Vaughan Vaughn

Many of our memebers have published books regarding our Vaughan Vaughn history.  There are
also a lot of books available from other publications.  
If you have published a book on your Vaughan Vaughn line and would like to make it available for
either review by other members or for sale, please contact me at one of the below addresses.  
If you wish to share the information, a scanner will be available and we will have paper for purchase
(if you do not provide your own) and a small charge for ink used to print said documents.  

Please include as much of the following information possible, in your message:

Your name, postal address, and e-mail address.  Phone number optional.
Name of publication.
Vaughan Vaughn family which the publications refers to.
Time frame of this family.
Associated families.
Region/migration of this line.
Is this a book you are willing to share or is it for purchase?
What your cost of purchase for this publication is.
Is the publication readily available or if an order/wait period is necessary.

How many copies can you make available on the date of the ReUnion?

AND! Any additional information you feel that may be important to include!

Send to
Linda Welden
600 West Browntown Road
Huntington, AR  72940