Vaughan's listed in
"Loyalists of the American Revolution"
Vol. I & II

Loyalists of the American Revolution, Vol.1


November 17. "Mr. Vaughan came to me; he said Mr.
Fitzherbert had received a letter from Mr. Townshend,
that the compensation would be insisted on."


November 27. "Mr. Benjamin Vaughan came in, returned
from London, where he had seen Lord Shelburne. He says,
he finds the ministry much embarrassed with the Tories,
and exceedingly desirous of saving their honor and
reputation in this point; that it is reputation, more
than money,".

p.508 & 509

Hallowell, Robert Of Boston. Comptroller of the Customs.
Two of Mr. Hallowell's sisters died in England; Sarah, wife
of Samuel Vaughan, in 1809; and Anne, widow of General Gould, in 1812.


At Jones's Eddy, below Bath, Mr. Charles Vaughan, a
wealthy merchant of Boston, designed to found a great
seaport, and erected wharves and buildings to accommodate
the business which he expected would be transacted there.
The project was an utter failure.

Loyalists of the American Revolution, Vol.2


Vaughan, John Of Mount Bethel, Pennsylvania. Attainted
of treason, and property confiscated.

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