York County, Virginia
Submitted by David Hoffman

Marriages (consent dates)

John Vaughan and Mary Eliza Howard, dau. of Henry,
10 Jan 1837

William Vaughan and Sarah DeNeufville, dau. of Sarah,
15 May 1847

Wills, Orders, etc.-through 1811
(Note: Book 6 was not researched; it is not indexed)

Rowland Vaughan - owed Richard Goover 368 lbs.
tobacco to be paid by 1 Nov 1645.  Dated 23 Jan 1645.
Wit: Augustin Warner, John Duncombe. (Book #3 pp. 97-98)

Rowland Vaughan - owed Capt. Ralph Wormeley 138
lbs. tobacco to be paid by Edward Waide who owed
Vaughan; Vaughan will pay Wormeley 620 lbs. tobacco.
Dated 16 Dec 1647 (#2 p. 310)

Rowland Vaughan - witness for John Smith against
Francis Finch. Smith to pay Vaughan 60 lbs. tobacco
for duty as witness.  Dated 25 May 1648. (#2 p. 361)

Rowland Vaughan - witness for Humphrey Tompkins to
prove will of Abraham Turner. Tompkins to pay 30 lbs. tobacco.  Dated 26 Sep 1648 (#2 p. 413)

Rowland Vaughan -  aged 25 of "there abouts"; heard
oral will of Abraham Turner circa Nov 1646 at house
of Augustine Warner Dated 26Sep 1648 (#2 p. 418)

John Vaughan - The court adjudges William Gant(?)
to be 15 years old, without indenture.  William is
ordered to serve Vaughan until William is 21 years
of age. (#3 p. 79) (Note: I neglected to get date.)

Edward Vaughan - inventory of Edward Vaughan,
signed Patience Vaughan.  Either Vaughan deceased
29 Dec 1671 or inventory made on that date.
Dated 11 Jan 1671/72 (#4, p. 376)

Edward Vaughan - commission of administration of
Edward Vaughan granted Francis _____.
Dated 27 Feb 1671/2. (Note: page had been damaged and could
not read)(#5 p. 5)

John Vaughan - servant to Mrs. Anne Dermett(?) came
on the ship 'Richard and Jane', Capt. Thomas Arnold.
He is 19 years old and imported without indenture;
ordered to serve Mrs. Dermett(?) until 21.  Dated 25 June 1674/75  (#5 p. 93)

James Vaughan, witness for John Brooke, who is to pay
80 lbs. tobacco. 21 Jul 1718 (#15, p. 292)

William Vaughan  sues Timothy Sullivant and Ann his
wife, executors of last will and testament of John Marott.  Marrott had owed Vaughan money.16 Feb 1718(?) (#15 p. 389)

Thomas Vaughan  sues John Parker in protracted case.
First entry dated 20 May 1734 (#18 p. 115, p. 123, p. 129, p. 139,
p. 154, p. 167) (Note: I did not have sufficient skills to determine nature of the case)

Mary Vaughan  widow and executrix of William Vaughan, sues John Terrent(?), mariner.  18 Jun 1739 (#18 p. 502)

Rabley Vaughan witness for John Parker in James City
Co., Va. and had to travel a distance of 25 miles.
Vaughan to be paid by Parker.  Dated 19 May 1740
(#18 p. 601)

James Vaughan - sale held 21 Apr 1795; mentions
Elizabeth Vaughan.  Returned 20 July 1795
(#23 pp. 444-446)

James Vaughan - account. Admin: Sheriff of York Co.; mentions Ann Vaughan and Elizabeth Vaughan.  Exec:
John Walk, John Bryan, James Temple.  Returned
17 Feb 1800 (#23 pp. 558-559)

Nathaniel Vaughan - account.  Admin: Robert H. Lee.
Exec: John Moore, William W. Lee, William H. Wynne.  Division of estate: Rabley Vaughan 1 share; James
Vaughan 1 share; Martha Vaughan 1 share; John
Crutchfield 1/2 share; Robert H. Lee and Mary his
wife 1/2 share. Returned 16 Apr 1804 (#23 pp. 651-652)

William Vaughan - inventory 13 Jul 1803; appraisers
John Apperson, Charles Lindsey.  Returned 18 June
1804 (#23 pp. 657-658)

William Vaughan - sale 13 July 1803.  Mentions Mary Vaughan. Returned 18 Jun 1804.  (#23, pp. 658-660)

William Vaughan - account.  Admin: Francis Piggott.  Mentions Pryor Vaughan. Examined 23 July 1806 by
William Hankins, Charles Lewis, Thomas Burt.
Returned 15 Sep 1806 (Note: I neglected to get volume and page #'s)

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