Isle of Wight County, Virginia
Submitted by David Hoffman

Samuel Vaughan - inventory
by Benjamin Darden, Thos. Lankford, John I. Daughtry.
Returned 6 April 1764
(Book #7, pp. 329-330)

Henry Vaughan - inventory
12 May 1781
by Jno. Daughtry, Tob. Holland and Miles Whitfield;
returned 7 Feb 1782
(Book #9, pp. 101-104)

Henry Vaughan - account.
Admin: Jno. Cobb.  Sarah Vaughan and Uriah Vaughan
are mentioned.
Returned 7 Sep 1786
(Book #10, pp. 47-48)

Francis Vaughan - account
with balance due from Zelphy Vaughan.
Admin: Joseph Vaughan.
Returned 7 Aug 1807;
recorded 7 Sept 1807
(Book #12, p. 403)

Zelpha Vaughan - inventory.
Zelpha died 15 May 1807.
Inventory done by Uriah  Vaughan, Mills Carr, John
English, L___ Griffin.
Returned 5 Nov 1810
(Book #13, p. 130)

Zelpha Vaughan - account
examined by Jos. Duck, Solomon Butler 14 Jan 1809;
returned 5 Nov 1810.

Uriah Vaughan - account
examined by Joseph Vaughan, Meredith Holland
3 Oct 1818.
Returned 7 Dec 1818
(Book #15, pp. 189-191)

Beverly R. Vaughan - inventory
27 Mar 1826 by Matthew Daughtrey, Henry Daughtrey,
Allen Daughtrey.  Mentioned that Beverly was guardian
of P. Vaughan and E. Holland.
Returned 7 Oct 1828
(Book #18 p. 125)

Beverly R. Vaughan - account.
Admin: Lemuel Vaughan.  Mentioned: Shadrack Vaughan, Edward Vaughan, Margaret Vaughan; Joseph Vaughan, guardian of E. Holland; Meredith Holland, guardian of
Polly Vaughan.
Examined by Bar, Lightfoot 1 Nov 1828.
Returned 5 Jan 1829
(Book #18, p. 180)

Lemuel Vaughan - sale
18 Nov 1845 by Wm. H. Vaughan; some purchasers
included Elizabeth Vaughan, Elbert Vaughan, Uriah
Vaughan, William H. Vaughan, Lawson Vaughan, Edy Vaughan.
Returned 2 Nov 1846
(Book #23, pp. 276-280)

Lemuel Vaughan - account settled.
Examined by Wm. M. Jones.
Returned 4 Jan 1847.
(Book #23, pp. 281-283)

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