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David Vaughan
-inventory by Gregory Jackson, Edward Jeffers and Joseph Harding made 6 April 1801.

(Book #1 Hustings Court, p. 319)

David Vaughan - inventory made 20 Oct 1814 by
Jesse L. Dupuy, Barwell Roper, John Minetree.
Returned 10 Nov 1814 (Book #2 Hustings Court, p. 108)

Daniel Vaughan - Inventory made 22 Oct 1825 by
Daniel C. Butts, Allen Archer,William B.Green.
Returned 17 Nov 1825 (Book #2 Hustings Court, p. 217-218)

Mrs. Elizabeth Vaughan - inventory.  Made 17 Mar
1826 by W. A. Armistead,Daniel C. Butts, Allen
Archer.  Returned 24 Apr 1826. (Book #2 Hustings Court, p. 226)

David W. Vaughan - inventory by John Kevan, Lewis
F. Hicks, W. A. Bragg. Admin: Lemuel Peebles.
Recorded 23 Nov 1847 (Book #1 Circuit Court pp. 128-129)

Account of Sales

Jeremiah Vaughan
- account of sales.  Admin: Robert

W. Smith. Sale 30 Nov 1840; recorded 20 Jan 1842
(Book #3 Hustings Court, p. 324)

David W. Vaughan - final account with statements
by D. M. Bernard, Commissioner. Recorded 10 June
1851 (Book #1 Circuit Court, pp. 198-200)

Administrator's Bond

Benjamin J. Vaughan
- administrator's bond for estate

of Burwell Aldridge 21  June 1853

Chancery Cases

Jeremiah Vaughan
- referred to as Jerry Vaughan.

Sisters: Eliza Vaughan, Rebecca Smith wife of Samuel
Smith, Sallie W. Smith wife of Robert W. Smith.
Brothers: Claiborne, William M. and Peter (deceased).
Wife of Peter Vaughan was Frances E. Vaughan;
children of Peter Vaughan were Martha Tucker wife
of Asa Tucker, Frances Vaughan, and "infants of
tender years" William, Salley, Mary, Peter, Rosenia,
and Stith.  (Ended Chancery Cases Box #6-7)

Claiborne Vaughan - died 1853.  Widow Eliza S.
Vaughan who died before 1863; daughters Virginia
Ann Robertson wife of Robert H. Robinson (Robertson?),
Indiana R. Westmoreland wife of Edward T. B.
Westmoreland; also mentioned is J. W. Spencer
Vaughan.  (Ended Chancery Cases Box #8)

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