

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann ________, possibly in Charlotte Co. [He died in Charlotte Co. ca 1795.]

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Michael Folks, Chesterfield Co., Dec. 12, 1783

Abraham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Weaver, Culpeper Co., Mar. 6, 1797 He
was b. in Culpeper in 1772; both of them died in Boone Co., Ky. in the 1850's. [69 & Newsletter VII:I]

Absalom Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha (?Vaughan) in Petersburg, in Dec. 1789 [Absalom was a RW Sol. He d. in Dinwiddie Apr. 15, 1839; Martha d. Apr. 18, 1843. They had three surviving children.] [71]

Alfred J. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Dorothy Vaughn, Sussex Co., Mar. 6, 1823 [69]

Almond Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joanna Harris, Culpeper Co., Feb. 1, 1784 [He was a RW Sol. (b. Apr. 19, 1756 in Caroline Co., Va.; d. May 1842), s/o Wm. & Janetta (Riddle) Vaughan; Joanna (d. May 6, 1845) was d/o Isaac Harris. [15, 35, 36, 71]

Almond Vaughan/Vaughn m. Simeria L. Nevil. Nelson Co., May 20, 1820 [69]

Alpheus Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lovicia ________, Feb. 2, 1822. Alpheus (1802-1828) was s/o John & Elizabeth (Looney) Vaughan. Lovicia m. 2nd, David Ashby.

Ambrose Vaughan/Vaughn, Sr. m. Martha Land, Mecklenburg Co., Mar. 3, 1813 B/M: John Cheatham [102]

Amelia Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edwin Chandler, Halifax Co., Jan. 6, 1817. B/M: Henry Jones. Wit: Drewcilla Vaughan, Jno. 0. Davis, Thomas Hendrick. Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. Edwin was s/o David Chandler [102]

Amey Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Pain, before Jan. 14, 1748, possibly in Brunswick Co. Amey was d/o Richard; proved by his will.

Amy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Isham Clay before Aug. 6, 1781, possibly in Amelia Co. Amy was d/o Samuel Vaughan. [24, 25]

Anderson Vaughan m. Sally Eckles, before Jan. 3, 1828, probably in Nottoway Co. [THE SOUTHSIDE VIRGINIAN, Vol. VIII, No. 1, Jan., 1990, "Nottoway County Marriages" inferred from Order Book 10.

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Johnson before Aug. 10, 1777, probably in Amelia Co. Ann was d/o Robert. [18]

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. (1) William Edwards; (2) by 1791, Michael Stucker. She was d/o Martin & Eleanor (Lea) Vaughan

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joel Wilkerson of Greensville, in Sussex Co., Aug. 16, 1781. She was d/o Thomas Vaughan. Surety: Thomas Hunt. Wit: Evans Mabry and Barnard Wilkerson [63]

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn, widow, m. Edward Carter, Amherst Co., in September 1782. B/M: Peter Carter. Married by Rev. Benjamin Coleman. [114] [This bride was nee' Ann Carter, and was the widow of Cornelius Vaughan, q.v.]

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Bass, Goochland Co., Aug. 10, 1793. B/M: Matthew Vaughan. Wit: Shadrack Vaughan. Married by Rev. Reuben Ford. [113] \[Ann was d/o Matthew Vaughan.] [46]

Anna Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edward Bruscbanks, Bedford Co., Mar. 14, 1797. B/M: Benjamin Vaughan [69 & Newsletter VII:2]

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. Charles Norman, Charles City Co., Dec. 7, 1797. She was d/o Wm. Shields Vaughan & Hannah Crew. [11]

Ann Carter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mickelborough Montague, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 2, 1798. B/M: Reuben Vaughan. Rev. William Creath [102]

Anne Vaughan/Vaughn m. Albridgton Edwards, Southampton Co., Dec. 27, 1799. [69]

Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Wright, before 1800, possibly in Nottoway Co. [59] She was d/o Robert Vaughan.

Ann J. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jones Taylor, Mecklenburg Co., Feb. 2, 1813 [102] B/M: Caleb Manning

Arch C. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane M. Hamner, Charlotte Co., Feb. 17, 1824 [69]

Archillus Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances ________, probably ca 1790. He was b. 1769 in N. C. & d. 1860's in Christian Co., Mo.; she was b. 1776 N. C. & d. 1860's Christian Co., Mo. [Newsletter IV:57; see also IV:27] Is this same as: Archelus Vaughan/Vaughn m. Fanney Foley, Grayson Co., July 4, 1795 [69]

Aria Vaughan/Vaughn m. Berryman Green, Halifax Co., Oct. 23, 1809. B/M: James Vaughan. Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. [105] [In 1792 (Halifax DB 15:543) John Vaughan of Mecklenburg sold land on Aaron's Creek in Halifax to David Parish and Berry Green witnessed the deed.]

Aris Vaughan/Vaughn, Jr. m. Sarah Sands, Henry Co., May 1807.

Aris Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly O'Briant in Granville, N. C., Nov. 19, 1811. He
was b. ca 1789 & d. 1860, Person Co., N. C.; she was b. ca 1794 & was d/o Rebecca Harris and ________O'Briant. [Newsletter VI:97]

Arpasia Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ambrose Knight, Goochland Co., Sept. 16, 1797. B/M: James Vaughan, Jr. Consent of Mary Vaughan. Married by Rev. Reuben Ford. [Arpasia was d/o Matthew Vaughan & Mary Martin.] [46, 113]

Asa Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane Truly, Amelia Co., Nov. 7, 1803. B/M: Grief Truly. Jane is d/o John Truly, Sr., who consents. [104] [Asa (b. 1777 - d. 1820, Amelia Co.) was s/o Robert Vaughan & Elsie Motley.] [77] [Jane may be the Jane Vaughan, aged 63, living in Amelia Co., Va. in 1850.]

Ashley Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane Gregory, Charlotte Co., Apr. 20, 1807. B/M: Hezekiah McCargo. Jane is d/o Joseph Gregory. Married by Rev. David McCargo. [108]

Atwell Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susan Butcher, perhaps in Wood Co. Information in RW pension application of Susan's father, Samuel Butcher.

Averett Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Ogburn, Brunswick Co., Apr. 15, 1816 [This may be Averett M. Vaughan, War of 1812 pensioner.] [Information of Junius E. Vaughan of Colfax, La., is that this was Averett's first marriage and that his second wife, whom he married in 1843, was Willie Moon. Mr. Vaughan gives Averett's sisters as Hannah (married Jessie Peterson), Julia (married Haley Dunnivant). and Elizabeth (married Henry Sadler, widower). [It may be of interest that Micajah Vaughan who m. Delilah McKinney owned land bounded by John Sadler and Susan Sadler.
(Brunswick DB 23:47)]

Given Name beginning with "B"

Baalam Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Burnes, Mecklenburg, Dec. 12, 1809. B/M: Robert Burnes. Married by Rev. Richard Dabbs. [102]

Banister W. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Wilson, Halifax Co., Oct. 5, 1810. B/M: Aaron Hardwick. Wit: William Vaughan. William Wilson consents; no relationship given. [But the wills of William Wilson and his widow, Elizabeth, in Halifax County, prove that Martha was their daughter. mg] Banister W. was s/o William Vaughan & Lucy LeGrand. [47, 105]

Banister Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsy Wilkins, Halifax Co., July 26, 1819. B/M: James H. Wilkins. Married by Rev. Reuben Pickett [105]

Barsheba Vaughan, d/o Ambrose Vaughan, m. Bland Vaughan, Caroline Co., ?1700's. Bland and Barsheba (Vaughan) Vaughan had the following children: Chaney; William; John; Wily; Elizabeth m. Wm. Poltney; Fanny m. Wm. Cox; Caty m. Nimrod Ingram. [Newsletter VI:74] and [CAROLINE COUNTY COURT RECORDS AND MARRIAGES, 1787-1810 by William Lindsay Hopkins.]

Bartholomew Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann ________, before Aug. 20, 1769, probably in Amelia Co. [He was son of Thomas Vaughan.]
[Amelia DB 11:81 & WB 1:73-74.]

Benjamin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________, before October 1783, possibly in Lunenburg Co. [Lunenburg DB 13:558]

Benjamin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Margaret Ladd, Charles City Co., _____ 6, 1794. He was s/o Wm. Shields Vaughan & she was d/o John Ladd. [11]

Benjamin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susanna Burnett, Bedford Co., May 14, 1795. B/M: Elisha Burnett [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

Benjamin Vaughan/Vaughn m. beth Burnett, Brunswick Co., Jan. 26, 1818

Benjamin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Catherine Henson. He was b. 1789 Southampton Co., Va.; she was b.1796, N. C. [Newsletter V:17]

Berlinda Vaughan/Vaughn m. Archibald Shiflett, Orange Co., Feb. 11, 1819 [69]

Berry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Smoot, Henrico Co., Feb. 26, 1816 [69]

Betty or Patty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Noel Vick, Southampton Co., Dec. 5, 1788

Betsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joseph Johns, Halifax Co., Mar. 11, 1801. B/M: William Vaughan. Consent of William Vaughan, Jr. for his daughter. [105] [Is this the Elizabeth Vaughan (1779-1839), d/o Wm. Vaughan and grdau. of Wm. Vaughan, Sr., who m. Joseph Barksdale Johns (1776-1839) of Rutherford Co., Tenn., who was in the War of 1812?] [15]

Betsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Matthews. Halifax Co., Jan. 24, 1803 or 1809. B/M: Parrish Green. She was d/o Drury Vaughan, who consents. Wit: Moses Palmer. [105] [Perhaps went to Rutherford Co., Tn.]

Betsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Batts, Charles City Co., Oct. 30, 1806 [69] [Betsey was probably the daughter, Elizabeth Batte, mentioned in Henry Vaughan's will, written in ?Charles City County, Mar. 12, 1818. Newsletter VII:2]

Betsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lewis Burnett, Greensville Co., Dec. 8, 1806 [Newsletter II:3:24 - Helen Hazelton says Betsy was d/o Richard Vaughan; that Lewis d. Brunswick Co., Va., 1815; that in 1830 Richard Vaughan of Rutherford Co., Tenn. was guardian of "David P. Burnett, Louisa Nelson (formerly Burnett) and Martha L. Burnett, minor heirs of Lewis Burnett to collect sums left them by their grandfather John Burnett." She also mentioned some of "this set of Vaughans' living in Hardeman Co., Tenn. near the Marshall Co., Miss. line.]

Betsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thompson Utterback, Culpeper Co., Oct. 12, 1809. Married by Rev. William Mason, Baptist [112]

Betsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Richard Brewer/Brower, Grayson Co., Mar. 25, 1815. [69]

Betty/Betsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Vaughan, Nelson Co., Apr. 8, 1815 [69]

Betsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ryel Martin, Grayson Co., Nov. 4, 1824 [73]

Betsy Carter Vaughan m. Pool Whitt, Halifax Co., June 17, 1812. B/M: Ingram Vaughan [105]

Binns Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha L. Arnold, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 21, 1798. B/M: Thomas Edmundson. Married by Rev. Charles Ogburn, Methodist. [102]

Binns Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Williams, 21, Brunswick Co., May 9, 1805. B/M: John H. Vaughan. Married by Rev. Aaron Brown [111]

Bland Vaughan/Vaughn m. Barsheba Vaughan, Caroline Co., ?1700's.
[See Barsheba Vaughan entry]

Bouldin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susanna Fuqua, Charlotte Co., June 1, 1790. B/M: John Vaughan. Susanna is d/o John Fuqua. Married by Rev. John Williams. [108] [Bouldin was s/o Abraham Vaughan of Charlotte Co. , Va. Bouldin was living in Pittsylvania Co., Va. in 1807. (Charlotte DB 11:13)]

Bridget Vaughan, d/o Cornelius Vaughan, Sr. and Elizabeth (Leavell?) m. Richard Broadus, before 1755 perhaps in Spotsylvania or King and Queen Co. Bridget died Feb. 27, 1794, perhaps in Nelson County. [Computer "Genealogy Roundtable" message from "Alice in Houston" dated July 10, 1993.]

Given Name beginning with C


Caleb Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________, before Nov. 27, 1769, possibly in Brunswick Co. [Brunswick DB 9:566]

Caty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nimrod Ingram, Caroline Co. [37 & -Newsletter VI:74] Caty was d/o Bland Vaughan and his wife, Barsheba Vaughan.

Catherine Vaughan/Vaughn m. (?)Jacob (?)Reed, before Dec. 15, 1804, possibly in Culpeper Co. [Culpeper DB 2:55 shows Jacob Reed & Catherine his wife, Charles Hill, Jr. & Charity his wife, and Mary Ann Vaughan of Hampshire Co., Va. selling land in Brunsfield Parish on the forks of the Rappahanock..." and since the marriage of Charity Vaughan to Charles Hill is of record, it seems probable that these grantors are VAUGHAN siblings.]

Caty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Drake, Brunswick Co., Aug. 12, 1802. B/M: Joshua Vaughan, who also makes affidavit as to Caty's age. Wit: William Turbyville. Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist. [111] [Caty was living in Bedford Co., Tenn. in 1832.] [34]

Caty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Burchett, Henry Co., June 3, 1807 [69] [Burchetts were associated with Thomas Vaughan, RW Patriot.]

Chaney Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Martin, Haifax Co., Feb. 6, 1793.  B/M: John Martin. Elizabeth was d/o William Martin. [In 1787 (Halifax DB 14:196) Fleming Bates sold to William Martin, land in Halifax Co., Va. adj. Reubin Abney, James Bates, James Hunt, Daniel Bates and William Vaughn ... If this is the same William Martin who was father of the bride, Elizabeth, then Chaney might have been part of the Catawba Creek Vaughan family for this land was in their neighborhood.]

Charity Vaughan/Vaughn m. Charles Hill, May 19, 1799, probably in Culpeper Co. Charles was s/o Charles Hill and was bro/o Jesse Hill who married Mary Vaughan. These two couples moved to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio by 1810. [Newsletter V:31]

Charles Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Clatter, Orange Co., June 30, 1819 [69] [This could be Charles (65 Va.) with wife Elizabeth (50 Va.) in Warren Co., Tenn., 1850] [102 ]

Charlotty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Redmond Cobb, Southampton Co., Jan. 3, 1815 [69]

Christopher Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________. Christopher was s/o Abraham & Edith (Gist) Vaughan, q.v.

Claiborne Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Ferguson, Prince Edward Co., Dec. 10, 1795. Mary was d/o Richard Ferguson. This couple migrated to South Carolina. I believe Claiborne was the son of Thomas Vaughan of Amelia & Prince Edward Cos., Va. and Caswell Co., N. C.] [74]

Clary Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Burton, Mecklenburg Co., Feb. 20, 1787. B/M: Ambrose Vaughan. [102] [I have a published abstract of the will of Richard Vaughan, recorded in Wilson Co., Tn. in 1823, mentioning his daus. Clory Britton, Franky Nipper, Rhody Nipper, and Susannah. I suspect that Clory Britton and Clary Burton may be the same woman.]

Clary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Howell, Bedford Co., Nov. 1795. Clary was d/o Joseph Vaughan. [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

Clory Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Britton [Clory was d/o Richard Vaughn whose will is recorded in Wilson County, Tennessee, and names daughters Clory Britton, Franky Nipper, Rhody Nipper and Susannah. He also mentions Sally Hudson, but does not call her a daughter.] I wonder if Clory Britton was really Clary who married John Burton [see above]. And, if so, then which name is correct - Burton or Britton?

Clarissa Vaughan/Vaughn m. John H. Purrington, Goochland Co. She was d/o Matthew Vaughan & Mary Martin. [46]

Cloey Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Allen, Pittsylvania Co., Aug. 25, 1785. B/M: John Vaughan [106]

Coleman A. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly V. Beasley, Lunenburg Co., Apr. 17, 1817. [69] [Newsletter II:3:31, Dorothy Ruhmann says Polly's parents were William and Mary Beasley.]

Coleman Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth ________, possibly in Caldwell Co., Ky. Coleman (b. Va. ca 1805) & Elizabeth (b Va. ca 1814) were living, 1850, in Caldwell Co., Ky. [Newsletter VI:1:39]

Cornelius Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth (Leavell?) perhaps in King & Queen Co. He died 1734-5 in King & Queen Co. His widow d. ca 1775 in Spotsylvania Co., Va. Source of "Leavell" as Elizabeth's maiden surname is Computer "Genealogy Roundtable" message from "Alice in Houston" dated July 10, 1993.

Cornelius Vaughan/Vaughn (1729 - 1785) m. Frances ________. He was the son of Cornelius and Elizabeth of King & Queen and Spotsylvania Counties.

Cornelius Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Threlkeld, before Oct. 19, 1756, perhaps in King George Co. Mary was d/o Christopher Threlkeld. [King Geo WB 4:65-691

Cornelius Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Carter, Amherst Co., Nov. 11, 1778. B/M: William Carter. "Consent of his guardian, Joseph Edmunds, who states that Nancy Carter is d/o Job Carter." [114] [This Cornelius (died of smallpox while serving in the RW) was the s/o Martin & Eleanor ((Lea) Vaughan. His widow, Nancy/Ann, married (2) Edward Carter, q.v.]

Craddock Vaughan/Vaughn m. Parthena Jeter, before Feb. 10, 1780, perhaps in Amelia Co. Parthena was d/o William Jeter. [Lunenburg DB 13--F87 and will of William Jeter in Edgefield Co., SC WB A:114]

Craddock Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Williams, Cumberland Co., Feb. 1793 [69]

Craddock Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Clough, Amelia Co., Dec. 22, 1800. B/M: Allen Townes. Married by Rev. David Thomson [104] [Is Craddock who married Elizabeth Clough the same as the following man in Lunenburg County? Craddock Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth ________, before Aug. 8, 1807. (Lunenburg Co., WB 6:205) [7]

Crawford Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alice Cabiness, before June 4, 1812, probably in Nottoway Co. Alice (d. by 1812) was d/o Elijah and Martha Cabiness. Ch/o Crawford & Alice were: Elizabeth, Asa, Abner, and Maria Jones Vaughan. [Nottoway DB 4:259]

Given Name beginning with "D"

Daniel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth ________, before Dec. 14, 1722, Bristol Parish. [23]

Daniel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann ________, before Oct. 10, 1732, Bristol Parish. [23] [This could be the same Daniel who married Elizabeth]

Daniel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sukey Anderson, before May 1815, probably in Nottoway County. [55]

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hannah Hightower, widow, Brunswick Co.,
Oct. 17, 1781. B/M: Richard Vaughan. [111]

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Bennett, Halifax Co., Nov. 19, 1804.
B/M: James Crenshaw. Wit: James Crenshaw, John Preston. Married by Rev. Thomas Dobson. Nancy is the d/o Ann Bennett. [105]

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Catherine Anderson, before Oct. 1, 1795, probably in Nottoway (or Amelia if before Nottoway was created).
[55 & Nottoway DB 1:492]

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patty Kirks Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 3, 1803.
B/M: John Hudgins [102]

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Philadelphia Griffin, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 14, 1807. B/M: Hezekiah Yancey. Philadelphia is d/o James Griffin. [102]

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsy Newton, Franklin Co., Nov. 14, 1812

David Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Vaughan, Lunenburg Co., Aug. 22, 1825

Deborah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joseph Folkes, before Mar. 12, 1818, perhaps in Charles City Co. She was d/o Henry Vaughan. [Newsletter VII:2, Henry Vaughan's will]

Dicey VaughanVaughn, widow, m. William Ford, Charlotte Co., Dec. 26, 1793. B/M: John Ainsworth. Married by Rev. Edward Almond. [108] [Dicey was the daughter of Beverley Calicot and the widow of Ligon Vaughan.]

Dicey Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Self, Bedford Co., Jan. 24, 1795. She was d/o William Vaughan. [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

Dixon Vaughan m. Susanna (?)Freeman, probably in one of the Southside Virginia counties, in the 1790s. He was the s/o Pierce Vaughan and Faitha Pennington. [Newsletter IV:52]

Dolly Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. James E. Lovell, Powhatan Co., Dec. 10, 1818. B/M: Peter Lesueur. Married by Samuel Woodfin. [103]

Dorothy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Hunt, Sussex Co., Mar. 22, 1765. B/M: Thomas Hunt. Dorothy was d/o Thomas Vaughan [29, 63]

Dorothy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joseph Cannon, Sussex Co., Apr. 6, 1797.
Surety: Thos. Hunt. Dorothy is d/o Thos. Vaughan. Wit: Fielding Vaughan. Married by Rev. Stith Parham

Dorothy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alfred J. Vaughn, Sussex Co., Mar. 6, 1823 [69]

Drury Vaughan/Vaughn m. Eliza Barksdale, before Oct. 3, 1791, probably in Halifax Co. [Eliza's sister, Fanny Barksdale, married William Vaughan. Fanny & Eliza were d/o Nathaniel Barksdale. Drury and William probably were s/o the William who d. testate in Halifax Co. in 1777.] [Halifax DB 15:227 & 17:229] [I believe that this Drury is the man who died testate in Rutherford Co., Tn. in 1827. His children were: William B.; Peter; Betsy (John Matthews); Frankey (Moses Palmer); Mildred (Nelson); Nancy (John P. H. Lenoir).]

Drury Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susanna ________, before Apr. 21, 1793, perhaps in Bristol Parish. [23]

Drewry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Johns, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 31, 1797. B/M: Edward Nunnelee. Sally is d/o Joseph Johns. Married by Rev. Richard Elliott. [106]

Drewry Vaughan/Vaughn, Jr. m. Nancy Tucker, Halifax Co., Dec. 21, 1803.  B/M: Thomas Vaughan. Wit: Thomas Vaughan & James Bates. Nancy was d/o Edmund Tucker. Married by Robert Hurt. [105]

Drury F. or T. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth (?Chappell), perhaps in Newberry Co., S. C. Drury F./T. (d. ca 1845 in Newberry Co., S. C.) was s/o Nicholas Vaughan and Nancy Sullivant. [88-97, esp. 93]

Drury M. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha M. Turner, Caswell, N. C., Mar. 11, 1830. In 1850, they were in Davidson Co., Tenn. - (Drury M. 45 Va.) and Martha M. (37 NC)

Dulcema Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edmund P. Overby, Mecklenburg Co., July 17, 1819. B/M: John F. Carter. She was d/o S. W. Vaughan & he was s/o Peter Z. Overby [102]

Given Name beginning with "E"

Edmund Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patience ________ before Jan. 10, 1671, perhaps in York Co. He d. in York Co. Jan. 10, 1671, leaving widow, Patience.  [York Records 4:472]

Edmund Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally (Neville) Michaux, Cumberland Co., Mar. 6, 1775 [Sally was d/o James Neville & Lucy Thomas, and widow of Jacob Michaux, Jr. ]

Edmund Vaughan/Vaughn m. (1) Sarah Samuell, ca 1784; (2) Susanna Thomson, d/ Anthony Thomson. Edmund, s/o Cornelius & Frances Vaughan, was b. 1760, Spotsylvania Co., Va; d. 1823, Woodford Co., Ky. His first wife, Sarah, was the d/o William & Frances Samuell.

Edmund Hall Vaughan m. Sally H. Walker, Mecklenburg Co., June 5, 1809.  B/M: Francis E. Walker. Married by George Micklejohn. [52, 102] [Edmund was s/o Thomas Vaughan, and Sally was d/o Henry Walker and Martha Bolling Eppes. ] \ Edmund Vaughan/Vaughn m. (1) Sythy Blanton ca 1815, probably in Woodford Co., Ky.; (2), 1839, Elizabeth (nee' Pattie) Monks; (3) Ellen (nee' Clarke) Fox. Edmund (1790-1857) was s/o Edmund Vaughan & Sarah Samuel I. His second wife, Elizabeth was the d/o John Pattie and wid/o James Monks. His third wife was d/o Joseph Clarke and wid/o George Fox.

Edward Vaughan/Vaughn m. Katherine, before Apr. 24, 1734, probably in Gloucester County.

Edward Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rachel Fuller, before 1814, in Virginia.
[Newsletter VII:1:221]

Edwin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca Owen, Halifax Co., Nov. 29, 1819.
B/M: Drury Owen. Wit: Beverly Owen. Rebecca is d/o Hatcher Owen. [105]

Eleanor Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Black, Culpeper Co., Aug. 17, 1784.  Married by Rev. William Mason, Baptist. [73, 112]

Ellender Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Dale, Oct. 30, 1808. She was d/o John Vaughan and Elizabeth Looney.

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Pemberton, probably in Spotsylvania or King and Queen County. She was d/o Cornelius Vaughan, Sr. and Elizzabth ________.

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Thacker, before Jan. 29, 1766, in Hanover or Amelia Co. [She was d/o George who went from Hanover to Amelia. In Louisa Co., Va. DB D-1/2, p. 359, there is a 1771 deed wherein John Thacker of Louisa Co. sells to Wm. Thacker of Hanover Co., everything to which he is entitled from the estate of George Vaughan of Amelia Co. Elizabeth is not mentioned, so may have been deceased.] [17, 28]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Rives, Sussex Co., Dec. 16, 1773. She was d/o Thomas Vaughan [29, 63]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Bagby or Bagley, Jr., Powhatan Co., Mar. 2, 1778. B/M: Daniel Hix. Wit: Jesse Hix [103]

Elizabeth Vaun m. Nathaniel Preston, Bedford Co., Aug. 1780. She died in Floyd Co., Ky. [29 & Query in Virginia Genealogist July- Sept. 1981]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Bates, probably in Halifax County. James was a RW Pensioner. A query in his pension file states that his married lst Elizabeth Vaughan and 2nd Levina Frances Nance.

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Richard Slythe, Prince Edward Co., Nov. 30, 1781. [69]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Howard Bailey, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 3, 1783. B/M: John Belk [102] [Howard Bailey was bondsman when James Vaughan m. Mary, d/o Geo. & Sarah (Bass) Malone, in Brunswick in 1783.]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Davis, before Dec. 30, 1786, probably in Pittsylvania County. Elizabeth was d/o Thomas, as proven by his will. [13] & [Pittsy. WB 11:166-167]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Vading, before May 4, 1787, possibly in King William Co. [51]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Wilson, Mecklenburg Co., Nov. 10, 1789. B/M: Robert Burchett. Married by Rev. Thomas Scott. [102] [Elizabeth was d/o RW Patriot Thomas Vaughan, q.v.]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sandifer Bowers, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 14, 1790. B/M: Richard Edmondson [102]

Elizabeth Shields Vaughan m. John M. Peers, Goochland, Oct. 21, 1793.  B/M: Reuben Turner. Wit.: John Bass. Thomas Harding is guardian of John M. Peers. Married by Rev. William Webber. [46] [Elizabeth was d/o Matthew Vaughan and Mary Martin.]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Rudisilley, Culpeper Co., Oct. 30, 1795.  Married by Rev. William Mason, Baptist. [69, 112]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. George Boston, Orange Co., May 11, 1796  [69]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Poltney, Caroline Co., Sept. 13, 1797. Elizabeth was d/o Bland Vaughan and wife, Barsheba Vaughan, who was d/o Ambrose Vaughan. [37 & Newsletter VI:74]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Haynes, Halifax Co., Mar. 20, 1798.  B/M: Samuel Landrum

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Hite, perhaps in Culpeper Co. She was d/o Peter Vaughan. [72]

Elizabeth Vaughan m. _______ Mahone, perhaps in Nansemond or Henrico Co. She was the sister of John Vaughan. [72]

Elizabeth Vaughan m. _______ Hundley, before 1800, probably in Nottoway Co. She was daughter of Robert Vaughan. [58, 77]

Elizabeth Vaughan m. George W. Baldwin, Amelia Co., Oct. 30, 1800.
B/M: Willis Vaughan. Elizabeth is d/o Nicholas Vaughan. Wit: Willis
Vaughan and James Townes. Married by Rev. John Skurrey. [104]
[Elizabeth's mother was Elizabeth Williams.]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Richard Slate/State, Mecklenburg Co.,
Nov. 12, 1802. B/M: John Saunders. Richard is of Brunswick Co., Va.
Married by Rev. William Creath. [102]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Leonard Henley Sims, Granville, N. C. in 1804.  He was s/o Leonard Henley Sims & Sarah Swepson. L. H. Sims, Sr. moved to Courtland, Ala. in 1822. [Newsletter VII:2:58 citing Worth Ray's Colonial Granville County and Its People]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Gardner, Southampton Co., Feb. 17, 1809 [69]

Elizabeth W. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anthony Green, Halifax Co., Nov. 27, 1809.  B/M: James Vaughan. Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. [105]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Epps Tucker, Charlotte Co., Oct. 20, 1810. B/M: Francis Vaughan. Elizabeth is d/o Zedekiah. [108]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. William H. Hudson, before 1811, probably in Nottoway Co. Elizabeth was d/o Nicholas [60 & Nottoway DB 10:46; also estate records of Jefferson Co., Ala. where Wm. H. Hudson died.]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Sadler, Brunswick Co., July 8, 1812.

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Carter (?)Andse, Greensville Co., Dec. 24, 1816

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Levi Edwards, Southampton Co., 1818. [69]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Batte, before Mar. 12, 1818, possibly in Charles City Co. She was d/o Henry. [Henry Vaughan's will in Newsletter VII:2] [This is probably Betsey Vaughan who m. Thomas Batts in Charles City County, Oct. 30, 1806. [69]]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Graham, Wythe Co., Jan. 1819 [69]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Hackley, Frederick Co., Sept. 23, 1819 [73]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Micajah Hail, in 1821, possibly in Hanover Co.  She was d/o Samuel and Morning Vaughan. [Newsletter VI:1:7]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edward Butts, Brunswick Co., Jan. 14, 1824 [32]

Elizabeth Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Elmore, before Aug. 22, 1825, possibly in Lunenburg Co. [9]

Enoch Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________, before Apr. 3, 1793, probably in Bristol Parish [23]

Enos Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsy Jackson, Clark Co., Ky., 1798. He died in 1836 in Clay Co., Mo. [Information from J. Gary Woodward in Newsletter IV:9; also Newsletter V:3:61,

Ephraim Vaughan/Vaughn m. Parthenia Rideout, before Apr. 17, 1784, probably in Bristol Parish [69]

Erman Elliott Vaughan m. William LeGrand, Lunenburg Co., Oct. 22, 1786.  B/M: Craddock Vaughan

Ermen/Ermer Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Hurt, Mecklenburg Co., Sept. 11, 1809. B/M: William Burton. Married by Rev. William Richards. [102]

Given Name beginning with "F"

Fanny Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Jones, Bedford Co., Oct. 22, 1792.
B/M: Martin Jones [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

Fanny Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Cox, Caroline Co., July 23, 1802. Fanny was d/o Bland Vaughan and wife, Barsheba Vaughan, d/o Ambrose Vaughan.  [37 & Newsletter VI:74]

Fanny Vaughan/Vaughn m. Seymour Puryear, Mecklenburg Co., Mar. 11, 1807. B/M: Wiley Burrus. Nancy Foster was aunt of Fanny. [102]

Fanny Vaughan/Vaughn m. Foushee Pettit, Culpeper Co., Apr. 19, 1800.  Married by Rev. Lewis Conner, Baptist. [69, 112]

Fanny Vaughan/Vaughn m. Francis Kington, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 24, 1811.  B/M: Nicholas Harmon. Fanny is d/o Mary Harmon, who consents. Married by Rev. William Blair.. [107]

Fielding Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances Rives, Greensville Co., Sept. 20, 1787. Fielding was s/o Thomas & Dorothy (Jones) Vaughan of Prince George and Sussex Cos. [Query from Marion Douthitt, Memphis, Tenn.]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Prosiss, Granville, N. C., June 6, 1757.  B/M: Daniel Pegram. [Frances was the d/o of George of Hanover and Amelia Cos., Va. as proved by Amelia Co. deed records.]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. John McFarquhar, Dinwiddie Co., in 1787. [29]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hutson Nipper, Mecklenburg Co., Nov. 16, 1792. B/M: Ambrose Vaughan. Married by Rev. John Loyd [102] [Frances was d/o Richard Vaughn whose will was recorded in Wilson Co., Tn. in 1823. He mentioned daus. Clory Britton, Franky Nipper, Rhody Nipper, and Susannah.]

Frances A. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frederick Jones, Amelia Co., Apr. 24, 1800. B/M: Ben Overstreet. Frances writes her own consent. [104]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. George Ingrum, Caroline Co., Nov. 17, 1802 [69]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anderson Chaffin, Charlotte Co., Mar. 4, 1805.  B/M: William Vaughan, f/o Frances; Anderson is s/o Joseph Chaffin. [108]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Young Sussex Co., Mar. 7, 1816 [69]

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. (?John) Wells, possibly in Prince Edward Co. She was the d/o Thomas Vaughan who went to Caswell Co., N. C. from Prince Edward Co., Va., and her marriage to WELLS is proved by Thomas's will in Caswell County.

Frances Vaughan/Vaughn m. Wesley Seymour, possibly in Laurens Co., S. C. [Frances (b 1799, Laurens Co., S. C.; d. 1854, Montgomery Co . , III.), was d/o Claiborne and Mary (Ferguson) Vaughan] [101]

Francis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Magdeline Walker, Amelia Co., Nov. 27, 1794.  B/M: James Craddock. Consent of Magdeline's guardian, James Vaughan, Jr. Wits: Claiborn Anderson & John Booth. [104] [Francis was s/o James Vaughan & Nancy Hill.]

Francis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Rice, widow, Charlotte Co., Oct. 3, 1806.  B/M: Thomas Johns. Ann was wid/o John Rice. Married by Rev. John Chappell. [108]  This groom was the son, Francis, mentioned in the will of Zedekiah Vaughan in Charlotte Co. Va, WB 7:136.

Frankey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Moses Palmer, Halifax Co., Nov. 15, 1798.  B/M: John T. Palmer. Frankey was d/o Drewry. [See Drury Vaughan and Eliza Barksdale, above.]

Frederick Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Boleware, Halifax Co., Feb. 5, 1781.  B/M: Jesse Nichols. Nancy was d/o Sark & Nancy Boleware.

Given Name beginning with "G"

Gabriel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Pyrtle, Henry Co., Aug. 16, 1802 [69]

Gartney Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elijah Guthery, Halifax Co., Feb. 7, 1822.
B/M: John Clay [105] [Gartney was d/o Drury and Sarah (Johns) Vaughan, proven by Pittsylvania DB 26:46]

Geary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lydia ________. [War of 1812 pension]

George Vaughan/Vaughn m. Agnes ________, before May 4, 1754, possibly in Brunswick County. [Brunswick DB 3:499]

George Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________, before Jan. 29, 1766, probably in Hanover Co. He died in Amelia, but deed records there show that he came there from Hanover County. (Amelia DB 8:228) [17]

George Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sucky Loving, spinster, Amherst Co., Dec. 24, 1795.  B/M: George Woody. Consent of Betty Loving. Married by Rev. William Crawford.  [114] [Newsletter VII:1:31, Mary Osweiler Powers sent FGS which says this George was s/o Wm. Vaughan and Jennet (?)Riddle, citing First Families of America.]

George Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Hardwick, Lunenburg Co., Oct. 13, 1803 [69]  Possibly is the same as: George Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________ before Mar. 3, 1806, possibly in Lunenburg County. [Lunenburg WB 6:159]

George Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henritta Turner, Pittsylvania Co., Nov. 15, 1822.  B/M: Thomas T. Vaughan. Henritta signs her own consent. Married by Rev. Shadrack Mustain. [107]

George Vaughan/Vaughn, Jr. m. Mary Clough Edmunds, before Jan. 14, 1834, possibly in Nelson or Amherst Co. [Will of Rowland Edmunds in Nelson Co. WB E:21 mentions "son-in- law George Vaughan, Jr. and his wife, my daughter, Polly Clough Vaughan. Virkus, Vol. 2, p. 241 & 4:640, says this George was s/o Geo. Vaughan (s/o Wm. Vaughan &
Ginetta Riddle, d/o Thos. Riddle) and Susan Loving.]

Griffin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Matthews, Charlotte Co., Aug. 2, 1809.  B/M: William Matthews. Married by Rev. Joseph Jenkins. [108]

Given Name beginning with "H"

Hannah Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Sharpe, before May 13, 1769, possibly in Southampton Co. She was d/o William Vaughan. [62]

Hannah Vaughan m. _______ Wilcox, before Dec. 6, 1770, probably in Charles City Co.  She was d/o Rabley Vaughan [41]

Hannah Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Comley, before 1778, possibly in Yohogania Co.  Hannah (1756-1810), was d/o Abraham & Edith (Gist) Vaughan, q.v.

Hannah Pines Vaughan m. Jairus Vaughan, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 3, 1796.  She was d/o Reuben & Elizabeth (Ingram) Vaughan, and Jairus was s/o Richard Vaughan. [695 875 102]

Hannah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Peterson, Brunswick Co., Dec. 20, 1805.  B/M: James Vaughan. Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist. [111]

Hannah R. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Silas Johnson, Richmond City, Mar. 4, 1820  [69]

Harriet Byron Vaughan m. Leroy Cooper, Culpeper Co., in 1808. She was d/o Almond Vaughan and Joanna Harris. [71, 112, 355 ]

Harriott Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Simpson, probably in Laurens, S. C. She was d/o Claiborne and Mary (Ferguson) Vaughan [101]

Harrod Vaughan/Vaughn m. Dicy McKenney, Brunswick Co., Dec. 21, 1785.  B/M: John (?)Dunkley. Married by Rev. Thomas Lundia, who says "Herod Vaughan." [111]

Hartwell Vaughan m. Nancy Tucker, probably in Dinwiddie Co. Hartwell (b. Dinwiddie Co.;  d. Marshall Co., Miss., ca 1865) was s/o Absalom Vaughan.  Joseph Vaughan, s/o Hartwell and Nancy, settled in Conway Co., Ark. [43] and [Goodspeed's for Conway County, Arkansas]

Hartwell Freeman Vaughan m. Elizabeth Walker. He was born in 1792 and died in 1864. He was s/o Dixon Vaughan and Susanna (?)Freeman.
[Newsletter IV:52, V:25] [There was a man named Hartwell FREEMAN who lived in Mecklenburg Co., Va] Hartwell F. and Elizabeth (Walker) Vaughan had a daughter, Catherine Vaughan (born in Maury Co., Tn.; d. 1857, White Co., Illinois) who m., 1835, Dr. Pleasant J. Puckett, son of Edward Puckett and Rebecca Westmoreland. ["ANSEARCHIN" NEWS, Vol. 40, No. 4, Winter
1993, "Tenneseans in Illinois" abstracted from the HISTORY OF WHITE COUNTY, ILLINOIS.

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth ________, before Dec. 29, 1750, probably in Bristol Parish. [23]

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joannah ________, before May 7, 1755, possibly in Amelia Co. [16]

Henry Vaughan possibly m. a d/o John Thomas, before Apr. 9, 1763, in
Southampton Co. In his will (Southampton WB 2:304) of 4/9/1763, John
Thomas made bequests to James, Henry, Thomas, and Mary Briggs
Vaughan, ch/o Henry Vaughan. The name "Briggs" suggests that Henry Vaughan, the f/o these children, was the Henry Vaughan who was the grson/o Charles Briggs of Surry Co., Va.

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lydia Vick, Southampton Co., Mar. 8, 1787. Lydia was d/o Mathew Vick, Sr. [Southampton marriage records & Mathew Vick's will in Southampton WB 4:284]

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Fanny ________, before May 10, 1790, possibly in Henry Co. [Henry DB 4:143]

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rhoda Edwards, Southampton Co., Feb. 20, 1792 [69]

Henry G. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy 0. Wade, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 3, 1803. B/M: William Wade. Married by Rev. William Richards [102]

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Edwards, Southampton Co., July 13, 1806 [69]

Henry M. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Jane Vaughan, Amelia Co., Aug. 24, 1824.  B/M: John R. Vaughan [104]

Henry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Salley Jones, Culpeper Co., Dec. 22, 1825 [69]

Herrod Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Vaughan, Brunswick Co., Mar. 14, 1820.  B/M: John H. Vaughan. Sarah was d/o John H. Vaughan and Rebecca Drake. Herrod & Sarah migrated to Bedford Co., Tenn. [William R. Vaughn of St. Louis in Newsletter VI:1:26]

Hundley Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth ________, before Feb. 8, 1782, possibly in Caroline, Halifax or Pittsylvania County. [Pitts. DB 6:238 and 6:341]

Given Name beginning with "I"

Ingram Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Lewis, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 20, 1785. B/M: William Baskerville. Consent of Ann's brother/guardian, Edward Lewis.  [102] Ingram was s/o Reuben Vaughan & Elizabeth Ingram. [One Ingram Vaughan, probably this one, was a RW Sol, born Dec. 4, 1758 in Mecklenburg Co., Va.; living, 1834, Marengo Co., Ala.] [87]

Irby Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lettice Wilkins, Halifax Co., Jan. 22, 1821.
B/M: James H. Wilkins. Married by Rev. John Holt. [105]

Isham Vaughan/Vaughn m. Temperance ________, before Mar. 3. 1733, probably in Bristol Parish.

Ishmael Vaughan/Vaughn m. Caty Roberts, Mecklenburg Co., Oct. 24, 1797.  B/M: William Roberts [102]

Given Name beginning with "J"

Ja. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Harris, Goochland Co., Jan. 20, 1777 [45]

Jack Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Haskins, Prince Edward Co., May 7, 1810  [69]

Jack Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Ligon, Prince Edward Co., Nov. 24, 1812

Jairus Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hannah Pines Vaughan, Mecklenburg Co.,
Aug. 3, 1796. Jairus was s/o Richard Vaughan and Hannah was d/o Reuben Vaughan and Elizabeth Ingram. Jarius's will proved in Franklin Co., Ga. 1829; Franklin WB A:13-14. [695 879 102]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann ________, before Apr. 1719, perhaps in Prince George Co.  [Pr. Geo. OB 1714-1720] He died 1735- 1736 in Brunswick Co., Va.

James Vaughan (b. Mar. 15, 1799, Prince Edward Co.; d. Dec. 23, 1874,
Washington Co., Tn.) m. Martha Rader, b. ca 1812 in Ten. [Query from Olive Vaughan Sanderson of Ft. Worth in GENEALOGICAL HELPER Sept. 1971]

James Vaughan/Vaughn Mary ________, before June 7, 1721, perhaps in Surry Co. Mary was d/o Margarett Harris, proved by her wilt in Surry Co.  [WB 7:366]

James Vaughan/Vaughn Margaret Moreland, before Aug. 16, 1721, perhaps in Surry Co. Margaret was widow of Bartlett Moreland [Surry DB 7]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ruth ________. He died in Lunenburg Co. ca 1750

James Amelia Brumfield Goochland Feb. 27, 1757 [113]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. (1) Ann Hill, before Feb. 25, 1765, probably in Amelia Co.  [This James m. (2) Lucy Jeter, and (3) Mary Jackson. Ann Hill was the d/o James Hill, proved by his will in Amelia Co., Va., plus James Vaughan's will in Amelia Co. WB 7:15.]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Phebe Crocker, Southampton Co., Oct. 11, 1770.  Phebe was d/o Sarah Crocker [Southampton marriage records and will of Sarah Crocker in Southampton WB 3:348]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Moore, Sussex Co., Dec. 20, 1781. I believe this groom was Col. James Vaughan who died in Granville Co., N. C. in 1816 and that the bride, Ann Moore, was nee' Ann Lanier, daughter of Sampson and Elizabeth (Washington) Lanier, and widow of William Moore.

James Vaughan/Vaughn, Jr. m. Judith Hopkins, Goochland Co., Feb. 26, 1783.  B/M: John Hopkins. Married by Rev, William Douglas. [45]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Jeter, before Mar. 14, 1783, Amelia Co.
Lucy was d/o Thomas Jeter and was James's 2nd of three known wives.
He married first, Ann Hill and last Mary Jackson. He died in Amelia ca
1801-1803. [26, 58 & Lunenburg DB 13:530]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Malone, Brunswick Co., Oct. 27, 178-.  B/M: Howard Bailey. [111] [Mary was d/o George & Sarah (Bass) Malone.  Howard Bailey m. Elizabeth Vaughan in Mecklenburg in 1783.]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Legrand, Halifax Co., Dec. 15, 1785.
B/M: John Williams. Wit: William P. Martin. Married by Rev. Thomas

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Dabbs, Charlotte Co., Oct. 5, 1789.
B/M: John Foster. Married by Rev, Thomas Johnston. [108] [James was s/o James Vaughan. Sarah was d/o Richard Dabbs.]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Mason, Prince Edward Co., Sept. 20, 1790.  B/M: William Hawkins [69] James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances Jackson,  Amelia Co., Oct. 1791. B/M: Richard Clough. Francis Jackson consents for his daughter. Wits. to consent: Chas. Craddock and Standley Chaffin. [104]  [James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Jackson, Amelia Co. [illegible date].  Evidence found concerning this James made it seem very likely that he had married a _Mary_ Jackson. I wrote and asked for a record of James Vaughan marrying Mary Jackson and all I was sent was her father's consent, which reads: "This is to certify that Mr. James Vaughan Hath my approbation to
Marry my daughter Mary. Witness my hand Francis Jackson, 26th [month illegible and year illegible on my copy]. Test: Chas. Craddock, Standley Chaffin." I do not know if Frances and Mary were the same person, but I do know that throughout her married life with James Vaughan, and during her many years as his widow, she was never found to have been called Frances. mg.]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Clough, Amelia Co., Dec. 29, 1791.
B/M: Richard Clough [104]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Legg, Amelia Co., July 28, 1792.
B/M: John Morris [104] James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betty Cowling, Isle of Wight, Nov. 7, 1796 [69]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Judy Spain, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 19, 1797.  B/M: Sterling Spain. Judy is d/o Thomas Spain. Married by Rev. William Richards. [102]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Catherine Moody. She was d/o RW Sol. James Moody who d. intestate in Matthews Co,, Va., before 1840. [72]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Julia Parker, Gates, N, C. , Jan. 22, 1798.
B/M: Joseph Brady. James Vaughan is of Nansemond Co., Va. [Perhaps James is related to William of Nansemond who married Ann Ballentine in Gates County 10/11/98. mg]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally ________, before Sept. 30, 1801, perhaps in Halifax Co. This may be James and Sarah (Legrand) Vaughan.

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susanna Harris, Mecklenburg Co., June 11, 1802.  B/M: Richard Jeffries. Married by Rev. William Richards. [102]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henrietta Malone, Caswell, N. C., Dec. 1803. James was s/o Thomas who went to Caswell Co. from Prince Edward Co.. Va. Thomas's will mentions "daughter-in-law Ritter Vaughan widow of James Vaughan and her three daughters." [74]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Bass, Brunswick Co., Mar. 26, 1804.
B/M: Benjamin Bass. Married by Rev. Hubbard Saunders. [111] [This could be James (65 Va.) with wife Mary (62, Va.) in Limestone Co., Ala. in 1850]  [102]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Pope, Goochland Co., Dec. 12, 1804.
B/M: Thomas Pope. Married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin. [113]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Hatchett, Charlotte Co., Apr. 2, 1806. B/M: Thomas Hatchett, f/o Nancy. Married by Rev. Richard Dabbs, Jr. [108]  James was b. ca 1780 in Mecklenburg Co., Va. and d. in 1869 in (?Christian Co.), Mo. Nancy (d. Mo. 1876) was d/o Thos, Hatchett. James & Nancy lived in Rutherford Co., Tenn. before going to Mo.

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jincey Clement, Charlotte Co., Nov. 28, 1804.  B/M: William Vaughan, f/o James. Jincey is d/o Jane Elmore. [108]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susan Garrett, widow of Humphrey Garrett, Brunswick Co., Jan. 3, 1807. B/M: Henry Sadler. Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist. [111 and Brunswick Co. DB 20:65 (for marriage contract). [Henry Sadler married Polly Vaughan in 1807, and he married Elizabeth Vaughan in 1812.

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Crow, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 26, 1808.  B/M: William Crow [102]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane H. Craddock, Amelia Co., Feb. 22, 1810.  B/M: Robert Vaughan, who is also Jane's guardian. Married by Rev. John Pollard, Sr. [104] [James d. Nottoway Co., Va. ca 1833. He was s/o Robert Vaughan & Elsie Motley,] [77, 104 & Nottoway Co. WB 6:408]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susanna Vaughan, Brunswick Co., July 22, 1811.

James R. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne Forlines, Powhatan Co., Mar. 28, 1814.  Anne was d/o William Forlines who was surety. [103]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Ladd, Charles City Co., Aug. 6, 1816. James was s/o Wm. Shields Vaughan & Hannah Crew; Mary was d/o John & Unity Ladd.

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Grace Bagnall, Norfolk Co., Oct. 2, 1817 [69]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susan H. Vaughan, Princess Anne Co., Oct. 12, 1821. [69]

James Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Swinney, Halifax Co., Dec. 3, 1823.
B/M: Silas Carr and William Guthery [105]

James A. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Ann Vaughan, Amelia Co., Mar. 11, 1825. B/M: Nath'I, M, Mottley [104]

James H. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lutricia Holder, Feb. 23, 1828, Surry Co., N. C. James H. (b Halifax Co., Va. 1806) was s/o Jourdan Vaughan, and Lutricia (b 1808), d/o Spencer Holder

Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. Daniel Stone, Norfolk Co., June 20, 1739 [69]

Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Gosney. Jane was an heir at law of RW Sol.  John Vaughan. She and Henry Gosney lived in Adams Co., Miss. [72] This Jane may or may not be the same as: Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Pemberton. This Jane was also heir at law of the same RW Sol . John Vaughan of Va. who died in Shelby Co, . Ky,

Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Doring, Fairfax Co., Jan. 1, 1793 [116]

Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Dickins, Mecklenburg Co., May 25, 1801. B/M: John Wilson. Jane was d./o RW Patriot Thomas Vaughan.] [525 102]

Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. Barnett Lester, Lunenburg Co., Oct. 16, 1816 [69]

Jane Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peter Vaughan, Mecklenburg Co., Apr. 10, 1821.  B/M: Atha Gregory. Married by Rev. Pleasant Gold. [102] Jane was d/o S. C. Vaughan. [Is that Spencer C. Vaughan? And is Spencer C. Vaughan same as Spencer Crawford Vaughan found in Orange Co., N. C. records?]

Jediah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Thompson, Pittsylvania Co., May 18, 1818. B/M: Allen Chapman. Elizabeth is d/o C. Thompson. [105]

Jenny/Janny Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Dooley, Bedford Co., Mar. 14, 1794. B/M: William Stone. [69, 73]

Jeremiah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Steagall, Brunswick Co., Sept. 21, 1791. B/M: Thomas Steagall, f/o Martha. Married by Rev. John King, Baptist. [111]  [This may be Jeremiah, s/o Reuben & Elizabeth (Ingram) Vaughan, which Jeremiah is known to have had a wife named Martha, mg]

Jeremiah Vaughan/Vaughn m. May Green, Culpeper Co., Dec. 1808. Married by Rev. Absalom Kinsey. [112]

Jerusha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Farris, before Dec. 30, 1786, possibly in Pittsylvania Co. Jerusha was d/o Thomas Vaughan [13]

Jesse Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ________. He applied for RW pension from Dinwiddie Co. in 1819, but later lived in Brunswick Co., Va. He died "about 1836 or 1838 leaving two children..." In 1821 his wife, Sarah, was 53, and daughter, Patience, was 18.] [71] He served as a sergeant in the Va, State Line. He wrote his will in Brunswick Co., Va. Apr. 4, 1837 and it was proved Nov. 1844. He left two children: John M. Vaughan and Patience (Vaughan) Avery. [72]

Jesse Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Byrd, Montgomery Co., Dec. 6, 1787.  Jesse was son of William & Mary Vaughan. [56]

Jesse Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsy Woodall, Halifax Co., Jan. 7, 1809.
B/M: John Wade. Married by Rev. Thomas Dobson, Jr. [105]

Jesse Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betsey Nelson, before Dec. 1, 1825, possibly in Nottoway Co. Betsey was the granddaughter of Uriah Lipscomb. [55]
[See John Vaughan - Betsy Nelson.]

Joel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Paine, Southampton Co., May 8, 1794 [116]  Probably is the same as: Joel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Pane, Sussex Co., June 12, 1794. Married by Rev, William Brown, [From MARRIAGES OF SUSSEX COUNTY, VIRGINIA by C. L. Knorr]

Joel Vaughan/Vaughn, Jr. m. Mary Couts, before 1814.
[Newsletter VII:1:7]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Poindexter, New Kent Co., Nov. 5, 1686  [10]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elinor ________, before Feb. 23, 1721, Bristol Parish  [23]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Barnes, Goochland Co., Feb. 3, 1754

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Stanley, widow, Amelia Co., May 25, 1757. B/M: Daniel Murray. Elizabeth writes her own consent. Wit. to consent: Caleb Perkinson and Windy Waller. [104] [On a computer bulletin board, October 23, 1995, Scott Ferrel ( posted a query in which he stated that Dancy Stanley married, ca 1741, Elizabeth Wright of Isle of Wight County, who married 2nd, John Vaughan of Amelia.] [I have a theory that this John was the son of Thomas & Elizabeth; that he went to live in Charlotte Co., Va., and that he may have been the John who died there by Sept. 1786 leaving minor orphans named James (prob. b. ca 1770), John (b. a. 1777), Nancy (b. ca 1774) and Biddy (b. ca 1775), I think it was this James, s/o John, who m. Sarah Dabbs, d/o Richard Dabbs, with surety, James Foster.]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane Worsham, widow, Amelia Co., Nov. 21, 1759.  B/M: Thomas Bottom [104] [She was d/o Thomas Bottom, proved by his Amelia Count will]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Featherstone, before Aug. 22, 1767, probably in Amelia County. Lucy was d/o William Featherstone. [Am DB & 20:106]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth, before Nov. 1, 1769, probably in Amelia Co. This may be John who married Elizabeth Stanley. [Charlotte Co. DB 2:409]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ________, before Mr. 25, 1771, possibly in Charlotte Co. [John went to Pittsylvania from Charlotte Co.]  [Pittsylvania DB 2:142]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Looney, Caroline Co., Aug. 16, 1783.  John was s/o Martin and Eleanor (Lea) Vaughan. John & Elizabeth (Looney) Vaughan migrated to Woodford Co., Ky., where he died in 1821, and she died in 1821 or 1823.] [69]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Williams, Amelia Co., Feb. 8, 1786. B/M: Philip Williams, Jr. Martha is d/o Philip William, Sr., who consents. Wits. to consent: Abraham Forrest and Philip Williams, Jr. [104] [This John is said to have died in Amelia Co., Va. by May 2, 1806 (Am WB 8:39, 241)]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Gowin, Henrico Co., Jan. 29, 1787 [69]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Goyne, Henrico Co., Jan. 29, 1787 [116]

John S. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne Stanfield, Halifax Co., Feb. 15, 1787.
B/M: George Wiley. [Anne was the d/o Marmaduke Stanfield.]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Walker, Amelia Co., Feb. 20, 1790.
B/M: Patrick Vaughan. Consent is witnessed by Wm. Gill & Thos. Smith.  [104]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Amelia Jones, before Sept. 27, 1791, possibly in Mecklenburg Co. Amelia was d/o John Jones. [75, 76]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betsy Nelson, Prince Edward Co., Feb. 9, 1792.  Betsy is d/o Henry Nelson. [69] See Jesse Vaughan and Betsy Nelson,]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Callicott, Halifax Co. (?)Oct. 5, 1792
[John was an RW soldier and Nancy's pension application has a great deal  of family information, They settled in Hawkins Co., Tenn.]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betty Mullins, Charlotte Co., June 9, 1794.
B/M: William Mullins [108]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Arthur, Bedford Co., Dec. 13, 1797.
B/M: Daniel Lawhorn [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Burfoot, possibly in Dinwiddie Co. John was  bro/o Claiborne Vaughan and Mary was sis/o Maj. Thomas Burfoot. [72]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betsey Martin, Caroline Co., Sept. 16, 1800 [37]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Margaret Edrington, after 1800, in Kentucky. He was s/o Nicholas Vaughan and Elizabeth Williams of Amelia Co., Va. [20]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Hayes, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 13, 1802.  B/M: Starkey Hayes. Married by Balaam Ezell. [102]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jerusha (?)Fowlkes, before May 9, 1800, probably in Nottoway Co. Evidence suggests that this John was the s/o Thomas Vaughan who went from Prince Edward Co. Co,, Va, to Caswell Co., N. C. Jerusha was the heir of Joseph Fowlkes, and
he may have been her father, but that is not clear from the record I have seen. This John Vaughan died in Caswell Co., N. C. ca 1803. [55, 74 & Lunenburg Co. DB 19:196]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Chloe Hubbard, Lancaster Co., Apr. 1, 1806

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Childress, Goochland Co., Dec. 8, 1806.
B/M: William Hughes [113]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Powers, Henrico Co., Aug. 27, 1806

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peggy Tobin, Culpeper Co., Dec. 17, 1807. Married by Rev. Lewis Conner, Baptist. [112]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Thompson, Lunenburg Co., Nov. 1, 1808 or 1809

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Bentley, Brunswick Co., May 9, 1810. Married by Rev. Peter Wynne. [111]

John B. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lovey Bonney, Princess Anne Co., Feb. 7. 1811 [69]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly P. Fowkes, Prince Edward Co., July 27, 1812

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Barker, Henrico Co., Feb. 18, 1817

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Cobb, Southampton Co., Jan. 4. 1821

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Hardin, Richmond City, Nov. 1. 1821 [69]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Wortham, Mecklenburg Co., Apr. 29, 1823.  B/M: Pleasant Gold. Married by Rev. Pleasant Gold. [102]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Isabella Griffin, Halifax Co., May 8. 1823.
B/M: Lewis Griffin. Married by Rev. Pleasant Gold who says Elizabeth. [105]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Louisa Spain, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 25, 1823.  B/M: Royall Spain. Married by Rev. William Richards. [102]

John Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ruth ________. Information from War of 1812 pension application. [71]

John High Vaughan Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca Drake, Brunswick Co.,  Jan. 10, 1804. B/M: Thomas Drake. Married by Rev. Hubbard Saunders.  [111]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Payne, before May 9, 1770, Goochland Co.  [45]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth (?)Mitchell, perhaps ca 1775 in Virginia. Settled in Stokes Co., N. C. by 1786. [Query in Newsletter V:3:55]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Turner, Orange Co., Aug. 23, 1798 69]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Akers, Franklin Co., July 11, 1808 [69]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Eliza Deane, Orange Co., Dec. 28, 1817 [69]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henrietta Rochet Michaux, Cumberland Co.  Henrietta was d/o Joseph Michaux and Judith Woodson. This Joseph Michaux was the brother of Jacob Michaux, first husband of Sally (Neville) whose second husband was Edmund H. Vaughan.]

Joseph Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy ________, who received a pension for her husband's War of 1812 service. [71]

Joshua Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ______ before Jan. 22, 1746, in Bristol Parish. [23]

Josiah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Prudence Clark, Charlotte Co., Aug. 31, 1812. B/M: John Clark. Prudence is d/o Elijah Clark. [108] [This groom might have been the son of that name mentioned in the will of Zedekiah Vaughan, Charlotte Co., Va. WB 7:136. He may also be the Josiah whose 1852 will is recorded in Charlotte Co. WB 10:169, but if so, then he married a second time, for his wife named in the will was Frances.]

Julia Vaughan/Vaughn m. Haley Dunnivant, Brunswick Co., Mar. 9, 1822 [33] Julia was d/o James Vaughan.

Given Name beginning with "K"

Karen Vaughan/Vaughn m. David Blalock, Brunswick Co., May 22, 1786. B/M: James Vaughan

Keziah Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Rudasilla, perhaps in Culpeper Co.
[Newsletter VII:2:57]

Kitty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Andrew Kean, Goochland Co., Sept. 15, 1800. B/M: William Miller. Married by Rev. Charles Hopkins. [113]

Given Name beginning with "L"

Labitha Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Harkum, Southampton Co., Oct. 19, 1786

Lettice Vaughan/Vaughn m. Stephen Board, Bedford Co., Mar. 24, 1800. B/M: William Terry [Newsletter VII:2:73] Perhaps she was d/o Nicholas Vaughan & Elizabeth Williams of Amelia Co., since their son, John, is stated to have " been brought to Kentucky by Stephen Board." [205 72]

Lewis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Winifred ________, before Jan. 26, 1758, perhaps in Amelia Co. [Am DB 6:191] [This may be the Winefred Vaughan, widow, who married Richard Allen in Amelia County, July 30, 1779.]

Lewis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Lee, Caroline Co., Oct. 23, 1787 [37]

Lewis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Davenport, Amelia Co., Mar. 26, 1788.
B/M: Burwell Featherston. Sally writes her own consent, Wit. to consent: Geo. Davenport and Susanner Featherston. Married by Rev. Charles Anderson. [104]

Lewis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Willson, Caswell, N. C. , Aug. 1, 1801 [21, 74] A deed in Caswell DB J:35 shows Lewis went to Caswell from Nottoway Co. Co., Va. [Sources: Will of James Willson. Will of Thomas Vaughan, Caswell marriage record.]

Lewis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Childrey, Charlotte Co., Nov. 23, 1801. B/M: Thomas Childrey. Mary is d/o Benjamin Childrey. [108]

Lewiston H. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Allen, Brunswick Co., Dec. 24, 1809.  B/M: Howard Allen. [111] [Is this man's name sometimes read as Livingston H. . or is Livingston a different person?]

Ligon Vaughan/Vaughn m. Dicea Calicot, Charlotte Co., Jan. 5, 1789. B/M: Gabriel Sibley. Dicea is d/o Beverley Calicot. Married by Rev. John Williams. [108] [Ligon Vaughan died and she married William Ford, with John Ainsworth as bondsman. Married by Rev. Edward Almond.] [108]

Lily or Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Coleman Pitts, Caroline Co., Feb. 3, 1798 [37]

Littleberry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Juliana Brown, Henrico Co., May 22, 1774 [45]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. William R. Taylor, before May 13, 1769, perhaps in Southampton Co. She was d/o William & Sarah (Westbrook) Vaughan. [Newsletter Vol. ?] Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ East, before Sept. 4, 1777, perhaps in Halifax Co. She was d/o William Vaughan; proven by his will. [12]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. (?)Mark Harwell, before June 14, 1788, perhaps in Sussex Co. She was d/o Thomas Vaughan. [63 & Sussex WB F:175-176]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hiram Parks, Caswell, N. C., Jan. 2, 1799. Lucy was d/o Thomas who went to Caswell from Prince Edward Co.. [74 - Thomas Vaughan's will]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peter Ponton, Amelia Co., May 29, 1800. Lucy writes her own consent witnessed by Ben Overstreet who was also surety.

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Harrison Owen, Culpeper Co., Aug. 15, 1805. Married by Rev. Frederick Kabler [112]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Jones, Halifax Co., Jan. 28, 1811.
B/M: Stephen Vaughan [105]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nathan Dowell, Orange Co., Apr. 29, 1819   [69]

Lucy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Turner Saunders, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 20, 1820. B/M: George Saunders. Lucy was d/o W. Vaughan. [102]

Lystra Baughan/Vaughan m. Margaret ________, perhaps in Lunenburg Co. Lystra was dead by 1838. He was s/o Mordecai Baughan [Newsletter IV:53]

Given Name beginning with "M"

Maachah Vaughan/Vaughn m. ________ Dunaway, before Sept. 4, 1777, perhaps in Halifax Co. She was d/o William Vaughan; proved by his will. [12]

Margaret Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Jeter, probably ca 1741 in Caroline County. She was d/o Cornelius & Elizabeth Vaughan; William was s/o John Jeter of Caroline and Amelia Cos., Va. John and Margaret (Vaughan) Jeter settled in Edgefield Co., S. C. where
his will shows that their daughter "Partheny" married a VAUGHAN. Other evidence suggests that Partheny's husband was Craddock Vaughan.

Maria Vaughan/Vaughn m. Solomon Searle, Richmond City, Henrico Co., Aug. 25, 1817 [69]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______Wall, before Jan. 14, 1748/9, perhaps in Brunswick Co. She was d/o Richard Vaughan.

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. ________, before Dec. 6, 1770, in Charles City Co. She was d/o Rabley Vaughan. [41]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Charles Lock of Brunswick Co., in Sussex Co., Feb. 2, 1778. She was d/o Thomas Vaughan. Surety: James Lock [63, 73]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Cook, Amelia Co., Dec. 23, 1784. Martha is d/o Robert, who consents. Wits. to consent: Joel Mottley, James Cook, and Philip Williams, Jr. [104] [Martha's mother was Elsie Motley.] [59, 77]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sterling Hood, Mecklenburg Co., July 11, 1785. B/M: George Barnes. Sterling is s/o Robert Hood. [102]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Hiler or Miles, Pittsylvania Co., Aug. 25, 1785 [69]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Blackwell, Prince George or Dinwiddie Co. May 26, 1792 [69]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Jackson, Middlesex Co., Jan. 22, 1791 or 1798 [33]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Ingram, Mecklenburg Co. , Sept. 25, 1792.  B/M: William Green. Married by Rev. William Creath. [102]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Brown, perhaps in 1798 in Mecklenburg County. She was the daughter of RW Patriot Thomas Vaughan.

Martha Vaughan/Vaughan, 21, m. Stephen Carnel, Powhatan Co., Jan. 31, 1799.  B/M: Bartlett Sizer. Wit: Samuel Sizer. [103]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Beadles, perhaps in Pittsylvania Co. [3]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lewis Beadles, Charlotte Co., Dec. 6. 1802.  B/M: George W. Baldwin; consent of Nicholas Vaughan. [108] [It seems likely to me that these two marriages of a Martha Vaughan to a BEADLES refer to the same person. So far as I have been able to learn, the statement that Martha Vaughan married John Beadles was made many years ago by a descendant who put it in a request for pension records to the National Archives; I have found no other evidence to support it.] [George W. Baldwin, the bondsman here, is probably the man of that name who m. Elizabeth, d/o of Nicholas Vaughan, so this bride, Martha, might also have been d/o Nicholas. This
Nicholas is almost surely the Nicholas who married Elizabeth Williams.]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Josiah Nolly, Brunswick Co., Mar. 21, 1804.  Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist. [111] [Josiah Nolly was bondsman when Micajah Vaughan m. Dicy (Wesson) Walker in Brunswick Co. in 1816.]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Wortham, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 30, 1821. B/M: William E. Wortham. Martha is d/o Wyatt and Maggie Vaughan. Married by Rev. Pleasant Gold. [102]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Rachel, Brunswick Co., Dec. 16, 1822 [73]

Martha Vaughan (b. Amelia 1751) m. John Alexander Pryor, Sr. (b. Amelia 1750. [Query from Robert H. Pryor of Kalamazoo, MI, in GENEALOGICAL HELPER Sept. 1971]

Martha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Charles Angel, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 17, 1825.  B/M: Emanuel Wayne. Martha signs her own consent. Married by Rev. Eben Angel. [107]

Martha M. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Augustine Coppage, perhaps in Culpeper Co. She was d/o Almond Vaughan and Joanna Harris. [35]

Martha Martin Vaughan m. Philip A. or Philip Russell Rice of King William Co., Va., in Goochland Co., Jan. 28, 1789. [46, 57, 113 & Goochland Co. DB 15:286 and Marriage Register p. 394]

Martin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Eleanor Lea, before July 14, 1766, perhaps in Louisa Co. Martin (d. 1761-1766) was s/o Cornelius Vaughan, Sr. and Elizabeth. Eleanor was d/o Francis Lea whose Louisa Co. will of 7/14/66 mentions his daughter "Eleanor Relict of Martin Vaun"] [78 through 85]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Bourn, New Kent Co., in 1711

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Morris, New Kent Co., ca 1730

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Mackdanill, before May 12, 1735. Mary was the d/o James Vaughan/Vaughn/Voughn of Brunswick Co. [4]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Nance, before Dec. 1, 1759, perhaps in New Kent Co. She was the d/o Timothy Vaughan. [54]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ptolemy Perrin, perhaps in Gloucester County

Mary Vaughan m. Elisha Faris, Charlotte Co., Apr. 1, 1765. B/M: John Vaughan. Mary is d/o Thomas Vaughan. [108] [Thomas, father of this bride, is the Thomas who died in Pittsylvania County. mg] [THE VIRGINIA GENEALOGIST, Vol. 25, No. 2, Apr.-June 1981, in the continuing series, "British Mercantile Claims" (Reports made in the early 19th century by persons trying to collect debts owed by Americans to British merchants. These debts were contracted before the RW.) "Elisha Fariss. 12 lbs., 9 sh., 6 pence, bond, Dec 1773, Halifax Co. store. He was killed by the Indians on Clinch River. His family now reside in Kentucky, perhaps in Lincoln County, and are probably able to pay."]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Haines, before Jan. 29, 1766, probably in Hanover Co. She was the d/o George Vaughan who made his will in Amelia Co. on Jan. 29, 1766, but deed records of Amelia County show that he went to Amelia Co. from Hanover Co., Va.

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. (?John) John Nance, before Dec. 6, 1770, in Charles City Co. She was d/o Rabley Vaughan ` [41]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Branch, Southampton Co., Sept. 27, 1771 [69]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Nichols, before Sept. 4, 1777, probably in Halifax Co. She was d/o of William Vaughan and her marriage is proved by his will. [12]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn, widow, m. Seth Purkeson, Charlotte Co., Jan. 1, 1789. B/M: William Wallding. Married by Rev. John Williams. [108]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Philip Rudicilla, Culpeper Co., Dec. 13, 1792. Married by Rev. William Mason, Baptist. [112]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Daniel Thomas, perhaps in Goochland Co. Mary was d/o Matthew Vaughan. [46]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Brooks, Prince Edward Co., Oct. 8, 1795 [69] [Mary was d/o Thomas Vaughan who went from Prince Edward Co. to Caswell Co., N. C.]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Martin, Halifax Co., Jan. 7. 1797 Mary is d/o Thomas Vaughan. [Mary's father's will is recorded in Halifax Co. WB 8:78.]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Isaac Fallis, Shenandoah Co., Oct. 10, 1797 [69]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Martin [This Mary was an heir at law of John Vaughan, RW Sol . of Va. who died in Shelby Co., Ky. She and Samuel Martin lived in Adams Co., Miss.] [71]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Larkin Sandidge [Mary was d/o Martin Vaughan & Elenor Lea. Mary and Larkin settled in Lincoln Co., Ky.]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Wosham [Information from RW pension application of John and Susanna (Vaughan) Arrington, who married in Granville Co., N. C., but lived in Halifax Co. Co., Va. According to the application,Susanna had a sister named Mary
Wosham and a brother named John Vaughan. Another source gives the name of Susanna's father as also being John Vaughan.]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Hill or Hitt, ca 1805, possibly in Culpeper Co. [From: Marilyn Erps in Newsletter V:31. She says they moved to Tuscarawas Co., Ohio]

Mary King Vaughan m. John Clardy, Jr., Halifax Co., May 28, 1810.
B/M: George Douglass. Mary writes her own consent - Wits: George Douglass and Thomas D. Minot. Married by Rev. Charles Lovelace. [105]

Mary Lacy Vaughan m. William Taylor, Charles City Co., Sept. 19, 1811. She was d/o Henry Vaughan. [69 & Newsletter VI:71]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. John A. Fowlkes, Lunenburg Co., Dec. 22, 1812  [69]

Mary C. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Daniel Miller, Goochland Co., Oct. 17, 1816.  B/M: Stephen Crouch. Consent of Anthony Smith, Mary's guardian..  Wit: Rod'k. Payne. Married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin. [113]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Pointer, Halifax Co., Nov. 17, 1817.
B/M: Edwin Vaughan and Samuel Jordan. Mary is d/o James Vaughan.
Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. [105]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mathew Sparks, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 28, 1818  [69]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Adams, Richmond, Henrico Co., Nov. 11, 1820 [69]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alexander Garrett, Pittsylvania Co., Mar. 14, 1821.  B/M: Hilton D. Walker. [106] I also have this as: Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alexander  Garrett, Pittsylvania Co., Feb. 21, 1821. B/M: Hilton D. Walker [Whether Mary or Nancy, this bride may be somehow related to the RW Patriot, Thomas Vaughan, whose
children married into a WALKER family that used the name Hylton, mg]

Mary Vaughan, widow of William Vaughan, m. _______ Weathers, before  Mar. 21, 1822, probably in York County. [64]

Mary Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. George B. Lightfoot, before Mar. 21, 1822, probably in York County. [64] N.B. This bride might not have been a VAUGHAN.  She could have been the d/o William Vaughan's widow, Mary (--------) (Vaughan) Weathers by some husband other than William Vaughan.

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Bell, Henrico or Charles City Co., Dec. 10, 1822 [69]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Davis, Mecklenburg Co., June 8, 1824.  B/M: Edwin Owen. Mary is d/o Drusella Vaughan. Married by Rev. Pleasant Gold. [102] [Most of Drusella's children married in Halifax Co., Va. mg]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Dixon Gardner, Southampton Co., July 3, 1824  [69]

Mary Ann Vaughan/Vaughn m. James A. Vaughan, Amelia Co., Mar. 11, 1825.  B/M: Nath'I. A. Mottley

Mary B. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lewis Thompson, Mecklenburg Co., Mar. 18, 1825.  B/M: David C. Vaughan [102]

Mary Milliner Vaughan m. Richard C. Fortune, Nelson Co., May 31, 1825   [69]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. David Vaughan, Lunenburg Co., Aug. 22, 1825

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Bryan, Halifax Co., Nov. 24, 1825.
B/M: Samuel Lacy. Mary writes her own consent. [105]

Mary Vaughan/Vaughn m. Turner Scoggin, Frederick County

Massie Vaughan/Vaughn m. Isaac Hull, perhaps ca 1776. She was the
dau/o William and Massie Mount Vaughan. Isaac Hull, RW Soldier, was
born in 1753 and died after 1799. Did they live in Mason Co,, Ky.?] [15]

Matilda Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sovereign Jeter, Amelia Co. in 1806. She was d/o James Vaughan and his 2nd wife, Lucy Jeter.

Matthew Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Martin, before, perhaps in Goochland Co. He was born Sept. 13, 1739 in New Kent Co. and died in Goochland County. He was s/o William Vaughan and Elizabeth (?Shields). Mary (living in 1799) was d/o John Martin [73]

Matthew Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy ________. Information from War of 1812 pension application. [71]

Matthew Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Tooms, Halifax Co., Dec. 21, 1825.
B/M: George B. Ewing/Edwing. Wit: George B. Edwing and Gabriel Tooms.  [102] [One Matthew (aged 49, born Va.) with wife Mary (aged 45, born Va.) was in Carroll Co., Tenn. in 1850.]

Maurice/Morris Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca ________, before Dec. 14, 1734,  Bristol Parish. [23]

Metildy Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Moore, Pittsylvania Co., Jan. 2. 1823. B/M: Benjamin Ritcher. Metildy is d/o William and Presiley Vaughan. [107]

Micajah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Delilah McKenney, Brunswick Co., Oct. 10, 1791.  B/M: William McKenney. Married by Rev. Thomas Lundia. [111] [Micajah may be part of the Vaughan group that married into the Sadler family for in Brunswick Co. DB 23:43, Jan. 4, 1815, Micajah Vaughan and Delilah his wife sold land adj. John Sadler's line and Sarah Sadler's line...]

Micajer Vaughan/Vaughn m. Millicent Ferrell, Halifax Co.. Jan. 23, 1809.  B/M: William Ferrell. Millicent signs her own consent witnessed by Henry Ferrell and William Ferrell. Married by Rev. Charles Lovelace [105]

Micajah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Dicy Walker, widow, Brunswick Co. , Sept. 25, 1816.  B/M: Josiah Nolly. Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist. [111] As stated, Dicey was a widow. As Dicey Wesson, aged 21, she married Jesse Walker, on May 23, 1805, in Brunswick Co. Co. B/M: Anderson Wesson. Married by Rev. Hubbard Saunders, Methodist.] [Josiah Nolly married Martha Vaughan in 1804.]

Mike Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances Nazworthy before 1824. Newsletter VI:1:35]

Mildred Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benoni Smith, Charlotte Co., Mar. 5. 1789.  B/M: Thomas Read. Mildred is d/o Abraham. Married by Rev. Thomas Johnston.  [108, 42]

Mildred Vaughan/Vaughn m. David Chandler, Mecklenburg Co., ca June 1801  [Mildred was born ca 1761 and was living, Mecklenburg Co. Co,, Va., in 1856, David, who died ca July 10, 1822, was a RW Soldier of Mecklenburg Co. Co., Va. [48]

Mildred Vaughan/Vaughn m. David Hemphill, Halifax Co., Feb. 7. 1821.
B/M: Bird Moore. Wits: Bird Moore and John Moore. Mildred was d/o John S. Vaughan, who consents. [105]

Milerson Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Overby, before Mar. 4, 1776, perhaps in Mecklenburg Co. She was d/o William Vaughan.
[Mecklenburg Co. DB 4:506]

Milesend Vaughan/Vaughn m. (?Samuel) Bates, before Sept. 1777, probably in Halifax Co. Milesend was d/o William Vaughan, proved by his will.  [12]

Millicent Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Price perhaps in Yohogania Co. Millicent was born ca 1734 and died ca 1787 in Baltimore. She was d/o Abraham Vaughan and Edith Gist, q.v. [Newsletter IV:29; V:19; VI:1:11]

Milton Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca C. Craddock, Amelia Co., Oct. 2, 1811.  B/M: William Leigh. Rebecca gives her own consent. Married by Rev. Zachariah G. Leigh. [104] [Milton was s/o James Vaughan and Lucy Jeter.]

Mitchel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy ________. From War of 1812 Bounty Land File of Nancy, widow of Mitchel. [71]

Molly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Crew, Charles City co., Apr. 4, 1780. Molly was d/o William Shields Vaughan and Hannah Crew. [11]

Molly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Abraham Job, Shenandoah Co., June 25, 1788  [69]

Molly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edward Freeman, Greensville Co., Oct. 27, 1798

Molly Vaughan m. Starkey Hayes, June 16, 1697. Molly was d/o William T. Vaughan and Starkey was son of Winkfield Hayes. [Vaughan List 97-17.  Information from James Vaughan]

Molly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Green, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 2, 1799.  B/M: Stephen Pettypool [102]

Molly Vaughan m. Ambrose Thacker, 1770, Buckingham Co. Ambrose applied for RW pension in Fentress Co., Tn. in 1832, aged 87; he died Fentress Co., Nov. 21, 1835. His widow was pensioned in Fentress Co., in 1838, aged 88. Two sons mentioned in application are Joel and Holeman. Holeman was born Feb. 11, 1782.

Moody Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly Lett, Brunswick Co., July 11, 1800.
B/M: George Vaughan. Wit: James Vaughan. Married by Rev. Hubbard Saunders. [111]

Given Name beginning with "N"

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jacob Jenkins, Bedford Co., Oct. 3, 1785. Nancy was d/o William Vaughan [69 & Newsletter VII:73]

Nancy Nap Vaughan m. Richard Brooks, Halifax Co., Nov. 28, 1789

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edward Haskins, Amelia Co., Nov. 26, 1791.  B/M: James Vaughan [104] [Nancy was d/o James Vaughan & Ann Hill.]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Hayley, Brunswick Co., Dec. 26, 1791.  B/M: Hickerson Grunns. Wit: Miles Williams & John Hailey. Married by Rev. Thomas Lundia. [111]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jeremiah Childress, Charlotte Co., Nov. 5. 1792.  B/M: John Vaughan. Nancy is d/o Abraham & Nannie. Married by Rev. Edward Almond. [108] Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. George Stone, perhaps in Culpeper County. She was d/o RW Pensioner Almond Vaughan. [19, 71]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Bailey Beach, Orange Co., Jan. 12, 1793 [69] [The Virginia Genealogical Society Newsletter Vol. XIV, No, 3, May-June 1988.  In a query, T. J. Beach. Rt, 1 . Box 59 . Weston . MO 64098 . states that Bailey Beach was the son of Joseph Beach of Caroline Co. Co., Va.; and later of Orange Co., Va. (1791). "Joseph & family in Fayette Co., KY by 1807."]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Richard Henry Walker, Mecklenburg Co.,
July 10, 1798. B/M: Thomas Vaughan [102] [Nancy was d/o RW Patriot
Thomas Vaughan; Richard was son of Henry and Martha Bolling (Eppes)  Walker.]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Thompson, Lunenburg Co., Oct. 12, 1799 [69]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Payne, Henrico Co., Jan. 10, 1806 [69]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Fitzgerald, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 16, 1806.  B/M: Leonard Fitzgerald. Nancy is d/o Henry & Fanny Vaughan. [107]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Matthew Compton, Culpeper Co., Dec. 23, 1806.  Married by Rev. Lewis Conner, Baptist [112]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Cheatham, Mecklenburg Co., Feb. 23, 1808.  B/M: Ambrose Vaughan [102]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Daniel King, Pittsylvania Co., Oct. 20, 1810.  B/M: Thomas T. Vaughan. Nancy is d/o William Vaughan, who consents.  [107]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Archibald Duncan, Henry Co., Mar. 9, 1812

Nancy Walker Vaughan m. Daniel P. Johnson, Powhatan Co., Dec. 21, 1815 Nancy is d/o John Vaughan, who is surety. [103]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peter D. Butler, Dinwiddie Co., June 1, 1816  [69]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Jordan, Halifax Co., Oct. 9, 1816.
B/M: Edwin Vaughan. Nancy is d/o James Vaughan, who consents. Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. [105]

Nancy JORDAN Vaughan/Vaughn m. Drury H. Owen, Halifax Co.,
Jan. 13, 1823. B/M: Craddock Vaughan. Wits: C. Vaughan and H. Vaughan.  Nancy is d/o James Vaughan, who consents. [105]

Nancy W. Vaughan/Vaughn m. John E. Crouch, Goochland Co., Feb. 1, 1817.  B/M: William M. Puryear. Nancy is d/o Mary Vaughan. Wit: Stephen Crouch.  Married by Rev. Lewis Chaudoin. [113] [Stephen Crouch was B/M when Mary  C. Vaughan m. Daniel Miller in 1816.]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nathaniel Franklin, Halifax Co., Feb. 14, 1821.  B/M: Henry Thomas. Nancy writes her own consent. Wits: Henry Thomas & William Franklin. Married by Rev. David B. McGehee. [105]

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. George Bourn, Grayson Co., Sept. 6, 1821

Nancy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Whitmell Pugh, Halifax Co., Jan. 26, 1823

Naomi Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Reames, Northampton, N. C., 24th, 9th mo. 1788. Naomi is d/o John Vaughan and William is s/o Jeremiah Reames. [This  was a Quaker wedding at Rich Square Church.]

Nathaniel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Amith ______ before Dec. 28, 1741, Bristol Parish [23]

Nicholas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann _____ before Feb. 20, 1702, Bristol Parish [23] Nicholas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Williams, possibly in Amelia Co. [20] [Nicholas was s/o Robert Vaughan and Martha.]

Nicholas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joannah/Jone Borum, before Apr. 16, 1773, probably in Amelia Co. [Nicholas was son of Thomas and Elizabeth. He died in Nottoway Co., Va. 1811-1816.] [Amelia Co. DB 12:58]

Nicholas Vaughan/Vaughn m. (1) Nancy Sullivan(t), before Dec. 24, 1773, in Virginia; (2) Nancy (Wilson) Lee, probably ca 1796 in South Carolina. Nancy Sullivant was d/o James and Sarah (Perrin) Sullivant. Nancy (Wilson) Lee was widow of Andrew Lee. Nicholas died in South Carolina ca 1803. [91, 92, 93, 96, 97, and Halifax Co., Va. deed records]

Nicholas Vaughan m. Polly Pleasant(s), Caswell, N. C., Mar. 6, 1804. He probably was the son of Thomas Vaughan who went to Caswell from Prince Edward Co., Va.]

(Dr.) Nicholas M. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anna R. Pleasants, Goochland Co., June 11, 1804. B/M: Benjamin Anderson. Anna is d/o J. W. Pleasants. Married by Rev. Charles Hopkins. [113]

Noel Vaughan m. Winney ________ before Nov. 16, 1787, on which date, they were "of Brunswick Co." when they sold land in Brunswick to Wm. Horton of Northampton Co., N. C. [Brunswick DB 13:372]

Given Name beginning with "O"

Obediah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Edwards, Bedford Co., Nov. 6, 1788. Elizabeth is d/o John Edwards. [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

Obedience Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Mitchell, Amelia Co., Jan. 30, 1786. B/M: James C. Mitchell. Obedience is d/o James Vaughan, who consents. [104] [Obedience's mother was James Vaughan/s first wife, Ann Hill.]

Olion Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lilly Brown, Culpeper Co., in 1821

Given Name beginning with "P"

Paschal M. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Julia H, Piller, Amelia Co., Jan. 27, 1825. B/M: Benjamin F. Piller. Julia is d/o Willis Piller [Paschal was son of Willis Vaughan (s/o Nicholas & Elizabeth (Williams) Vaughan) and Betsy Wright.  In Newsletter VII:2, Sue Overturf gives Paschal's children as: William W.; Elizabeth Barbra; Patrick Henry; John Wiley; Amanda Leuton; Sarah Frances; Eliza Jane; James Peyton.

Patrick Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Smith, Goochland Co., Apr. 21, 1783.  B/M: Elijah Brumfield [113]

Patrick Baughan m. Mary ________, before Sept. 4, 1809.
[Amelia Co. DB 23:145]

Patrick Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susannah Hatfield in Floyd Co., Ky., in 1809.  He was, perhaps s/o William and Jean (Watson) Vaughan.]
[Newsletter V:62]

Patsy/Patty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Charles Miles, Culpeper Co., June 17, 1779  [48] [Charles was RW Soldier. Pens. #F-W8455 & R1721. Patty was d/o William Vaughan and sister of Almond Vaughan. She was in Culpeper Co., aged 76, in 1838; Almond was aged 82+, In 1844, Patty was in Covington, KY; her dau. Sarah, was in Kenton Co., KY.]

Patty Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Shields, Jr., Goochland Co., Dec. 17, 1781. B/M: James Vaughan. Wit: G. Payne [113] [A James Vaughan signed his will in Amelia Co. Co. in 1799, and mentioned his daughters Frances Ann Vaughan & Lucy Vaughan, grandchild Levina Vaughan, and son- in-law James Shields to be executor.]

Patty or Betty Vaughan/Vaughn m. Noel Vick, Southampton Co., Dec. 5, 1788 [73]

Patsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joseph Ferguson, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 26, 1788. B/M: William Wilkinson

Patsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Dickie, Halifax Co., Mar. 21, 1788.
B/M: James Vaughan. [Patsy was the d/o Craddock Vaughan, proved by a deed in Halifax Co. DB 15:640.] [John Dickie who married Patsy Vaughan was probably the grandson mentioned in the will of William Hamlet, Sr. of Halifax Co., Va. (3:308). Mr. Hamlet bequeathed to his grandson William Dickie, Jr., John Dickie, Jr., Thomas Dickie, and Sarah Dickie, children of John Dickie, Sr, Hamlet's inventory was taken by James Legrand, Richard Haley and William Vaughan.]

Patsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Francis Moody, Mecklenburg Co., Sept. 14, 1789.  B/M: William Moody. Married by Rev. Thomas Scott. [102] [Patsey was d/o Reuben Vaughan and Francis was son of Henry Moody.] [Newsletter III:3:55]

Patsey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anthony D. Haden, Halifax Co., Sept. 5, 1792.  B/M: John Owen

Patty Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Vaughan, Caroline Co., Dec. 5, 1793

Patsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Buckner, Campbell Co., 1795 [29] [Later, in Charlotte Co. County, Pitman Vaughan, s/o Patsy Buckner, was bound out. Pitman's inventory and sale are indexed in Charlotte Co. County will records.]

Patsy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Robert Scott, Caswell, N. C., Feb. 15, 1800 [Patsy was d/o Thomas Vaughan who went to Caswell from Prince Edward Co., Va.]  [Caswell WB 4:475 & DB Z:154]

Peggy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Blaze/Blase, Rockingham Co., May 12, 1795 [73]

Peggy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Matthew Garner, Isle of Wight Co., Feb. 20, 1796  [73]

Peggy Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Page, Caroline Co., May 15, 1797 [37]

Pegy Vaughan/Vaughn m. Acquilla Mahon, Caroline Co., Dec. 26, 1803.
B/M: Caleb Sale. Consent of Chilson White. Wit: John Martin, [37]

Perry Vaughan/Vaughn m. Kiziah Hay, Pittsylvania Co., Dec. 24, 1817.
B/M: Woodson Hay, Kiziah is d/o Reubin Hay, who consents. [107]

Peter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne ______ before Mar. 11, 1742, Bristol Parish  [23]

Peter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Raines, Aug. 28, 1784, possibly in Prince George Co., [69]

Peter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Godwyn Boisseau, Dinwiddie Co., Oct. 18, 1786 [29]

Peter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Beazley, Culpeper Co., Aug. 31, 1797.
Married by Rev. John Woodville, Episcopal [112] [Peter was s/o William Vaughan & Jennet Riddle.] [This could be Peter (75 Va,) with wife Sarah (72 Va.) p. 15-92, Warren Co., Tenn., 1850.]Peter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Turner, Halifax Co., Nov. 10, 1798.
B/M: William Vaughan. Nancy is d/o Martin Turner. Witness: James Fuqua. [105]  [I believe this Peter was the s/o Drury Vaughan, Sr., and that he is the Peter who lived in Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1824 when he gave P of A to George Turner of Caswell Co., N. C. to recover a slave from Martin Turner of Caswell County. I believe that the ch/o Peter and Nancy (Turner) Vaughan included Peter R. who m. Lucy Quarles and Drury M. who m. Martha M. Turner.] [Caswell DB I:319]

Peter G. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane Vaughan, Mecklenburg Co., Apr. 10, 1821.  B/M: Atha Gregory. Jane is d/o S. C. Vaughan. Married by Rev. Pleasant Gold. [102]  [One Peter was a War of 1812 Soldier whose widow, Jane received a pension.] [69, 71]

Peter E. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah W, Hunt, Sussex Co., Dec. 5, 1822 [69]

Peter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsy Chandler, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 15, 1829 [102]  [Could be Peter (47 Va.) with wife Martha (46 Va.) was in Giles Co., Tenn., 1850.]

Philip Vaughan/Vaughn m. Margaret Blanton, possibly in Caroline Co. [Philip died after 1807 in Green Co., Ky.; Margaret was b. ca 1762 & d. 1791] [Newsletter Volume ?]

Pheby Vaughan m. _______ Mayes, before Aug. 10, 1777, probably in Amelia Co. She was d/o Robert and Martha Vaughan.

Philip Vaughan/Vaughn m. Margaret ("Peggy") Blanton, possibly in Caroline Co. Philip died after 1807 in Green Co., Ky.; Margaret was b. ca 1762 & d. 1791. She was d/o Richard Blanton, who was living in Aug. 1791. Philip and Peggy had two sons and two daughters. The older son died, apparently w/o issue before Feb. 18, 1807, by which date the younger son, William, had reached the age of 21.  [Newsletter Volume ?] and [KENTUCKY COURT OF APPEALS DEED BOOKS
H-N, VOL. 2 by Michael L. Cook and Bettie A. Cook.]

Pierce Vaughan m. Faitha Pennington, probably ca 1745-1750, somewhere in Southside Virginia. Pierce (1722-1787) was s/o William Vaughan, Sr. and Priscilla. His 1786 will is in Greensville Co. WB 1:105- 110. Children named are: William; Thomas; Dixon; Joel; Joshua; Lovice; Prissilla; and Rebecca. The 1797 will of Pierce's wife Faitha is in Greensville WB 1:358. The 1797-1798 will of their son William is in Greensville WB 1:373. He apparently had no wife or child. Mentioned sister Louisa Vaughan [must be same as Lovice]; Pierce Vaughan, Jr., son of "my brother Thomas".  [Newsletter IV:52]

Pleasant Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mourning E. Dance, Lunenburg Co., Aug. 27, 1822 [69]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Thomas Lanier, Brunswick Co., Aug. 20, 1794. B/M: Thomas Vaughan [29]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Brooks, Prince Edward Co., Oct. 9, 1795 [115] [Polly was d/o Thomas Vaughan who went to Caswell Co., N. C. from Prince Edward Co., Va.] [Caswell WB M:475]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Richard Mosby, Powhatan Co., Aug. 19, 1796.  B/M: Jacob Michaux. Wit: Samuel White. [103] [This bondsman may be Jacob Michaux, s/o Joseph and Judith (Woodson) Michaux, therefore bro/o Henrietta R. Michaux who m. Joseph Vaughan.]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jason Meador, Amelia Co., Jan. 13, 1797.
B/M: Willis Vaughan. Polly is d/o Nicholas Vaughan. [104] [Polly's mother was Elizabeth Williams.] [20 and Amelia Co. County marriage record]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Fredrick Bass, Jr., Brunswick Co., Feb., 1797
B/M: Herbert Hill. Wit: Robert Vaughan. Polly is d/o James Vaughan. [111] [Herbert Hill was also bondsman when William Vaughan m. Peggy Rice in Brunswick Co. in 1806.]

Polly or Lily Vaughan/Vaughn m. Coleman Pitts, Caroline Co., Feb. 3, 1798 [37]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Perkins, Lunenburg Co., Feb. 7, 1798. Polly is d/o David Vaughan, [9, 69]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Reuben Vaughan, [possibly in Culpeper Co. Polly was d/o RW Pensioner Almond Vaughan. [19, 71]

Polly Mealer Vaughan Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Wade, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 12, 1799. B/M: Willis Vaughan. Married by Rev. Edward Almand

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jonathan Hays, Botetourt Co., Sept. 4, 1803

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Henry Sadler, Brunswick Co., Jan. 26, 1807 [73]  Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist [111]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Moore, Brunswick Co., Apr. 5, 1810 [69]  Married by Rev. Peter Wynne, Methodist [111]

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peter Elam, Mecklenburg Co., Aug. 3, 1811.
B/M: John J. Norment. Polly is d/o Willie Vaughan. Married by Rev. William Richards.

Polly Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Funk, Grayson Co., Nov. 11, 1824

Priscilla Vaughan m. Howell/Harwell Jones, Greensville Co., Feb. 13, 1786

Pugnance Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peter Vest, Henry Co., Nov. 24, 1785

Given Name beginning with "R"

Rabley Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Cocke, before Sept. 22, 1726, probably in Charles City Co. Mary was d/o Edward Cocke and wife Mary _______, who was the niece of Abraham Hamlin. [38-41]

Randall Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Harris, Greensville Co., June 3, 1794

Rebecca Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Young, Shenandoah Co., Mar. 7, 1785 [116]

Rebecca Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Wesson, Brunswick Co., Dec. 27, 1792.  B/M: David Blalock. Rebecca is d/o James Vaughan; she was 21 in Mar. 1791.  Wit: Thomas Williams, [111] [David Blalock, the bondsman, married Karen Vaughan in Brunswick Co. 5/22/1786.]

Rebecca Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Beasley, Mecklenburg Co., May 19, 1804.  B/M: Reuben Vaughan [102]

Rebecca Vaughan/Vaughn m. Joseph Clay, Brunswick Co., Aug. 27, 1823  [69]

Rebecca Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hartwell Ivy, possibly in Dinwiddie County.  Rebecca was d/o RW Soldier Absalom Vaughan and his wife Martha (?)Vaughan. [71]

Reuben Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Ingram, ca 1752, possibly in Brunswick County.  Elizabeth was b in 1734 and d in 1820. Reuben died in 1817 in Powhatan Co. [87] Elizaeth's father was the John Ingram whose 1762- 1763 Brunswick Co. will (WB 4, Pt. 2, p. 376) mentions his daughter Elizabeth Vaughan.

Rubin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elsey Watkins, Powhatan Co., Oct. 28, 1797 [Reuben (b. Mecklenburg Co. Co., Va.; d. 1837, Marengo Co., Ala.), was son of Reuben Vaughan & Elizabeth Ingram. Elsey was Alice Good Watkins (1778-1866), d/o Samuel Watkins,] [87, Powhatan marriage record; Nottoway Co. Co. DB 3:164]

Reubin Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary McKenney, Henry Co., Jan. 18, 1782. Mary is d/o Kinney McKenney [50]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alice ----- before Jan. 23, 1722, Bristol Parish

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Richards, possibly in Yohogania Co. He was son of Abraham Vaughan & Edith Gist,] [Newsletter IV:29; V:19; VI:11]

Richard C. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne W. Mellow, Henrico Co., Feb. 2, 1792 [69]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Drusilla Rice, Prince Edward Co., Feb. 7, 1793. B/M: Zachariah Rice. Drusilla is d/o Matthew Rice. [115]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Ann Jackson, Prince Edward Co.,
Nov. 19, 1798. B/M: Zachairah Rice. Mary Ann is widow of Isaiah Jackson. [115, 116]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Franky _____ before Jan. 4, 1795, possibly in Mecklenburg or Prince Edward Co. Proved by a deed in Prince Edward Co. DB 10:201, which states that Richard and Franky are of Mecklenburg County.  (?)Mecklenburg Co. a. Jan. 4, 1795

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Tabitha Edwards, Brunswick Co., Nov. 16, 1801. B/M: Jordan Edwards. The bride is d/o Jesse Edwards. Wit: Clement Hancocke. Married by Rev. Ira Ellis who says Patsey Edwards. [111]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Narcissa G. ________. Richard was a War of 1812 Soldier whose widow, Narcissa G., received bounty land for his service. [71] [She may be Narcissa Vaughan (52 Va.) living in Rutherford Co., Tenn. in 1850]

Richard E. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anna Hall, Mecklenburg Co., Oct. 11, 1815.  B/M: John Hall, Jr. She is d/o John Hall, Sr. [102]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Thompson, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 29, 1826  [69]

Richard Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Turner, Caswell, N. C., Sept. 28, 1803  [Richard and Nancy (Turner) could be Richard (75 Va.) with wife Nancy (68 N, C.) in Haywood Co., Tenn. in 1850.] [102]

Robert Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha ________ before May 18, 1732, Bristol Parish. Robert died testate in Amelia Co. between 1777 and 1779. [23]

Robert Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Craddock, widow, Amelia Co., Jan. 20, 1799.  B/M: John Truly. [104] [Sarah was nee, TRULY and was widow of William Craddock.]

Robert Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Harwell, Sussex Co., Nov. 18, 1802.
B/M: Archer Parker. Wit: John Hunt. Married by Rev. Stith Parham [Thomas Vaughan and Dorothy (?Jones) of Sussex Co., had a daughter, who apparently married Mark Harwell, though the record has not been found.  Mark died by 1800. Is this bride his widow? Or, perhaps, their daughter?  Or neither? And who is this Robert Vaughan?]

Robert A. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca M. Davis, Mecklenburg Co.,
Jan. 4, 1806 B/M: Bushrod Webb. Robert A. is s/o Ambrose Vaughan and Rebecca M. is d/o Randolph Davis [102]

Robert Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Durham, Henry Co., Nov. 2, 1810  [69]

Rody Vaughan/Vaughn m. Pace Nipper, Mecklenburg Co., Oct. 23, 1793.   B/M: Hudson Nipper. Married by Rev. John Loyd. [102] [Rhody was d/o Richard Vaughn whose will was recorded in Wilson Co., Tn. in 1823.  He divides his estate among his daughters: Clory Britton [should that be Clary Burton???], Franky Nipper, Rhody Nipper, and Susannah.]

Russell Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Hill, Culpeper Co., Dec. 29, 1791.  Married by Rev. Nathaniel Sanders, Baptist. [69, 112] [This name probably should be Hitt or Hite. In Newsletter VII:2:64, there is evidence that she was d/o Joseph Hitt, including an abstract of the will of Joseph Hitt mentioning his daughter Elizabeth Vaughan.] - [Other evidence is: John Vaughan, a lieutenant in the Virginia State Line, died w/o issue, leaving two half-brothers and one half-sister: Peter Vaughan (half-brother) (d. before 1833 in Culpeper County leaving a dau., Elizabeth, who m. John Hite; Russell Vaughan (half-brother); Nancy Vaughan (half-sister) who m. John Hite. Sr.] [73]

Ruth Vaughan m. _______ Dillard, before Dec. 30, 1786, perhaps in Pittsylvania Co. She was the d/o Thomas Vaughan, proved by his will in Pittsylvania WB 11:166-167.]

Ruth Vaughan/Vaughn m. Giles Bowers, Lunenburg Co., Nov. 30, 1797

Given Name with the letter "S"

Salathiel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne _______ before Nov. 23, 1743, Bristol Parish [23]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ________ before Aug. 12, 1718, perhaps in Prince George Co. On Aug. 12, 1718, Sarah, relict of Samuel Vaughan, made oath that he died without a will. . . [67]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Margaret ________ before July 29, 1735, Bristol Parish.  He died in Amelia County ca 1781. [23]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Williams before Dec. 13, 1789, possibly in Prince George County.

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Prudence Hood, before Oct. 9, 1797, possibly in Mecklenburg County. He died in Washington Co., Ky. ca 1797-1798.  [5, 6]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betsy Smoot, Henrico Co., Jan. 10, 1798

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Morning, before Apr. 12, 1803, possibly in Hanover County.  [Newspaper notice of the death of their dau. in Newsletter Vol. VI]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mildred Thomas, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 1, 1811.  B/M: John Cheatham [102]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betsy Daniel before Dec. 7, 1815, possibly in Prince George County. [This Samuel is associated with Samuel Clay in a deed, which indicates that he is descended from the Samuel whose will is in Amelia  Co. WB 3:56.] [Nottoway Co. DB 4:547]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca Wilson. Mecklenburg Co., May 30, 1816.  B/M: Charles Taylor. Rebecca is d/o E. T. Wilson. [102]

Samuel Vaughan/Vaughn m. Marietta P. Thomson, Henrico Co., Mar. 23, 1821  [69]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. George Smith before 1755, possibly in Amelia County.  She was the daughter of Henry Vaughan who d. Amelia 1755-1756.

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Brothers Finch, probably in Charles City County. She was the d/o Rabley Vaughan and Mary Cocke.

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Badget, before Jan. 29, 1766, probably in Hanover Co. She was the dau/o George Vaughan who died testate in Amelia Co., but who had gone there from Hanover County. [17]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edward Nunnally/Nunnalee, Halifax Co., Nov. 21, 1782.  B/M: Drury Vaughan. [One researcher I have talked to, who is descended from  this couple, believes that Sarah was the d/o William, therefore sis/o Drury. Edward Nunnelee was security for Thomas Vaughan, executor of Thomas Vaughan who died in Pittsylvania 1786-1788, and was bondsman when Drewry Vaughan m. Sally Johns in Pittsylvania Co. in 1797.]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. George Wilcox, Halifax Co., July 22, 1783 [Sarah was d/o Thomas Vaughan who died in Pittsylvania Co., Va.]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Perry Mahoney, Charlotte Co., May 19, 1784.  B/M: John Bram. Sarah is d/o Abraham Vaughan. Married by Rev. Thomas Johnston.  [108]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ambrose Gant, Fauquier Co., May 26, 1786 [73] or Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ambrose Baunt Fauquier Co., May 26, 1787 [69]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Hansbrough, Culpeper Co., Nov. 2. 1786 [Sally (b. ca 1768-9; living, 1855 in (?)Nelson Co., Va.) was d/o William Vaughan and Jennet Riddle. William Hansborough (d. a. 1845) was a RW Soldier of Amherst Co., Va.] [48]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Richard Vawter, Caroline Co., July 12, 1787 [37]

Sarah Robertson Vaughan m. Robert Wade, Halifax Co., Apr. 28, 1790 [Sarah R. was d/o Nicholas Vaughan and Nancy Sullivant of Virginia and S. C.]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Garrett Elimbleck or Elimbleck Garret, Henry Co.,  Apr. 18, 1792 [69]

Salley Vaughan/Vaughn m. Aaron Dewitt, Bedford Co., Jan. 7, 1793. Salley Vaughan was d/o Lucy Wright. [69 & Newsletter VII:2:73]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Young, Bedford Co., July 6, 1793 [69]

Sarah Vaughan/Baughorn m. Michael Aylor, Culpeper Co., Mar. 24, 1795 [69]  [Sarah was dead by 1858. She was d/o Mordecai who d. 1792, Lunenburg Co.]  [Newsletter IV:53]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Richard Hudson [or Benjamin W. Hudson], Mecklenburg Co., Mar. 21, 1797. B/M: Thomas Chappell Singleton. Sally d/o Richard Vaughan. Married by Rev. John Loyd [102, 116]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Weakley, Halifax Co., June 12, 1797.
B/M: William Sydnor. [Sally was d/o William Vaughan & Fanny Barksdale]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Piller, Prince Edward Co., Dec. 28, 1797. Sally is d/o Thomas Vaughan, who consents and is surety. [115] [Sally's father was the Thomas Vaughan who went from Prince Edward Co., to Caswell Co., N. C.]  [Thomas Vaughan's will in Caswell WB M:475]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. John H. Coppage, Culpeper Co., Nov. 22, 1838 Sarah (d. Aug. 4, 1887, Rappahannock Co., Va.) was d/o RW Pensioner Almond Vaughan.  John H. Coppage was a War of 1812 Soldier. [19, 71]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Morgan Morgan, Bedford Co., Sept. 21, 1806. Jason Meadow is Sally's guardian. [Newsletter VII:2:73] [Jason Meadow was the son-in-law of Nicholas & Elizabeth (Williams) Vaughan of Amelia County, having married their daughter Polly, so Sally possibly was the daughter of that same Nicholas.]

S. Jones m. William W. New, Halifax Co., Bond: Aug. 24, 1812. B/M: Wm. Minor [105] Sarah Vaughan m. William W. New, Halifax Co. Married: Sept. 10, 1812 by Rev. Reuben Pickett. [105]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Featherstone, Charlotte Co., Dec. 18, 1813.  B/M: Snelling Vaughan. Sally is d/o William Vaughan. [108] [Sally (living, 1851, Dyer Co.,  Tenn.) was the d/o RW Soldier William Vaughan.]

Sarah W. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Benjamin Walker, Brunswick Co., Nov. 13, 1815 [Sarah was d/o William Vaughan and Sarah Person, proved by records in Bute & Granville Counties, North Carolina.]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jesse Pitts, Pittsylvania Co., Nov. 14, 1815.
B/M: George Vaughan. "George Vaughan signs certificate; no relationship stated."  [Jesse Pitts was security for the executors of the estate of William Vaughan who d. in Pittsylvania in 1815.]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Edward Owen, Halifax Co., Feb. 10, 1817.
B/M: Benjamin Chapman. Sarah is d/o Drucilla Vaughan, who consents. Edward is s/o Joseph Owen, who consents. Wit: John 0. Davis. Married by Rev. Reuben Pickett.  [105] [This couple were married Feb. 13 in Brunswick Co., Co., Va.] [The Index to Devisees, Halifax County, Va., shows that John Griffith (or Griffin) Sr. (will in 1807, WB 7:352) mentioned Drucilla Vaughan & her heirs; and Stephen Vaughan (will in 1813) also mentioned Drucilla Vaughan.] [8]

Sally Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel M. Harris, Brunswick Co., Feb. 23, 1819  [69]

Sally R. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Samuel Lacy, Halifax Co., Sept. 26, 1822. B/M: William Vaughan [105]

Sarah Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Otterson, Halifax Co., Mar. 2, 1825.  B/M: Elijah Hart. Married by Rev. D. B. McGehee. [105] [This couple must have migrated to Kentucky, for their dau,, Anne B. Otterson (18271906), m. Stephen Bennett in Trigg Co., Ky. in 1843.] [5]

Seymour Vaughan/Vaughn m. Amey Cobb, Southampton Co., Mar. 29, 1781 [Henry Cobb's will in Southampton WB 4:714 mentions dau. Amy Vaughan, son-in-law Seymour Vaughan and grandchildren Henry & Ann Vaughan.]

Seymour Vaughan m. Betsey Wills, Jan. 15, 1805, Southampton Co. Surety:  Thomas Wills. Wit: Samuel Kello. [MARRIAGES OF SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1750-1810. Catherine Lindsey Knorr]

Shadrach Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Merriwether, Goochland Co., June 19, 1770 [Shadrach was b. 1733 and d. 1806. Mary (b. 1752) was d/o Nicholas Meriwether and Mary Frances Prior.]

Shadrack Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Howe, Goochland Co., Nov. 5, 1799.  B/M: John Patterson. Sally is d/o Thomas Howe. Wit: Benjamin Davenport. Married by Rev. William Webber. [113]

Shadrach Vaughan m. Charity Wells, Nov. 4, 1803, Southampton Co.
Surety: Albridgton Edwards. Wit: Samuel Kelso. [MARRIAGES OF SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1750-1810. Catherine Lindsey Knorr]

Silvania Vaughan/Vaughn m. James Westbrook, before 1781, probably in Amelia County. Silvania was d/o Samuel. [Amelia WB 3:56 and WB 4:47]

Silvey Vaughan/Vaughn m. Robert Patterson, Brunswick Co., Mar. 30, 1814  [73]

Sinah Vaughan/Vaughn m. Augustus Billops, Brunswick Co., Sept. 5. 1801.  B/M: William V. Avery. Married by Rev. Hubbard Saunders who says "Augustine". [111] This bride may have been the daughter, Sinah, mentioned in the will of William Vaughan in Brunswick Co., 1800, recorded in Brunswick WB 6:257

Spencer C. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Murray, Mecklenburg Co.,
Dec. 16, 1811. B/M: Garrett Avery [102]

Stanhope Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne Valentine, before Dec. 1771, possibly in York County, since Anne was the daughter of Joseph Valentine of York. [29] (?)York a. Dec. 1771 [Might Stanhope be the same as Stamp Vaughan, mentioned in the will of Rabley Vaughan, 1787, King William County?]

Stephen Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________ before Sept. 9, 1765, possibly in Lunenburg Co. [This is the Stephen who patented land with Reuben Vaughan in 1759, which suggests that this Stephen is s/o James (Lunenburg Co., WB 1:481), who had sons named Reuben, Stephen and James.]  [Mecklenburg Co., DB 1:1349 2:554]

Stephen Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Rideout, Brunswick Co., June 26, 1797.  B/M: Arthur Fort. Giles Rideout makes affidavit as to Lucy's age. Wit: Edwin Fort. [111]

Stephen Vaughan possibly married Drusilla Griffin in Halifax Co., in the 1790s.  [A Stephen Vaughan died in Halifax Co., in 1813 and Drusilla was one of his legatees. A John Griffin died in Halifax Co., and Drusilla Vaughan and her heirs were legatees of his, so perhaps she was his daughter. [Halifax Co., WB 7:352 & 9:358]

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. _______ Feild, before Jan. 14, 1748, possibly in Brunswick County. She was the d/o Richard Vaughan, proved by his will.

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Norris, before Jan. 29, 1766, probably in Hanover or Amelia County. She was the d/o George Vaughan who died testate in Amelia, but who had moved there from Hanover. [17]

Susan Vaughan m. David Shelton, Caswell Co., N. C., June 3, 1784.  [29 & Caswell Co. marriage record] [David was an RW soldier of Hanover Co., Va. This was not his first marriage, as his 1800-1801 will in Caswell Co. WB D:12T names "older" children. His children by Susan were probably Elizabeth, James, David, Nancy and Henry, though of
these, only James is designated in the will as being by his "present wife." Susan (Vaughan) Shelton probably was the daughter, Susannah Shelton, named in the 1788 will of James (V) Vaughan, in Orange Co., N. C. WB B:36. From the wording of this James's will, it appears that by his first wife, he had only two children - Grief Evans Vaughan and Susannah SHELTON. Susan (Vaughan) Shelton m. (2) Feb. 23, 1802, Caswell Co., N. C., Godfrey Crowder of Mecklenburg Co., Va. [Caswell Co. Marriage Records and Caswell Co. WB D:103]

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alexander Andrews, Halifax Co., Aug. 19, 1784

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. Stoakley Turner, Halifax Co., Nov. 18, 1794. B/M: Peter Barksdale. Wit: William Vaughan, Jr. & D. Vaughan. Susanna was d/o William Vaughan.

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. John Arrington, Mecklenburg Co., Apr. 30, 1790 Susanna was d/o John Vaughan. John Arrington was an RW Soldier. [This bond is in Mecklenburg Co., Va,, and the marriage as performed in Granville Co., N, C, Both are buried in Halifax Co., Va. Susanna had siblings John Vaughan and Mary Wosham [sic] [48, 71, 102] [John Arrington's grandmother was Elizabeth Stone, proved by Halifax Co., Co., Va. deed.]

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. Andrew Bigge, Halifax Co., July 7, 1802.
B/M: James Vaughan [105] [She was d/o Craddock Vaughan whose will is recorded in Halifax Co., WB 6:205.]

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. David Powers, Henrico Co., June 7, 1813

Susanna Vaughan/Vaughn m. Liles E. Abernathy, Brunswick Co., Mar. 21, 1820  [69]

Given Name with the letter "T"

Tabitha Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Harrum, Southampton Co., Oct. 19, 1786 [73]

Tabitha Vaughan/Vaughn m. Alexander M. Long, Caswell, N. C, ca 1812-1815 [She was d/o John Vaughan and Jerusha (?)Fowlkes, q. v.]

Tempy Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Mosely, Halifax Co., Apr. 15, 1809.  B/M: John Coats, Tempy signs her own consent. Wit: John Coats and Betsey Carter. Married by Rev. Leonard Baker. [105] [Tempy was the d/o Drury Vaughan and had a son named Drury Vaughan Mosley.]

Theodorick Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane ________. Theodorick was a War of 1812 Soldier. [71]

Theoderick Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Beasley, widow, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 16, 1813. B/M: Harrison W. Ryland. Consent of Martha's father, William Insco, Sr. Married by Rev. Milton Robertson of Warren Co., N. C. [102]

Thomas Vahane m. Mary Thompson, Middlesex Co., Jan. 10, 1683

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha (Cocke) Pendexter, before Sept. 3, 1729, Charles City Co. She was the d/o Edward Cocke and Mary ________, niece of Abraham Hamlin.]  [30]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth ________, before July 12, 1742, Bristol Parish [23]  [This Thomas died testate in Amelia Co., Va. His will /d/Sept. 3, 1750,  is in WB 1:74. His children were Thomas (I believe he went to Caswell Co., N. C.). Nicholas (perhaps is the
Nicholas who d. in Nottoway Co., VA.), Bartholomew, John (I think he may be the John who m. Elizabeth Stanley, and that he died in Charlotte Co., Va., and Elizabeth.]

Thomas Baughan m. Sarah ________, before Nov. 5, 1748, possibly in Henrico Co. [Proved by Henrico deed of that date] [From mg. I think this might be Thomas Vaughan, Sr. who died in Pittsylvania Co. between 1786-1788. His will in WB 11:166-167, /d/ Dec. 30, 1786, /p/ Jan. 21, 1788, mentions wife Sarah, and children: Nathaniel, Thomas, Mary Farris, Sarah Wilcox, Elisabeth Davis, Usley Stott, Jerusha Farris, Ruth Dillard, William, and John, and grandson John Thomas Vaughan. The son, Thomas, Jr., married Mary Turner Hilford
and they settled in Wilson Co., Tenn. Mary's obituary states that her husband, i.e., Thomas Vaughn, Jr., was "of Henrico".

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Moody, Halifax Co., Aug. 11, 1767.
B/M: Joseph Abbott

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary _______, before Aug. 29, 1769, possibly in Amelia County.  [Am DB 11:56] [74] [This Thomas was the son of Thomas and Elizabeth. I believe he lived later in Prince Edward Co., Va., and finally settled in Caswell Co., N. C.][P. E. DB 5: 541 & 11 :162]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Smith, Mecklenburg Co., Oct. 12, 1772.  B/M: Swepson Jeffries. [102] This Thomas is an RW Patriot. He married (2) Martha Lewis and (3) Mary A. Blackbourn. [52, 69]

Thomas Vaughan, Jr. m. Susanna ________, before Sept. 12, 1778, possibly in Sussex Co - Or are they the Thomas Vaughan and Susanna Hunt who married in Bute Co., N. C., Jan. 30, 1775? [Sussex Co., DB E:495] [63 & query from Marion Douthitt]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Abigail Franklin, Albemarle Co., ca 1780 [This was his lst marriage; he married 2nd, Sallie Farthing.] [14]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Lewis, Mecklenburg Co., Oct. 8, 1781. B/M: Edward Lewis [52, 69, 102] [He m Ist Ann Smith, 3rd, Mary A. Blackburn.]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ("Molly") Turner Hillford, ca 1781-1782, possibly in New Kent Co. [This Thomas was s/o Thomas of Pittsylvania Co. , Va. Mary Turner Hillford, d/o James Hillford of King & Queen and New Kent Cos. Thomas and Mary T. migrated to
Wilson Co., Tenn.] [65]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Jones, Southampton Co., Oct. 31, 1782

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ________, before Dec. 30, 1786.

Thomas Vaughan, Sr. m. Dorothy Jones, possibly in Sussex Co.
[63 & query from Marion Douthitt]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Harrison, Greensville Co., Aug. 20, 1789  [73]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Long, before 1791, possibly in Spotsylvania Co. Sarah was d/o Broomfield Long. [29]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsey Tucker, Halifax Co., Dec. 9. 1797.
B/M: William Martin, Jr. Patsey is d/o Edmund Tucker. Wits: Philip Carter and William Martin. [105] [Drewry Vaughan, Jr. m. Nancy Tucker, d/o Edmund Tucker, in Halifax Co., on Dec. 21, 1803.] [One William Martin, perhaps the above witness, m, Mary Vaughan, d/o Thomas Vaughan, in Halifax Co., Jan. 7, 1797.]

Thomas Vaughan, Jr. m. Letitia, before Dec. 15, 1797, probably in Prince Edward Co., [P. E. DB 11:161]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Alford Blackbourn, Mecklenburg Co., Mar. 11, 1799. Mary is d/o Thomas Blackbourn. [This is the third marriage of Thomas, the RW Patriot.] [52, 69 and 102]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Valentine. He was born 1770-75 in Va. or N. C. and d. 1847, Cumberland Co., Ky. Mary was born 1785, N. C. [Newsletter VI:1:19]

Thomas Vaughan, Jr. m. Rebecca Foster, Oct. 20, 1804, Southampton Co. Thomas Vaughan, Sr. is guardian of Thomas Vaughan, Jr. Consent only. Wit: Samuel Kello. Married Oct. 21st by Rev. Benjamin Barnes, Methodist. [MARRIAGES OF SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1750-1810. Catherine Lindsey Knorr]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca Scates, Halifax Co., Feb. 2, 1805.
B/M: Enock Tucker. Rebecca is d/o William Scates, who consents. Wits: Enock Tucker and Zebulon Scates. Married by Rev. Thomas Dobson. [105]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Margaret Pectol, Washington Co., Nov. 26, 1809  [69]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Tallitha Howell, Amelia Co., Apr. 22, 1810.  B/M: Benjamin Wynn [104] [Thomas was s/o James Vaughan.]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Milly Peraman, Halifax Co., May 12, 1810.   B/M: Joel Watkins. Milly is d/o Richard Peraman, who consents. Wits: Joel Watkins and Spencer Vaughan. [105] [This may be the Thomas and Milly who migrated to Wilson Co., Tenn.]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Linney Ellington, Prince Edward Co., Feb. 23, 1813 [69]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Tabitha Leneve, Prince Edward Co.,

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Hughes, Franklin Co., Ky., 1817 [85] [Thomas was s/o Edmund Vaughan & Sarah Samuell.]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Gifford, Lunenburg Co., Oct. 4, 1821   [69]

Thomas Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally Cain, Greensville Co., Oct. 14, 1822

Thomas H. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________ before Dec. 21, 1827, possibly in Nottoway County. [Nottoway DB 8:164]

Tilman Vaughan/Vaughn m. Catherine Crews, Halifax Co., Mar. 30, 1824.  B/M: Banister Vaughan. Catherine is d/o Nancy Crews. Wits: Banister Vaughan and Richard G. Crews. [105] [Tilman (His full name was Tilman Geter Vaughan.) was s/o William Vaughan (d. testate 1826 in Halifax Co.) & Lucy Legrand. Tilman G. was born 1806, Halifax Co., and d. 1868, Callaway Co., Missouri. One of his children was William LeGrand Vaughan (1825-1901). Tilman married as his second wife, Eliza Ann Brandon.]

Timothy Vaughan m. Sarah ________, possibly in New Kent Co. He died ca 1759 and Sarah died in 1772. [54]

Timothy Vaughan m. Lucy ________, possibly in New Kent Co. This Timothy was s/o Timothy and Sarah. Lucy survived Timothy and married as her second husband, George Woodward [54]

Given Name with the letter "U"

Ursula Vaughan/Vaughn m. Solomon Stott, before Dec. 30, 1786, possibly in Pittsylvania Co. She was d/o Thomas who died in Pittsylvania Co., Va. [13]

Given Name with the letter "W"

Walker Vaughan/Vaughn m. Fannie Blackwell, Franklin Co., Ky., 1824. Walker was s/o Edmund Vaughan and Sarah Samuell. [85]

Walter Vaughan/Vaughn m. Polly McKy [sic mg], Westmoreland Co.,
Sept. 22, 1807 [69]

Wiley Vaughan/Vaughn m. Fanny Martin, Caroline Co., July 23, 1802

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jane Seawell, d/o John and Jane (Boswell) Seawell.  [29]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ________ possibly in Prince George Co.  [68] [By Feb. 14, 1715, Sarah had remarried to James Sevear.]

William Vanhan Mary Wake, Middlesex Co., Dec. 25, 1715

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Priscilla ________ before Mar. 15, 1723, Bristol Parish. Their children baptized in Bristol Parish 1722- 1732 were Pearce, William, James, Susanna, and Mary. Newsletter Jan. 1988 says this groom was s/o William & Ann and the bride was Priscilla Pearce.] [23 ]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mable ________ before Jan. 15, 1730, Bristol Parish. Their children born in Bristol Parish 1730-1740 were Abigal, Caleb, Abner and Mable.  Caleb may be the man of that name found later in Brunswick Co., Co., Va.

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ginetta/Jennet Riddle, possibly in Caroline County.  William was b. 1730. Ginetta was d/o Thomas Riddle. [15]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary ________ before Jan. 7, 1735, Bristol Parish  [23]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Catherine Hall, Gloucester Co., June 9, 1743  [44]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ellinor ________ before July 26, 1752, Bristol Parish [23]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Clark, before 1767, possibly in Goochland Co.  [73]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Grace ________ before 1763, possibly in Nansemond Co.  [Newsletter VI:72]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Westbrook, before 1769, possibly in Southampton Co.  Sarah was d/o John Westbrook. William's will, 1769, Southampton Co., Va. [Newsletter VII:1]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Dancy, Charles City Co., Dec. 13, 1768.  William was s/o Rabley Vaughan. Ann was d/o John Dancy. [40]

William Vaughan, s/o Henry Vaughan, m. Ann Pope, Southampton Co., May 13, 1774. Edmund Day is Ann's guardian. Surety: Richard Blow and James Taylor.  Wits: Richard Kello, Jr., Robert Washington, and Howell Vaughan.  [MARRIAGES OF SOUTHAMPTON COUNTY, VIRGINIA, 1750-1810.  Catherine Lindsey Knorr]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Dorothy ________ before Sept. 4, 1777, the date William signed his will in Halifax County. [12]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Person, Bute Co., N. C., Dec. 11, 1777 [Sarah was the d/o William Person. William Vaughan died before August 1812, perhaps in Brunswick Co., Va. William & Sarah (Person) Vaughan had children Robert, Sarah W. (m. Benjamin Walker in Brunswick Co., Co., Va. in 1815). William,, and Mary, and perhaps also Thomas Person Vaughan (d. a. Nov. 1805)] [Bute Co, WB 2:224 for Thomas Person's will. Granville Co., N. C.  Court Minutes for Nov. 1805 and Aug. 1812; Granville WB 7:345 for division of William Vaughan's estate; Granville DB Y:272 for deed of Benjamin and Sarah W. Walker; Brunswick Co., Va. marriage records.]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsey Mimms, Charlotte Co., Sept. 23, 1781.  B/M: James Vaughan. Patsey is d/o Thomas Mimms. [108] Probably is same as: William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsy/Martha and lived in Charlotte County.  [This William was an RW Soldier/Pensioner. Pension #S- 14754. His wife Patsy/Martha was alive, aged 65, in 1830. He was b. ca 1748 (statement he made in deposing for other old soldiers) and d. Aug. 18, 1838 leaving two children: William of Charlotte County, and a dau. who m. a Mr. Featherston and lived in Tenn. in 1838. [71] Patsy's father's will is in Charlotte Co. WB 2:33 and mentions his daughter Martha Vaughan and his son-in-law
William Vaughan. [Archibald Vaughan of Charlotte Co, was this William's nephew.]  [The daughter was Lucy who m. William Featherstone in 1813.]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances ________ before Dec. 20, 1783, probably in Halifax Co. [William of Halifax Co., Co., Va., but proved by Pittsylvania DB 7:191 & 7:485.] (This may be the William who married Fanny Barksdale)

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Center, Shenandoah Co., Apr. 8, 1788  [69]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Loving, Amherst Co., Jan. 5, 1789. William is of Culpeper Co., Co., Va. Elizabeth is d/o John Loving. [114]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Legrand, Halifax Co., Dec. 20, 1791.
B/M: James Vaughan, Lucy is d/o James Legrand. Wit: John Dickie [William's will is in Halifax WB 14:74. /s/ Mar. 1826. Lucy was still alive; children mentioned were  Banister W,, William, and Tilman G. Vaughan.] [Martha, d/o Craddock Vaughan, married a John Dickie. He probably was John Dickie, Jr., s/o John Dickie, Sr.

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Fanny Barksdale, probably in Halifax County. He was the son of the William who died in 1777.

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patty Vaughan, Caroline Co., Dec. 5, 1793

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Saunders, Mecklenburg Co., Mar. 6, 1794. B/M: Ambrose Vaughan of Brunswick County. William has consent of his father, Richard Vaughan. Elizabeth has consent of her father, John Saunders. Married by Rev. John Loyd. [102] [In Newsletter II:4, Martha Garrett & Mary V. Gee have data on William Vaughan (b. "in Va. close to the N. C. line") who m. Elizabeth Sanders [sic mg] and had ch: Richard (1795- 1851), Francis (b. 1798, and John (b. 1800). [From mg. These people are connected with Rutherford Co.,
Tn., but I'm not sure just which ones went there.]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsey Berry, 21, Brunswick Co., Nov. 24, 1794. B/M: William Meredith. Wit: Philip Claiborne, Henry Watson & Meredith Moss. Married by Rev. Aaron Brown, Methodist. [111]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Anne C. Gregory, Mecklenburg Co., Apr. 9, 1795.  B/M: Richard Gregory. Married by Rev. Charles Ogburn. [102]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Patsey Reynolds, Patrick Co., May 5, 1795  [69]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Fielder, Grayson Co., May 7, 1795 This William was a RW Soldier whose widow, Elizabeth rec'd. BLW 29019 in 1855, at which time she was living in Grayson Co., Va. William was b. Nov. 18, 1760, in Hanover Co., Va. and entered service in Bedford Co., Va. Elizabeth was the d/o John Fielder. Their children,
b. 1795 to 1816, were John, William, Nancy, Robert, David, Clarke, Polley, Hulday and a second John.] [69, 71]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Ann Ballentine, Gates Co., N. C., Oct. 11, 1798. B/M: Miles Gatling. [Was William related to James Vaughan of Nansemond who m. Julia Parker in Gates Co. Jan. 22, 1798?]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances Sheppard, Henrico Co., Aug. 20, 1800 [69]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Jean Watson or Weston, Henry Co., Aug. 17, 1801 [William said to be s/o Ayres Vaughan (b 1742; d 1842 Floyd Co., Ky.)] [69, 73 & Newsletter V:62] [Were Ayres Vaughan and Ariss/Aris Vaughan the same person?] \ William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Farguson, Halifax Co., Dec. 20, 1801. B/M: John Bryan. Elizabeth is d/o Thomas Farguson, Wits: John Bryan & Nelson
Bryan. Married by Rev. Hawkins Landrum [105] [Elizabeth's father's will is in Halifax WB 13:152.]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Tempe Emmery, Brunswick Co., July 26, 1802.  B/M: Stephen Vaughan [111]

William B. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Terry, Pittsylvania Co., Jan. 7. 1805. B/M: Jeremiah Terry. Sarah is d/o Joseph Terry. Married by Rev. Griffith Dickinson [106] [This couple migrated to Rutherford Co., Tenn. William B. was the s/o Drury Vaughan who d, in Rutherford Co. in 1827. I believe that this Drury was the man who m. Eliza. Barksdale in Halifax Co., Co. Va. Drury's other ch. were Peter (Nancy Turner), Betsy (John Matthews) .   Frankey (Moses Palmer) . Mildred (Nelson) , and Nancy (John P. H. Lenoir).  Ch/o Wm. B. and Sarah (Terry) Vaughan were Peter T., Wm. A., Sarah A. (Stephen A. Hill), Nancy B. (James Norvell), Mildred (M. G. Hill), Mary A., James N., and
perhaps a Susannah T. (Nicholas H. Johns)] [Sarah's father's will is in Pittsylvania Co. WB 11:418.]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Peggy Rice, 21, Brunswick Co., June 20, 1806.  B/M: Herbert Hill. Wit: William Rice. Married by Rev. William Dossey, Baptist. 111] [Herbert Hill was also B/M when Polly Vaughan, d/o James Vaughan, m. Fredrick Bass,  Jr, in Brunswick Co., in 1797.]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Frances Sublette, Franklin, Co., Kentucky, in 1808. William was s/o Edmund Vaughan & Sarah Samuell [85]

William K. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Smith Glenn, Prince Edward Co., Dec. 18, 1809 [115] [Elizabeth was d/o Daniel Glenn and Ann Venable.] [66]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Bennett before Nov. 30, 1810, perhaps in Nottoway County. [Nancy was granddau/o Richard Bennett [Caswell Co., N. C.  WB F:197 & 240]. [Although Richard Bennett died in N. C., he was from the Amelia-Nottoway-Prince Edward Co., area, and William and Nancy Vaughan may have lived in Nottoway.] [74 & Nottoway Co., Va, DB 4:255]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary Smith, Mecklenburg Co., Jan. 4, 1811. B/M: John Lambert

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lucy Smith, perhaps ca 1810 in Mecklenburg Co., [He was b. ca 1786 in Mecklenburg Co., and moved to Pulaski Co., Ky. in the 1830's, His ch. were: Obediah, George Anderson, Winny, Henry Howell, Louiza, Mary, Joseph, and Millie.] [Query in Virginia Genealogist 26:3:238, 1982]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Hanriah Bruce, Brunswick Co., Mar. 23, 1812. B/M: James Bruce

William H. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha Chappell, Amelia Co., Mar. 17, 1813. Martha is d/o John Chappell, who consents. Wits: Milton Vaughan and Samuel Overton. Married by Rev. Zachariah G. Leigh. [104] [William H. was s/o James Vaughan & Mary Jackson.]

William H. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mason J. Lockett, Amelia Co., February 1828. B/M: Thomas W. Vaughan [110] This groom is the same man who married Martha Chappell in 1813. He was a War of 1812 Soldier, and Mason rec'd. a pension. [71]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Pierce, Nov. 10, 1813. William (d. 1872, Henry Co., Tenn.) was a War of 1812 Soldier.

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Betty/Betsy Vaughan, Nelson Co., Apr. 8, 1815

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Martha ________ before May 5, 1815, perhaps in Pittsylvania County. His will is in Pittsylvania WB 11:421- 422. He mentions wife Martha and children Jediah, George, James, Thomas T. and William B. L. Vaughan.

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sally East, Pittsylvania Co., Aug. 4, 1818.
B/M Ezekiel East. [106] \ William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Wall, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 15, 1818. B/M: Thomas Hendrick. Married by Rev. Reuben Pickett. [102]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Susan Lamkin, Caswell, N. C., Aug. 18, 1820. Susan was d/o James Lamkin. [Caswell marriage record and WB L:220]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Minor, Pittsylvania Co., Sept. 21, 1821 [69]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Nancy Tucker, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 20, 1821. Married by Rev. Charles Ogburn. [102]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah ________, perhaps in York County. He died and Sarah m. (2) before Mar. 21, 1822, _______ Weathers, [64]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Elizabeth Y. Meeker, Goochland Co., Apr. 12, 1823.  B/M: Jesse Ellis. Elizabeth is d/o William H. Smith. [sic mg] [113]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Rebecca Sheffield before July 7, 1824, probably in Nottoway County. Rebecca was heir of Elizabeth Sheffield. [55]

William B. L. Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sallie ________, perhaps in Pittsylvania County. William B. L. was a War of 1812 Soldier. [71]

William Vaughan/Vaughn m. Mary, d/o Geo. Joyce, perhaps in N. C. or Kentucky.  Mentioned in George Joyce's RW Pension application. He (Geo. Joyce) was b, 1759, Charlotte Co., Va., moved to Guilford Co., N. C. about 1779; living in Bullitt Co., KY when pensioned in 1835.] [48]

William Shields Vaughan m. Hannah Crew, Charles City Co., Sept. 4. 1750.  William S. was s/o William Vaughan of New Kent Co, Va. and Hannah was d/o Andrew Crew.  [11]

Willis Vaughan m. Edith Gunn, Amelia Co., Feb. 7, 1778. B/M: Alexander Roberts. James Gunn consents. Wits: Alexander Roberts & James Vaughan. [104] [Willis was son of Robert and Martha Vaughan.]

Willis Vaughan m. Betsy Wright, Amelia Co., Dec. 16, 1796. B/M: Reuben Wright. Betsy is d/o Thomas Wright, who consents. Wit s: Reuben Wright and Pleasant Wright. [104] [Willis was s/o Nicholas & Elizabeth (Williams) Vaughan.]

Willis Vaughan/Vaughn m. Lavinia Overton [Newsletter IV:64

Winne Vaughan/Vaughn m. Curcks [Kirks?], before May 12, 1735, perhaps in Prince George County or Brunswick County. Winne was d/o James Vough/Voughn, proved by his will. [4]

Winefred Vaughan, widow, m. Richard Allen, Amelia Co., July 30, 1779.
B/M: William Alien of Dinwiddie. Richard Allen is of Dinwiddie. [104]
[Winefred may have been the widow of Lewis Vaughan, who is shown by Amelia County deeds to have had a wife with that name.]

Winifred Vaughan/Vaughn m. William Lunderman, Charlotte Co., Dec. 19, 1798. B/M: Robert Johnson. Winifred is d/o Zedekiah Vaughan. Married by Rev. Joshua Worley.

Woody Vaughan/Vaughn m. Sarah Farrer, Mecklenburg Co., Dec. 14, 1804. B/M: Sanford Bowers. Sarah is d/o George Farrer. [102] [Sanford Bowers married Elizabeth Vaughan in Mecklenburg Co., Va., Sept. 14, 1790, with Richard Edmondson as bondsman.] In Newsletter IV:11, Alton V, Orr states that Woody was in Mecklenburg Co., Va. in 1810 and died in N. C. in 1813

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