The Vaughan Family of
Hertford County, North Carolina
by Ex-Judge Benj. B. Winborne
submitted by Blondell Whiting

All information was quoted and obtained from
"The Vaughan Family of Hertford County, North Carolina"
Book, by Ex-Judge Benj. B. Winborne May, 1909

Vaughans listed in this article include:
Benjamin Vaughan James Vaughan
C.J. Vaughan Thomas Vaughan
Henry Vaughan Vinson Vaughan
Edward Vaughan William Vaughan
John Vaughan  (4) William Vaughan (Captain)
John Vaughan (Sir) (2)

The VAUGHAN'S of America came from England.

Edward Vaughan is one of the grantees in the charter of
Virginia granted by King James in 1609.

The following notices will show how the VAUGHANS stood
in the Old Country and in America in early days:

William Vaughan, was a distinguished soldier and officer in
the British Army in America, in the War with France, he was
born September 12,1703, in Portsmouth, N.H., and died in
England December 11, 1746.

Benjamin Vaughan of Great Britain, a political economist,
was born April 10th, 1751, on the Island of Jamaica. He was
educated at Cambridge University and at the Medical College
in Edinburg.
In 1783 he took a leading part in the negotiations between
the United States and England.  From 1792 to 1796 he was a
member of Parliment. He came to America in 1800 and settled
in Hollowell, ME., and died there April 19, 1835.

Henry and Thomas Vaughan, twin brothers, born of an
ancient Welsh family, settled at Skethiog-on-Usk in the parish
of Lansaintfread, Brecknockshire, in 1621. They became
minent as contributors to ENGLISH Literture. Thomas died
February 26, 1665, and Henry died April 23, 1692.

John Vaughan, of Pennsylvania, in America, was born of
American Heritage June 25, 1775. He was a distinguished
physician and author in Wilmington, Delaware and died
March 25, 1807.

SIR John Vaughan was born in Cardiganshire in 1608. He
studied law and rose to be Chief Justice of the Court of
Common Pleas in 1688. Prior to the reign of Queen Elizabeth
the judges of England established the practice of fining and
imprisoning jurors for returning verdicts contrary to the
wishes and directions of the judges.

C.J. Vaughan wrote a vigorous opinion (1670) denouning the
practice as illlegal and arbitrary. He declared that it was the s
ole prerogative of the jury to pass on the evidence and find the
facts; the judge could only direct the jury as to the law. This
was a great victory for freedom and a death blow to that cruel
practice of punishing jurors for their verdits which found it's
orgin in the days of the Star Chamber.(Ref.- case of Penn and
Mead) A juror by the name of Bushell applied to the Court of
Common Pleas for his writ of habeas corpous. The writ was
granted and heard before Chief Justice John Vaughan, the
juror was discharged. That law as declared by Judge Vaughan;
is the law of the United States today.

Sir John Vaughan, the grandson of the Chief Justice, was
born in 1738 and came to America in 1775 as a distinguished
soldier in the British Army in the war with the Colonies.
Vaughan led the grenadiers at Long Island, and commanded
a colume of British troops in many of the battles of the war.
In 1779 he captured from the Continentals, "Stony Point"
After the war he returned to England and there died in 1795.

Captain. William Vaughan and his brother John came to
America about the last of the 17th Century and first settled in
Boston, Mass. About 1701 they left the Northern climate and
came South. John Vaughan settling in Upper Norfolk or
Nansemond County, VA., and William settled in Albemarle
County, N.C.; On page 141, Vol.11, Colonial Records, William
Vaughan mentioned as Captain Vaughan, who was ordered by
the council in August, 1714, to command a posse of nine white
men and one Indian from Petesque Tune, to carry corn and
other provisions to the Indians known as the "Sand-Banks
Tribe."  He later took out grants of land in Bertie, Beaufort,
His home was very probably in the Western Parish of Chowan
Precinct, known today as Northampton and Hertford Counties
of N.C. He also had a son by the name of William Vaughan JR.
and he became known as William Vaughan SR. of Hertford
County, N.C.;

Captain Vaughan died about 1750, leaving his wife Sarah
(nee u/n) and son William JR. surviving him. His spouse Sarah
is mentioned in the will of Mr. James Flood of Edenton, N.C. at
which time he gave her his white horse, called Prince. It is
believed that Captain William Vaughan SR. was born around

"Some of the older members of the Vaughans-Vaughns of Northampton County, North Carolina were men of prominence."

JAMES VAUGHAN...of that county, was a soldier in the
"Continental Army", He entered the army November 28, 1776;
as a lieutenant and promoted to Captain December 19, 1776.
He represented Northampton Co., N. C. in the "State Senate"for a number of years. He married MARY BRANCH also of that
county..... Their son JAMES VAUGHAN (JR.?) served in the
"WAR of 1812".

VINSON VAUGHAN.....died in Northampton County, N. C. in
1749, leaving a WILL in which he mentions his spouse and
children. The latter being; VINSON,(JR.?) JOHN, NOEL
He had a fairly good estate. VINSON SR. spouse name is not mentioned.

JOHN VAUGHAN....the brother of VINSON, died in 1750;
leaving him sur viving his spouse CASSIA, sons WILLIAM
and JOHN; and daughters LUCY, MOLLY and FANNY.
(Additional birthdates etc. not mentioned)

JOHN VAUGHAN.... of the above family was one of the rep-
resentatives in "The House Of Commons" in 1787.
Captain Robert Peebles being the other.

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