Prince George County, Virginia
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Peter Vaughan and Elizabeth Raines, 28 Aug 1784
Martha Vaughan and John Blackwell, 26 May 1792

From Deeds, etc. 1713-1728

Samuel Vaughn - inventory.  Admin: Sarah Vaughan; appraisers John Peterson, William Batte, Henry Batte.
Made 15 Sept 1718; returned 14 Oct 1718 (pp. 259-260)

James Vaughn - deed of sale 14 Apr 1719. Late of Bristol Parish, Prince George Co., Va. Sells to Cornelius Fox of
same parish and county, land called the Boyling Springs
land of 169 acres joining on the lands of Richard Vaughn,
Daniel Vaughn, John Vaughn, and William Vaughn.
Price 25 pounds.  His wife Ann relinquished her dower.
Wit: Edward Prince, Joseph Simmons.
Recorded 14 Apr 1719 (pp. 306-307)

Nicholas Vaughn - deed of lease of land.  John Banister
of Prince George Co, leases to Nicholas Vaughn 232
acres in Bristol Parish for 5 shillings.  Wit: Thomas
Simmons, Robert Munford.  Made 9 Mar 1718;
recorded 14 July 1719 (pp. 333-334)

Nicholas Vaughn - deed of lease of land.  Nicholas leases
to Thomas Hardyway of Prince George Co. such land
where Hardyway now lives, 169 acres for 5 shillings.
Made 13 July 1719.  Wit: Robert Bolling, Henry Cabanis.
Recorded 14 July 1719 (pp. 335-336)

Nicholas Vaughn - deed of release.  Nicholas sells to
Thomas Hardyway same land mentioned above for 26 pounds.  Ann, wife of Nicholas, relinquishes her dower.
Wit: Richard Bland, Robert Bolling, Henry Cabanis.
Made 14 July 1719; recorded 14 July 1719 (pp. 335-336)

William Vaughn and Richard Vaughn - deeds of sale.
Both had joint patents for 281 acres of land. William
sells 140 acres to Richard for 5 pounds.  Richard sells
140 acres to William for 5 pounds.  Wit: Robert Bolling, Matthew Mayes, Abraham Cocke, John Mayes.
Made 11 Jan 1725; recorded 14 June 1726 (pp. 889-890)

Richard Vaughn, Sr. - deed of lease.  Of Brunswick Co.,
Va.  Leases for 5 shillings the 142 acres mentioned in
above note to William Vaughn, Jr. for 5 shillings.
Wit: Robert Munford, David Warren, Peter Jones.
Made 13 May 1728; recorded 14 May 1728 (pp. 1106-1107)
(Note: There seems to be 2 extra acres now)

Richard Vaughn, Sr. - deed of release.  Same land in
above note, same witnesses.  To William Vaughn, Jr. for
25 pounds.  Made 14 May 1728;
recorded 14 May 1728 (pp. 1107-1108)

Richard Vaughn - deed of lease.  To Robert Boiling for 5 shillings 169 acres between Theophilus Field's line (formerly
James Vaughn’s and Samuel Vaughn's line). Wit: John Fitzgerald, John Epes, Frances Epes of Hopewell.  Made 13 May 1728; recorded 14 May 1728 (pp. _____)

Richard Vaughn  - deed of release; same as above for 25 pounds. Same witnesses. Made 14 May 1728; recorded
14 May 1728 (pp. _____)

NOTE:  There is a companion early volume of records called: Deeds, Etc 1787-1792. This contains no indexed references to Vaughan (Vaughn)

From: Minute Book March 1737-April 1740

John Vaughn appointed overseer of highways instead of William Wells. 13 Mar 1738 (p. 239)

On petition of Richard Hixe, gdn. and next friend of
Abraham Vaughn, minor, against Henry Fitz and Ann,
his wife, administratrix of Nicholas Vaughn, to be
summoned to answer petition.  10 Aug 1739 (pp. 312-313)

From: Orders and Returns of Execution (1714-1720)
(Note: this book is not indexed; items below were gleaned from a quick scan)

John and Samuel Vaughn vs. James S. ___ who married Sarah Vaughn, relict of William Vaughn
(p. 49) (Note: I neglected to get the date; it is pre 1716)

Richard Vaughn, paid in tobacco for killing of one wolf.
13 Nov 1716 (p. 93)

Sarah Vaughn appointed administratrix of Samuel Vaughn estate 9 Sep 1718 (p. 203).   Returns with inventory and
appraisal 14 Oct 1718 (p. 211)

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