First Baptist Church
"Classe de 'ecole du Dimanche"
November 1874
Submitted by Shelley Cardiel

The girls identified include:
Jennie THURSTON,  Lilian GRANDY,  Helene YOUNG,
Gracie BENNETT, Winnie TURNER, Lizzie HARRIS,

I've "rescued" this old photograph which includes two members of the GRANDY Family.  It appears to have been taken at the "1st Baptist Church".  The photograph is dated November 1874 and includes the inscription "Classe de  'ecole du Dimanche".  I believe this refers to a Sunday School class in  French.

The photograph is of 8 girls and a teacher with the girls appearing to be in their early teens at the time the photograph was taken.  I'm assuming that it was taken somewhere in Canada due to the French, however, I'm not sure where it was taken.

I'm hoping to locate someone from one of this families so that this
wonderful old treasure can be returned to the care of family.  If you are
a member of this family or know someone who might be, please contact me.

Any questions, suggestions, corrections, or additional information,
contact me, Linda CONAWAY Welden at:

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