Grandmother Captured by Indians
Stokely Vaughn
Monroe County Indiana
Submitted by Phyllis Phillips

Headline: Captured by Indians
Monroe County Indiana Man Tells Story of His Grandmother Mr. Stokely Vaughn tells an interesting story of his grandmother's capture by Indians.

He was born in Hawkins County, TN but later lived at Lexington, KY.
When about 18 years of age he was sent with two other workers to the
home of Henry Clay. While they were at work Mr. Clay would laugh,
joke and dance with them, but when about official duties was quite
dignified. Mr. Vaughn also remembers distinctly of hearing Cassius M.
Clay make his first abolition speech and met him frequently.

Mr. Vaughn's grandmother was stolen near her home near the Virginia-
Kentucky line when he was 7 years old. Her name was Mary Province
and she was with the Indians during 7 years of wandering. She told
afterward that they went around "heap big water" which she learned
later was the Great Lakes. They spent a winter where there were a lot
of Indians and many white captives. This was the Indian camp ground
near Peru where Frances Slocum lived.

The wanderings of the Indians took them through sandy deserts where
cactus grew. At the end of 7 years they came to Clinch River in Kentucky.
The girl then was 14 years old and in all her wanderings had never seen
a river where the water was red, except the one that ran near her home,
except the one named Clinch River, at that time being quite red. She had
studied her plan of escape and one moonlit night rode away on her pony.
She realized the river was too wide to ford so made her way at night and
hid in the thickets in the daytime. At the end of 2 days travel up the river
a familiar site met her eyes, but the people were alarmed fearing they
were being attacked by Indians and she found no welcome until she met
a relative. Discarding her Indian garb she made herself known and was
warmly welcomed home.

Many of things learned from the Indians remained with her through
life. She was skilled in the use of a bow and arrow and greatly enjoyed
shooting arrows with her grandsons. She lived to be quite old.

Note from Phylis:  I have been unable to find any further information
about Mary. She must have been born in the late 1700's.  A cousin sent
me this article about Mary Province.

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