South Carolina
Rev War Pensioners
Per 1840 Census
Submitted by Shirley McCoy

The 1840 US Census of SC had a separate list of all men who were drawing Revolutionary War pensions

JOHN VAUGHAN, age 74, Virginia service, Spartanburg Co., SC

THOMAS VAUGHAN, age 73, Virginia service, Spartanburg Co., SC

WILLIAM VAUGHAN, age 80, SC service, Sumter Co., SC

JOHN VAUGHAN (#S 7 778) was b. 1760 in Mecklenburg Co., VA.  After the Rev, he removed to Spartanburg District, SC, where he was residing in 1833 (also 1840, above).  JOHN VAUGHAN enlisted 10 Jan 1781 served on different tours with Virginia Troops until he was discharged 10 Oct 1781.  He served as a Private under Capt. Jesse Sanders and under Capt. Whitten, under Cols. Dick and Tucker.  Pension was allowed.  No family data is given but mention of a wife and children is made.

THOMAS VAUGHAN (#S 22 030) birthplace and date not given but in 1832 he gave his age as 70 years.  After the Rev, he removed from his home in Virginia (place not stated) to Spartanburg District, SC and was residing there in 1832
(also 1840, above).  He enlisted as a Private on 5 Feb 1777 in Caroline Co., VA, and served on various tours with the Virginia State Troops under Capt. Camp and Capt. Pendleton and also under Cols. Johnson and George Gibson.  He was at the Battle of Monmouth (NJ) and also at the Surrender at Yorktown,
after which he marched to Fredericksburg, VA, in command of some British prisoners; and at Fredericksburg, VA, where he was discharged.  Pension was allowed.  No family data.

WILLIAM VAUGHAN (#S11 691) was b. 22 May 1764 in Northampton Co., NC, and lived the first eight yrs of his life in Brunswick Co., VA.  He then removed with his parents to Craven Co., SC; later know as Claremont Co. (now Sumter).  He d. 21 Sept 1857 in Sumter Co., SC.  In 1858, his widow, ALICE VAUGHAN, was still alive and drew his pension.  He volunteered for service in Craven Co., SC, in Oct 1780 and served under Capt. John Malone, Capt. Joseph Hill, and Capt. McCauley until June 1782.  He was in the Army of Gen. Francis Marion (The Swamp Fox-S.), under Col. Peter Horry, Col. Richard Richardson, and Col. Maham.  He was in the Seige of Georgetown and the Battles of Ft. Watson. Ft. Motte, Biggin's Church, Quinby's Bridge, and Eutaw Springs as
well as in many skirmishes.  Pension allowed.
Family data:
WILLIAM VAUGHAN was m. 1789/90 to ALICE COOK.  Mrs. Alice Cook Vaughan stated in 1858 that she was aged 75 but the same year, her daughter Alice, in a letter to the Pension Bureau stated her mother was aged 84.  William Vaughan and his wife stated they had had 13 children in all.  In 1858, all of the 13 children were dead except:
     Mrs. Emily Dargan,  Mrs. Frances Cassells, and Mrs. Alice D. Mitchell. Alice also stated in that year she was aged 48 and resided in Sumter District, SC, and she was the ninth child of this union.
     In 1833, Mrs. John Reynolds, stated that she was a sister of WILLIAM VAUGHAN and that she remembers when her brother William (above) came home from the War.

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