Albert Bell Vaughan
Submitted by  James Fry

Christian Index, 15 OCT 1896


On Friday, the 2 inst., Rev. A. B. Vaughan, Sr., died at the home of his
son, Mr. W. S. Vaughan, in Cobb County, in the 78th year of his age,
having been born in March, 1819.

  Born and reared in old Virginia, brother Vaughan came to Georgia
when quite a young man.  In 1845 he was married Miss Charlotte Slade,
daughter of Mr. Samuel Slade, who for many years was an honored
citizen of  Pike county. Brother Vaughan lived in Pike county for nearly
thirty years, where he reared seven sons and two daughters.

  His third son is Rev. A. B. Vaughan, Jr., who has been pastor of the
Canton Baptist church for eleven years.

  Brother Vaughan belonged to the old type of strong country preachers. Although in early life he had scarcely any educational   advantages, he nevertheless, was a judicious reader and succeeded in procuring a library
far above that of the average  country preachjer. He was markably well
versed in what the Scriptures teach, and although he never read a book
on the  subject, yet he evinced a fair knowledge of the so systematic t
heology, which he thought came out from the study of the Bible  itself.
  He was particularly fond of close, abatract reasoning, and nothing
delighted him more than to hear some good reader read aloud books of
that character. He passionately loved the great doctrines: Election, Predestination, Atonement. He could  never accept Andrew Fuller's view
with reference to the extent of the atonement. His style of preaching was arguementative, and often evinced that, had he enjoyed the necessary
training in his youth and young manhood, he would have ranked among
one of Georgia's strongest country preachers. Of Dr. Tucker, both as a
man, a preacher and a writer, he was passionately  fond; and when that
prince in Israel passed away in 1889, he mourned for him as he would
for an only brother.
  An humble country preacher, who had, in the years that are gone, been
a large contributor to the Lord's cause, and who, when his property was
swept away, although given to days of distressing melancholy, had yet
labored effectively in building   up churches in destitute sections, has gone
to his reward. Last Sunday was his first day in heaven with Ryals and
Tucker,  Branham and Campbell, whom he loved as he did few men. He
was baptized by Rev. Jessee Campbell.  Rev. Vaughan was a man of
marked peculiarities (which doubtless were due to severe financial lossesx)
on acccount of   which many did not understand him. He died of Bright's dissease, but in the triumphs of a strong fainth in Christ Jesus the Lord.
Only a few days before he lost consciousness, he said to his son, Rev. A. B. Vaughan, Jr., "I cannot tell you, and  would not if I could, what I have
suffered, but it will soon be over; I have a home up yonder," pointing t
owards the heavens.

  The Lord bless and strengthen the bereaved.

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