Vaughn - Walker Family Reunion
June 14, 2008

Descendants and associated branches of : 
Thomas Vaughn, Sr  b: Bef 1755 of Mecklenburg, Virginia
Thomas Vaughn, Jr  b: Bet 1780 and 1781 in Virginia
Reuben Vaughn   b. abt.1804 Green, KY
William Henry Vaughn  b. abt.1840 Knox, IL
James Lee Vaughn   b. 1867 Martin City, Jackson, MO
Bernie Edwin Vaughn  b. 1891 Freeman, Cass, MO

It has been 5 years so it is time to get the family together again to catch up.  We will be meeting
at the Pleasant Hill City Park in Pleasant Hill, MO
on June 14, 2008.  We will start gathering
mid-morning and have a lunch
for everyone.  We expect to have some activities and photo
sessions and
have some hot dogs and hamburgers for supper.  We do need to know how many
people to expect so please tell us if you are coming and how many
from your family.  I am
mailing invitations to as many people as I have
addresses or emails for but I do not have many
of the "great grand
children" or beyond.  I will try to get hold of all Blanche and Ed's grand-
children and I will depend upon Doug Vaughn to get hold of his
branch of the family and
Marguerite Adams to get hold of the west coast
Walkers.  I know a few of the Walkers in
Missouri but I would
appreciate their help in contacting people too.  Bill and I will be hosting
this event so we need to know about how many people will be
there so we can plan the food.

 Please tell us by contacting me or Bill:

Wayne Vaughn                                   Bill Vaughn
996 Westfield Circle                           26809 E. 203rd ST

Pewaukee, WI 53072                          Pleasant Hill, MO 64080

(262) 695-9733                                   (816) 540-3506


At the reunion we will have the latest family information but will ask that you update it with
all the marriages, births, deaths, stories,

We would really like for you to bring old family photos of the 6 brothers if at all possible and
we will have a scanner to copy them.  I
plan to update the Vaughn Family book and will provide
copies for those
who want one and I will either put the photos in the book or create a CD with the
photos.  This should be a lot of fun.

If there is really bad weather we will try to make some other meeting place arrangements but we
will leave that note or a person at the park
to direct people.

 Mark your calendar!! And Contact us about how many will be coming. 

Please tell us if you will be there for lunch and/or supper.