1890 Tax Roll
White County, Arkansas


Vaughn, A.M.                                      Vaughn, Arthur
Cadron Township                                Harrison Township
School Dist. 69                                    Prospect Bluff Sch. Dist. 101
no occupation listed.                            no occup.  listed.

Vaughn, C.                                           Vaughn, C.P.
Kensett Township                                Harrison Township
School Dist. 42                                     School Dist. 40
no occupation listed                             no occupation listed.

Vaughn, J.H.                                        Vaughn, John,
Cadron Township                                 Kensett Township
School Dist. 66                                     School Dist. 42
no occupation listed                              no occupation liste.

Vaughn, L.A.                                         Vaughn, W.H.
Cane Township                                      Kensett Township
School Dist. 43                                       School Dist. 42
no occupation listed                               no occupation listed

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