James C. and Ula Vaughn Butler
Submitted by Steve Butler

The above picture is of James C Butler, b.1862, 
his wife Ula Lavren Vaughn (Vaughan?) b. 1870 / 71. 
The little boy standing is my grandpa,Thomas Clarence Butler, b. 1900, 
so we figure the picture was taken about 1904 /05 in Fulton Co. Ky. 
The little girl is Maud Stella Butler, 
and the baby is Lawrence Cook Butler.
I'm told that Ula was from Water Valley Ky. (Graves co.). 
You can't really tell by the picture , but Ulas' hair is a dark red 
almost auburn color. 
I have heard that she had several siblings, 
however the only name I have is of her sister Myrtle. 
I don't know if she was older or younger. 
I'm told that her family disowned her when she married James 
and the only one that would speak to her was Myrtle.
Any additional information is appreciated.


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