Vaughan Vaughn
Three Generations

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Abner Vaughan/Vaughn           Born ca 1821/1825
Submitted by Pat

Abraham Issac Vaughan                   1772 Scotland
Submitted by Jonathan Jarvis

Alfred E. Vaugh(a)n                  1840 to 1880 Pennsylvania to NY
Submitted by James J. Richardson

Albert G. Vaughn John A. Vaughn      early 1820's
Submitted by Jana Vaughn

Alexander Vaughn           1810  KY
Submitted by Ronald and Elaine Robinder

Aris Vaughan                                                                            1742-1842
Submitted by Louie Vaughan

Benjamin Vaughn              About Mid-1700's
Submitted by Brenda Stewart-Reeder

Benjamin Rush Vaughn, Sr.                    Approx. 1826-1865   GA
Submitted by John L. Vaughn

Beverly T. Vaughan
Submitted by Bill Reynolds

Bridget Vaughan           Born Before 1717                Virginia
Submitted by Carole Colquehoun

Calvin Columbus Vaughn                    Born  1821, Georgia
Submitted by James R. Johnson, Jr. 

Charles Henderson Vaughn            1880 - 1964
Submitted by Cindy

Claiborne Vaughan/Vaughn        1766 to 1819 Laurens Co,  SC
Submitted by Clark Sinclair

Crawford Vaughn           Possibly of North Carolina

Submitted by Mitzi Marlow

Daniel Vaughan        Late 1700's New York or Rhode Island to Wisconsin
Submitted by Sharon Lang

Daniel Vaughn                       Criteria 1678
Submitted by Don Magruder

Daniel Vaughan                       Approx. 1804               South Carolina
Submitted by Joe Patterson

David Vaughan                  1646 - Died Before 1677
Submitted by Lee Zuker

David Smith Vaughan1750 Culpepper Co., VA        1825 Lunenburg Co. Va
Submitted by Lisa Austin

David Vaughan                   Died Before 1800
Submitted by Hunitasomewherei

David Vaughan                  1750 to about 1809      Culpepper Co., VA
Submitted by Cindy Collins Smith

David Smith Vaughan           1750 Virginia to 1825
Submitted by David Vaughan

David Vaughn                   1770's  North Carolina  to 1860-1870 Illinois
Submitted by Karen Vaughn

David and Nancy Bennett Vaughan                      ca. 1778 VA
Submitted by Stan Crockett

David Vaughan                            Wales to Michigan
Submitted by Veronica B. Vaughan Woodward

Dougy Vaughan                                      Born 1813 VA
Submitted by Jack Vaughan

Drury Vaughn                          Abt. 1755 VA, -1827 Rutherford Co TN.
Submitted by John Moore

Edward Vaughan                            Born 1812 VA
Submitted by Jacqueline Bonds

Edmund Vaughan                1750-1796                   Virginia to Kentucky
Submitted by Jesse Vaughan and Sherry Bourn

Elisha Vaughan           Virginia
Submitted by Bill Lucas

Eliza Watkins Vaughan Lockett                Early 1800's VA to MO
Submitted by Thomas Charles Bolton

Eliza Vaughan and Charles W. Vaughan                  Late 1830's
Submitted by Barbra Brehm

Elizabeth Ann Vaugh(a)n                               Born ca 1844 Illinois
Submitted by Bob VanDyne

Elizabeth Vaughn Callicot                              1790-1855
Submitted by Robert & Lisa Maddigan

Elizabeth Henley Vaughan Hole                    Born 1819
Submitted by Sandy Hoyle Bolick

Emmett Vaughn                                      Shreveport, LA
Submitted by Andre C. Vaughn

Enoch Vaughan                       Early 1800's                  Tennessee to Arkansas
Submitted by Joe Potter

Enos Vaughn                            Clay Co. Missouri
Submitted by Dee

Frederick Vaughan                 Horsham, Victoria, Australia Born Mid-1800's
Submitted by Mark McGrath

Gabriel Vaughan                                1785 Virginia
Submitted by  C.L. Vaughan

George Lafayette Vaughn                       Born bet. 1877/1880 Illinois
Submitted by  Linda Demack

George Vaughn                                      1620-1694 Mass.
Submitted by Ginny Core

George and Elizabeth Vaughan                    Massachusetts Mid-1600's
Submitted by Daniel & Sherry Vaughan

George Washingtone and Mary Jane Brown Vaughn
1818 Halifax Co. TN                             1901 Tishomingo Co. MS
Submitted by Sue Clark

George Walter Vaughan                                  1854
Submitted by Tina Ellis

George Washington Vaughn, Sr.                      Possibly Ireland To Arkansas
Submitted by Mickey Vaughn Morris

George W. Vaughn/Vaughan                   Indiana  Arkansas IT-Oklahoma
Submitted by Trudy Marlow

Harrison Vaughn                             Of Missouri
Submitted by Sue Godshall

Jacob Vaughan              Born Ca. 1817-1818                Georgia to Alabama
Submitted by Brian Davis

James Vaughn                      1760/70 South Carolina            1843 Alabama
Submitted by  Leonard J. McCown

James Vaughan                              1762 SC-after 1845 AL
Submitted by Flo Neal Dickey

James Vaughn                         1762 - 1843

Submitted by DeLories Vaughn

James Vaughan                             1767 Virgina Abt. 1840 Tennessee
Submitted by Candy Grubb

James Vaughan                               17th Century
Submitted by Bill Baty Sr.

James Vaughn                      Born 1769 North Carolina   Died 1857 Kentucky
Submitted by Aprille C. McKay

James Vaughan                            ca. 1777  TN
Submitted by Gary Beasley

James Vaughan                      1776 - 1848                Holmes County, Ohio
Submitted by Nancy A. Dzierzawski

James Vaughan                       1795 Virginia   Hawkins Co., Tennessee
Submitted by Ken Robertson

James Vaughan                          Late 1700's Pennsylvania
Submitted by Chuck Vaughn

James Vaughn                                 1792 NC   to  1859 TN
Submitted by  Darrell Spencer

James Vaughn                                Early-1800's  Kentucky
Submitted by Mr. Billy D. Allison

James A. Vaughan                            1801 Tennessee      1861 Arkansas
Submitted by Lisa C. Shearin

James Vaughn                    Born 1805   South Carolina Vaughans
Submitted by Courtenay & Andrea Vaughan

James Vaughan                1808 County Cork, Ireland - 1885, Polo Illinois
Submitted by Phil Virginiaile

James M. Vaughn                 1814 Kentucky            1880 Kentucky

Submitted by Sherry Parks 

James Vaughn                          Born abt. 1819  Ohio
Submitted by Luana Halliday 

James Vaughn                                 Born 1821
Submitted by Gerald Brown

James Nicholas Vaughan                          1825 NC    Alabama
Submitted by Jacob Bernard Ferguson

James C. and Mary Moore Vaughan                  1837 VA to 1870-1910 KY
Submitted by James R. Vaughan

James Vaughn                            Born Before 1843
Submitted by Patricia Burger

James Vaughn                                1848, TN   to  Abt. 1940
Submitted by  Carol

James Vaughan                       Died 1849 Caswell Co., NC
Submitted by Pat Friesen

James Vaughn                         Born Abt. 1859
Submitted by Linda Hubbard

James Watkins Vaughan              Born 1892  North Carolina
Submitted by Donna M.Vaughn

James Vaughn                          Virginia to Kentucky
Submitted by Bill Holder

James and Mary Jane "Molly" Baker Vaughn
Submitted by James E. Scott

James Vaughan                            1776 - 1848                 Holmes County,  Ohio
Submitted by Nancy A. Dzierzawski

James William Vaughan                          1791 Georgia to After 1870 Kentucky
Submitted by Terry Bryant

James Vaughn                                       1805 TN- 1856 MS
Submitted by Mary Sedlacek

Jane Vaughan Lester                                      1798   VA
Submitted by Gaye Lynn Stanga 

Jane Vaughan Richardson                  Born 1818 Hawkins County Tennessee
Submitted by Lynn Fields

Jedediah A. Vaughan                           Approx.1804 VT  to After 1870
Submitted by David Anderson

Jefferson Vaughan and Hester Massey                          Georgia
Submitted by Otha H. "Skeet" Vaughan, Jr.

Jeremiah Ames Vaughan              Approx. 1808  VA  to 1897  Missouri
Submitted by Carmen Boyd  and Judy Bruckner

Jesse Vaughn      Early 1800's                Georgia
Submitted by "Unknown"       (Submitter, please contact me "

Joel  Vaughn                                        1804 Iowa
Submitted by Grace Craig Mattingly

John Vaughan                              Born abt. 1601
Submitted by Mark Shepherd

John Vaughan                                    About 1612  Wales to about 1687 Rhode Island
Submitted by Susan Shepard

John Vahan                      About 1619         Rhode Island

Submitted by Wendy Vaughan Sawler

John Vahan/Vaughan/Vaughn
Submitted by Blair Whynacht 

John Vaughan                                     Born 1625-1630
Submitted by Letitia Vaughan

John Vaughan                       Died 1638 Rhode Island
Submitted by Judy Seavey

John Vaughan                       1687  Glamorganshire Wales   Rhode Island
Submitted by Pam Johnson

John Vaughan                                Mid 1700's Kentucky
Submitted by Gloria Vaughn Walker    And   Gerald Carpenter

John Vaughan, Capt.                      1720 England to Connecticut
Submitted by  Judy Hinman

John Vaughn                       Born circa 1740 New Jersey
Submitted by Randall Vaughn

John and Nancy Callicott Vaughn         1762 - 1842 Virginia to Tennessee
Submitted by Glen England

John Vaughan                                                                                 1762
Submitted by Donna Hunt

John Vaughan                                                        c 1775 VA - d. 1848 SC
Submitted by Shirley McCoy

John Vaughan                                                                                1794 - 1843
Submitted by K Robert

John Vaughn                                                                            Born before 1800
Submitted by John Mitchell

John Vaughan                                  1793
Submitted by Walter Lee Vaughan

John Vaughan                                       1794 Virginia to 1843 Missouri
Submitted by Carol J. Dompier

John Vaughan                                         1798 VA - 1840 KY
Submitted by Henry Duitman

John D.Vaughan                                    Warren Co.NC  Late 1700's- early 1800's
Submitted by Sandy Bolick

John Vaughn                                       About 1810  SC  to After 1870
Submitted by  Wendy Ober

John G. Vaughan                                  1822 Virginia
Submitted by James Rex

John Vaughan Sr.                            Born 1825 Kentucky
Submitted by K. Hembree

John T. Vaughan                                  Born 1832  Kentucky
Submitted by  John

John Vaughn                                                                                1820
Submitted by Jana Vaughn

John-Jacob-Samuel-Jacob-Mary Ann Vaughn                                    IN  - PA
Submitted by Earl Chandler

John Vaughn                               Texas
Submitted by Ellen

John R. Vaughan
Submitted by Amy Vaughn

John Vaughan                                   Ysbyty Ifan, Denbighshire North Wales
Submitted by Eldora Larson

John George Vaughn               1853 -  1904
Submitted by Elizabeth Vaughn Avila

Jonathan Vaughn                                     Born About 1615
Submitted by Bobbi Lee

Jonathan and Spicy Vaughn                    Early 1800's
submitted by Misty Flannigan

Jonathan Colley Vaughn                       1815 Georgia           1878 Oklahoma
Submitted by Linda Welden

Joseph Vaughan                                ca 1699 - 1788                    Melin Griffith, Wales
Submitted by Lynda Barlow

Joseph Vaughan, Sr.         Born 1740 - 1750 Vairginia        Died in Botetourt or Patrick County, Virginia
Submitted by Mary

Joseph Vaughan                       Died 1855 Virginia
Submitted by Matt Harris

Joseph & Lavinia Vaughn                       Pennsylvania
submitted by Robert Griffith

Joseph Madison Vaughn                      Born in NC Early 1800's
Submitted by Farnell Vaughn

Josiah Vaughn                        About 1760 Virginia  to 1795 Kentucky
Submitted by David Seigler

Joshua Vaughn                     Born September 1750

Submitted by James Johnson Jr

Joshua Vaughan                          Born  1805 Virginia.
Submitted by Norma McGarrey

Joshua Vaughan                     Born 1818 Virginia to Tennessee
Submitted by Joan L Vaughn Stoltz

Jourdan Vaughan                  Born 1775
Submitted by Lisa Dix

Jude Vaughan                                Born 1820 Possibly Virginia
Submitted by Pam Mason

Judson Henry Vaughan                 1829  Georgia to  1900  Texas
Submitted by Dana Thomas

Ledford Vaughan                   1767 - 1838    Gloucester Co., VA
Submitted Amelia Vaughan Blake Healey

Lemuel Vaughan                   Born bef. 1811  Tennessee to Mississippi
Submitted by Jim Treadwell

Levi Vaughn                           Born ca. 1813 Tennessee to Kentucky
Submitted by Ken Vaughn

Littleberry Vaughan
Submitted by Rubye Grady

Lucinda Vaughan and Milly Vaughan        Whitley Co., Kentucky
Submitted by Audrey

Marlin Vaughn
Submitted by Hope Engelmann

Martha Naomi Vaughan                      1836 SouthCarolina to Texas
Submitted by Wendy Ober

Mary Vaughan Sandidge              Born 1670 England Died  New Kent Co. VA
Submitted by Louella McDonald Bernhardt

Mary Vaughan Hammons                  Born ca. 1800  Died ca. 1860-1861 AR
Submitted by Jacqueline R. Potter

Matthew Aaron Vaughn                1825 North Carolina to  1895 Arkansas
Submitted by Geno Vaughn

Melkijah S. Vaughan                         1797 Franklin Co, GA  1871 Wilson Co, TN
Submitted by Key Gresham-Blab

Miles Malone Vaughan                      1826 Mississippi
Submitted by Don Vaughn

Milly Vaughan and Lucinda Vaughan      Whitley Co., Kentucky
Submitted by Audrey

Mordecai Vaughan/Baughan              1740-1792, Culpeper Co, VA
Submitted by Sally Tweed Baughn

Morgan Vaughan                                  1760 Carmarthen, Wales
Submitted by Rae Edwards

Morgan Vaughan                                       Born About 1789
Submitted by Nancy Hokanson

Morrell Vaughn                                  Died Morgan Co., IL
Submitted by Virginia Payne

Moses Vaughn                                              Born 1784            New York
Submitted by Charles Watts

Obediah Vaughn                                         Born 1844
Submitted by Lisa Dix

Patrick Vaughan                                       Born 1849          Ireland to Iowa
Submitted by Mary Vaughan

Perry Vaughn                                         1790 Virginia  to  1863 Kentucky
Submitted by Mary Vaughan

Rassie Henry Vaughan                                   1897 to 1964
Submitted by Martha Ballard

Rebecca Vaughn Leet                                 Approx. 1735 - 1768
Submitted by Ray & Diane Manley

Reuben Vaughn                                  Born in Canada
Submitted by  Billy Jo Kephart

Richard Vaughan                              1775 Virginia to after 1850 Tennessee
Submitted by Jean Vaughn Hendricks

Richard Vaughan.                                CIR    1802                 Tennessee
Submitted by J. R. Cannon

Richard Lewis Vaughan                           1805 Wales to 1889 New York
Submitted by  Peter Vaughan

Richard H. Vaughan                       Approx. 1811 VA - 1870 Alabama
Submitted by Barbara Prestridge

Richard Vaughan
Submitted by Linda Vaughan Stanley

Robert Vaughan
Submitted by Becky

Robert Vaughan, Capt.                                               Early 1600's
Submitted by Janet Krohn

Robert Vaughn                                                           Mid 1700's
Submitted by Chuck Demastus

Robert and Amelia London Vaughn                         Early to Mid 1800's
Submitted by Valerie Little-Vaughn          This is an African American Family

Robert Vaughan                                                Died Abt. 1778
Submitted by Julia French Wood

Robert B and  Mary Moore Vaughan                       Virginia to Mississippi
Submitted by Louella McDonald Bernhardt

Robert Toms Vaughn                           Mid to late 1700's Virginia
Submitted by Doug Vaughn

Robert Vaughn                                                            Died 1777 Amelia Co., Va.
Submitted by Alice Rogers  and Chuck Demastus

Robert Marion Vaughan                       1843-1920 Heard County, Georgia
Submitted by Dennie Hodge

Rosanna Vaughn Hines                             Kentucky
Submitted by Richard

Rutha Elizabeth Vaughn Fielder               1831 SC to 1910 TX
Submittted by Yevonne Webb Gunter

Salathiel Vaughan                     1725 - 1782
Submitted by Loretta Moore

Samantha Catherine Vaughan Morrow                           Tennessee
Submitted by Gene Morrow

Samuel and Sarah Vaughan                  Early 1700's Virginia
Submitted by James Vaughan

Samuel and Catherine Hammons Vaughan
Submitted by Clemi Blackburn

Samuel Vaughan                              England
Submitted by Bill Vaughan

Samuel/Lemuel Vaughan                      Virginia to Kentucky
Submitted by Theresa Mitchell Wright

Samuel Featherston Vaughan                      1808 - 1888
Submitted by Ray Massey

Samuel Vaughan                                        Born 1827  Jackson Co. Alabama
Submitted by Sue Vaughn Taylor

Samuel G. Vaughan                               1815  Kentucky   1890  Missouri
Submitted by Connee Landers McCasland

Samuel and Louisa Drew Vaughn     1829 - 1902       KKentucky

Submitted by Linda Dickson

Seymour Vaughan                     1760-1814
Submitted by Jean Cobb

Shadrach and Mary Meriwether Vaughan      1733-1806 Virginia
Submitted by Jeannie Gordon Vaughan

Sherwood Vaughan                          Born 1770  Virginia
Submitted by Leona Dennis

Shadrach Vaughan                     1733-1806   Goochland County, Virginia
Submitted by Alicia Towster

Spencer C. Vaughan                         Born ca. 1770
Submitted by Faye Vaughan Ford

Sidney S. P. Vaughan                    1807 - After 1870     Tennessee
Submitted by Julia Wood

Stephen Vaughan Sr.                                1760 Wake Co. NC.
Submitted by Cathye Nunley Graham

Stephen Vaughan                    1765 NC to aft 1832 NC
Submitted by George Vaughn

Stephen Vaughn                            Born About 1811 in New York
Submitted by Bridget Henzler

Stephen F. Vaughn                   1825 North Carolina to Mississippi
Submitted by Thomas Evans Wood

Sterling Vaughan                      1850 to 1898       Arkansas
Submitted by cbrolli

Thomas Vaughan                    Tennessee
Submitted by Verna Banes

Thomas Vaughan          1740       Brunswick Co, VA.
Submitted by Stephen Freeman

Thomas Vaughn                About 1804 Tennessee to After 1870 Illinois
Submitted by Ed Conwell

Thomas and James Vaughan        1769 North Carolina    1857 Kentucky
Submitted by Aprille C. McKay

Thomas H. Vaughn                        Abt.1814 TN
Submitted by Lyndal Curington Power

Thomas Vaughn, Sr.                     Ca. 1776 NC to Ca. 1850 KY
Submitted by Susie

Thomas Vaughan                                   1800  Virginia to  1865 Virginia
Submitted by Romona

Timothy Vaughan
Submitted by Anne Crase

Submitted by Blair Whynacht

FOUR Vaughans                         Married to FOUR Hammonds
Submitted by Jacqueline Potter

Vaughan's                                            Virginia
Submitted by Vicki Kanarr

Vaughan's                         White Co. Illinois
Submitted Frank Pearce

Vaughan       Mid 1800's
Submitted by Kapi

W. and Sarah Elizbeth Simms Vaughan                  SC-AL-TN-OK
Submitted by Ewart E. Vaughan

Sir Walter Vaughan
Submitted by Jonathan Miller

Watkins Vaughan                                About early 1500's
Submitted by Mallory Allison

William Vaughan               1630 - 1693
Submitted by Jo de Jong

William Vaughan               1630 - 1693
Submitted by Mark Shepherd

William .T. Vaugh(a)n       1705 -1776    Mecklenburg Co. Va.
Submitted by L. Vaughn

William Vaughan                      1715-1785 Mecklenburg Co., VA.
Submitted by Louise Darcey

William Vaughan                        Born about 1724      Died after 1809
Submitted by Ted Jenkins

William Vaughan                     Abt. 1740 Virginia  Grayson County, Virginia
Submitted by Gayle

William Vaughan               1772  Northhampton VA
Submitted by Marstaug

William Vaughan                           Died 1786  Mecklenburg Co., Virginia
Submitted by Cynthia Orth

William Vaughan1789 - 1837                Lancaster Dist. SC
Submitted by Fran

William Vaughan                of Virginia Died 1793
Submitted by Jeanette Howell

William Vaughan  Abt. 1793  Brecon, Wales        1872 Brecon, Wales
Submitted by Hugh Wallis

William Vaughan                        1774 Virginia to 1834 Georgia
Submitted by Max Vaughn

William Vaughn                   Virginia                 abt.    1774       Georgia abt 1834
Submitted by Bill Brown

William Vaughn                                 Born 1796 Pennsylvania
Submitted by   Mary Baier

William Robert Vaughn               1820 South Carolina 1907 Georgia
Submitted by Anna Worley

William Allen  Vaughan   1800- 1862
Submitted by JBenn

William Vaughn        1820 Tennessee                        1895 Illinois
Submitted by Brenda Hankins Luke

William Vaughan                 1854 Kansas to 1899 Missouri
Submitted by Alvin & Sherrie Smith

William Vaughan
Submitted By  Walter Lee Vaughan

William and Elizabeth Vaughan    New Kent Co., VA c 1730-c1740
Submitted by Shari

William Eldridge Vaughan    1835-c 1900  Hawkins Co. TN
Submitted by Bob Vaughan

William Thomas Vaughn                    abt 1870-1960  TN
Submitted by Chris M.

William Vaughan           Late 1700's   Pittsylvania Co., Virginia
Submitted by Molly Shumate    and    Beverly Yeager

William Vaughan                      Born Criteria 1740,   Virginia
Submitted by Joan Lewin

William Kayer Vaughn                      Born 1781  Virginia
Submitted by Jill M.Shattuck Stafford

William Patrick Vaughan                        1750-1838 Wales-TN-NC-VA
Submitted by Connie Chancellor

William and Fair-A-Bee Vaughan        1750-1838  Wales-TN-AR
Submitted by Amy Vaughan

William and Elizabeth Vaughan         Early 1700's
Submitted by David D. Vaughan

William Vaughan                   1700's Virginia
Submitted by Mel Vaughan

William Vaughan               Northhampton Co. NC
Submitted by Harland Thacker

William James Vaughan                 Missouri
Sumitted by Roy E. Hall

William Vaughn                1820 Tennessee to 1895 Illinois
Submitted by Brenda Hankins Luke

William Vaughan           Born about 1783 So. Carolina
Submitted by Ann Huffman

William Vaughan                            Northampton County, North Carolina
Submitted by Donna Thompson

William Vaughan                    Born 1807  Of Hickman Co., Kentucky
Submitted by Mike Vaughan

William Vaughn
Submitted by Melba & Billy New

William Vaughn
Submitted by Tom Vaughn

William Vaughan                                    Northhampton Co. N.C
Submitted by D Carpentr

Woody Vaughan                                  Born 1779    Died 1813 NC
Submitted by Linda Stratton

Wyatt and Eliza A. Parker Vaughn                        early 1800's VA/GA/TX
Submitted by  T Scruggs

Zachary Taylor Vaughan                                     of Tennessee Born 1835
Submitted by Cheryl Vaughn

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