South Carolina
Revolutionary War Soldiers
Leonardo Andrea Manuscript
Submitted by Shirley McCoy

These files are in the files of the South Carolina Historical Commission.

DAVID VAUGHN, shows on Muster Roll of the 13th SC Regt., Continentals.

ISAAC VAUGHAN, shows on Muster Roll, 24th SC Regt., Continentals.

BENJAMIN VAUGHAN, File 8028 - For Militia Duty under Col. roeburk.  30 Oct 1785, Richard Winn of Fairfield, Camden District, signs a receipt for the indent pay of BENJAMIN VAUGHAN and certified by William Wood.

HENRY VAUGHAN of Camden District - Provisions furnished and sworn to 24 Nov 1783 before David Rogers, JP.  27 Jan 1785-Pay to Gen. Thomas Sumter.  Wit:  William Murrell, JP.  7 Jul 1785-Pay interest to Nathaniel Pace who signs as payment of purchase of 640a
of land.

JOSEPH VAUGHAN - Killed in Service while serving in the SC Militia.  His record is not in a file but has to be found in the
Journal Books...a simple notation that Joseph Vaughan was killed
in service.

JOSEPH VAUGHAN - Militia Duty under Col. Roebuck and Col. Anderson.  25 Sept 1786-Please pay the interest on my indent for the past 3 yrs to C. C. Schmitt.  22 Dec 1788-Pay to John Gowen for the purchase of 640a of land.

NOEL VAUGHAN - 119 days service in Militia.  11 Feb 1785-Please pay the indent to Gen. Thomas Sumter or to William Murrell.  7 Jul 1785-pay interest to Nathaniel Pace in paying for the land of HENRY VAUGHAN, to make his payment complete and the indent to pay for 300a of land for myself.

STEPHEN VAUGHAN - Provisions and Forage and also for a horse lost by me; a mare while I was in service.  Bill for themare and for the provisions and receipts for provisions sg. by Capt. Jeremiah Dixon and by Capt. James Phillips.  29 May 1783-All this sworn to before Henry White, JP.

CHRISTOPHER VAUGHAN - Service at 4-holes and at Orangeburg under Capt. Amos Davis; 111 days in all.  Pay to Thomas Lehre and Ferdinand Hopkins to buy land.  Christopher Vaughad died soon after he signed this statement.  Next dated 27 Mch 1787-Chester Co., SC, in Camden Dist., Please pay the indent of my late husband, Christy Vaughan to Mr. Samuel Christy Biggerstaff, sg. by Mrs. Elizabeth Vaughan (see 1790 SC Census) Wit:  Anderson Thomas.  (Most likely same man below, LA)

CHRISTOPHER VAUGHAN - 232 days service under Col. David Hopkins; 4 Nov 1780 to 24 Jun 1781 and 70 days from 31 aug 1781 to 31 Oct 1782.  Pay to Thomas Lehre and sworn to before Charles Sims, JP.  18 May 1787-Pay the interest to James Biggerstaff and pay the indent to Allen deGraffenreidt.  Wit: Christopher deGraffenreidt.  11 Apr 1788-Pay what is still due me to James Thayer.  Both sg. by same signature as CHRISTOPHER VAUGHAN of Camden District.

JOEL VAUGHAN - no claim for Service.  9 Nov 1781, Joel Vaughan, in a paper witnessed by B. Waters, states he is in the Service under Col. Middleton's Regt. of Light Dragoons..."I make over one negro man to Lt. Samuel Jackson, who is to draw my draft for me and to keep the negro man."

WILLIAM VAUGHAN (always signed with "X") - In Militia under Col. Robert Anderson and for supplies furnished.  For the supplies are receipts from Capt. Lewis Duvall and Capt. Elias Earle.  Pay my indent to Thomas Lewis and sworn before Ambrose Blackburn, JP.  (These names seem to place this WILLIAM VAUGHAN up in the Pendleton Dist-Greenville-Laurens-LA.)

WILLIAM VAUGHAN of Chester District, Camden - A Private and as
a Lt.  Sworn to before David Hopkins, JP.  Pay interest to Ferdinand Hopkins.  My indent to Thomas Lehre for payment of land.

WILLIAM VAUGHAN - Sgt. and as a Lt., under Col. David Hopkins and Capt. Anderson Thomas.  200 Days under Capt. Amos Davis at Orangeburg and at 4-holes under Capt. Anderson Thomas.  Pat to Adam Gilchrist.  Wit:  Phillip Hart.

WILLIAM VAUGHAN (perhaps one of the above-LA) - A State annuity due to his wounds received in Service.  25 Nov 1836, Chester Co., SC, a letter and statement sworn to before William Ward, JP, regarding the cease in the payments of his annuity...annuity resumed and last receipt sg. in 1837; presumably WILLIAM VAUGHAN had died.

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