Reverend William Vaughan
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This obituary was found in "The Republican Journal" Belfast,
Maine, Thursday, February 15, 1940. Reverend William Vaughan
21 Sept. 1855 New  Vineyard, ME to 12 Feb. 1940
Aged 84 yrs. 4 mos. 22 days.
The Rev. William Vaughan, 84, for a long time pastor of

the Trinity Reformed Church in this city and who was
pastor of Knox Memorial Church, New York City, had
the late Theodore Roosevelt as a parishioner, died suddenly
of heart disease at his home Monday afternoon.

Mr. Vaughan, widely-known as a preacher and also
operator of a farm, where in one winter he cut 50 cords
of wood, was born at New Vineyard, the son of Z. Morton
Vaughan and Clarissa McLain Vaughan. He attended the
public schools, Kents Hill Seminary and entered Rutgers
College, New Brunswick, N.J., Theological Seminary.
Immediately after his graduation he accepted the pastorate
of the Bergen Reformed Church in Jersey City and later
went to New Your City, where he remained for six years.

He then went to the Knox Memorial, where he was pastor
for 15 years. It was during his pastorate there that Knox
Memorial erected a modern gymnasium and its recreation
rooms became a social center for the young people of the
church, which had a bible class of 2,000 members.

His health giving way under the strain of his many duties,
Mr. Vaughan was forced to seek rest. He was offered an
extended leave of absence, but declined this and resigned,
returning to Maine, where he bought a farm at East Belfast.
Subsequently small groups of people began to gather at his
home for religious services and within a few years these
meetings had resulted in the building of Trinity Reformed
Church , the work being done by residents of the community,
while the furnishings and bell were gifts of his former
parishioners of Knox Memorial.

In addition to being pastor of the Trinity Church, Mr.
Vaughan had also conducted services at the Universalist
Church for some time and was acting as pastor of the
Stockton Springs Church at the time of his death. He had
been prominent in civic affairs, having served as a member
of the city council and the school board and he was also
a member and past president of the Belfast Rotary Club.

Mr. Vaughan was twice married, his first wife being
Amanda I. Bass of Farmington and his second wife,
Miss Edith L. Strout, who for several years was a teacher
in the schools of Portland.

Besides his widow he leaves five sons, Austin K., of Portland,
Otto B., Malcolm and William Jr., of Belfast and Donald W.
of Searsport, and a daughter, Mrs. Clarissa B. Stantial of
Houlton. There are also 17 grandchildren and two great- grandchildren.

A private service will be held at the home on Searsport avenue, Thursday at 10:30 a.m. with Rev. Tom G. Akeley of Gardiner,
a personal friend officiating. The bearers will be his sons,
Sherwin Ricker of Bangor and Llewellyn Strout, a neighbor.

The regular service will be at 11 a.m. in the St. Margaret's
Episcopal Church with Rev. Akeley and Rev. James L. Hayes officiating.

The burial will be in Grove Cemetery. The bearers will be
William A. Cobb, Fuller C. Wentworth, Edgar L. Harding,
Harrie D. Eckler, Harod R. Stone, Rev J. Ernest Bryant, F.
Clair Wright and James H. Duncan.

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