Some Descendants of
John Vaughan and Anne Stanfield
Submitted and compiled by Mary Gregg
Austin, Texas

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 On February 15, 1787, in Halifax County, Virginia, John Vaughan
obtained license to marry Anne Stanfield, whose father, M(armaduke) Stanfield, consented.  Surety was George Wiley and witness was Jonas Chambers.  The couple were married on March 2nd by the Reverend
James Watkins.  Records in Halifax County make it clear that this
groom was the man usually known as John S. Vaughan.

 John S. Vaughan made his will on November 23, 1847, in Halifax
County.  Virginia; it was proved there on August 27, 1849 and
recorded on page 290 of Will Book 22.  He mentioned his children
Martha Edwards, Mildred Hemphill, John S. Vaughan, Henry
Banks Vaughan, Fanny Russell, Elizabeth Harbour, and James
Harrison Vaughan.  He also made bequests to granddaughters
Margaret Ann Vaughan (daughter of his son John S. Vaughan), to
her sister Sally Banks Bradley, and to his grandson Henry Banks
Vaughan.  Executors were to be Harrison Harbour and William
Russell.  Witnesses were Woodson Hughes, Jno. L. Lewellen, and
Jno. B. Carrington.

  There was an Ashley Stanfield who lived in Sumner County,
Tennessee.  He made his will there on August 27, 1839, and it was
proved in November of that year. He mentioned his mother-in-law
Elizabeth Russell and his son Ashley Stanfield, who was under the
age of 21.  The will states, "My relation James S. Vaughn to govern
my son." Executors were friends Henry B. Vaughn, James H.
Vaughn and Joseph Robb.  Clearly, this man was a relative of the
John S. and Ann (Stanfield) Vaughan family of Halifax County,

 The son, Ashley Stanfield, who was mentioned in his fatherís will,
may have been the man in the following item found in Genealogical
Abstract of Marriages and Deaths from Nashville Christian Advocate, 1846-1851 by Annie Sandifer Trickett.  From the issue of Friday,
October 30, 1846: "A list of killed, wounded and missing in First
Regt. of Tenn.  Vols., commanded by Col.  Campbell, in attack upon
City of Monterey, 21 Sept 1846...Pvt. Ashley V. Stanfield, slightly

 There was an Ashley Vaughan who lived in Charlotte and Mecklen-
burg Counties, Virginia, and in Rutherford and Davidson Counties,
Tennessee, whom researchers have been unable to identify.  It is
interesting to speculate about the possibility that Ashley V. Stanfield's
complete name might have been Ashley Vaughan Stanfield; if that
proved to be the case, then this could be a clue that he and John S.
Vaughan were closely related, and perhaps that could be of help in
identifying both men.  Ashley Vaughan married in 1807 (Jane,
daughter of Joseph Gregory, Sr.) and John S. Vaughan married
Anne Stanfield in 1787 so the probability is that the two were of
different generations.

 I believe that anyone undertaking further research on this should
spend some time looking at the family of Craddock Vaughan who
married Parthenia Jeter and at the Vaughans who were allied with
the LeGrande family.  For instance, in Halifax County DB 11:371,
there is a deed dated October 12, 1779 from Henry Hitt to John Dickie, witnessed by, among others, Marmaduke Stanfield and James
LeGrande.  This grantee probably was John Dickie, Sr., whose son,
John Dickie, married Martha, daughter of Craddock and Parthenia
(Jeter) Vaughan, so there seems to have been an association among
the Dickie-LeGrande-Stanfield-Craddock Vaughan group.

Children of John S. Vaughan and Ann Stanfield:

 1. (Col.) James Harrison Vaughan (born ca 1806 in Virginia; died in Smith
County,  Tennessee in 1879) married Eliza Ann (or Ann Eliza) Mitchell (born
ca 1815 in  Tennessee; predeceased her husband) daughter of Martha and
Frederick Nance  Mitchell. Eliza Ann's parents may have been the
Frederick Nance Mitchell and Martha  Perkins who married in
Pittsylvania County, Virginia, November 8, 1799.  In 1850, there
was a Martha Mitchell, aged 69, living with James H. and Eliza
(Mitchell) Vaughan, who  quite probably was Martha (Perkins)
Mitchell.  Known children of James H. and Eliza  Ann (Mitchell)
Vaughan were:

 A  Jennie Vaughan [Perhaps is same as Martha J.] married John P.
B.  Victoria Vaughan (born 1846) married Charles F. Potter in
      Smith County, Tennessee, March 20, 1868.
C.  Mary Frances Vaughan (born 1835) married, in Smith County,
     Tennessee, January 1, 1852, John Chambers Bridgewater. One
      source says that he "died before returning home from the Civil War."
D.  Martha J. Vaughan (born 1837)
E.  Leonard Vaughan (born 1846)
F.  William S. Vaughan (born 1850)
G.  James H. Vaughan, Jr., who may have married ________ McClellan
 James H. Vaughan made his will in Smith County, Tennessee, April 14,
1879, and added a codicil on April 16, 1879.  It was proved in November
1879 and is recorded in Smith County Will Book 7. He mentions his
daughter Jennie Seay [She must be the child called Martha J. in the census.  Possibly
her name was Martha Jane and she was called Jennie. mg] and grandsons Samuel C. Bridgewater, Harry V. Potter (Charles F. Potter guardian for his son),
and granddaughter Mrs. Lucy Lovell.  Executors: James H. Vaughan
and Jennie Seay. Witnesses were J. G. Bold, A. A. Swope, and Charles

2. John S. Vaughan, Jr. had at least two daughters, for they were
mentioned in their grandfather's will.  There may have been others:
  A.  Margaret Ann Vaughan
  B.  Sally Banks Vaughan

 3.  Mildred Vaughan married, in Halifax County, Virginia, February
7, 1821, David Hemphill

 4.  Fanny Vaughan married (?William) Russell

 5.  Elizabeth Vaughan married  ________ Harbour

 6. Martha Vaughan married ________ Edwards.  She may be the Martha Vaughan who  married Liles/Lyles Edwards, son of Daniel and Dilly
Edwards, in Granville County, North Carolina, February 20, 1812, with
John Vaughan as bondsman.  Liles Edwards' sister,   Elizabeth Edwards, married a John Vaughan between November 17, 1813 and January  12,
1814.   I once thought that perhaps the John Vaughan who married
Elizabeth  Edwards was John S. Vaughan, Jr., son of John S. Vaughan
and Ann Stanfield, but a  query posted to the VAUGHAN LIST gives
Elizabeth Edwards' husband's name as John  D. Vaughan, and a list
of their children which does not include either Margaret Ann or  Sally
Banks Vaughan, known children of John S. Vaughan, Jr.  There does, however,  seem to be some hint of a connection between the North
Carolina Edwards family and  some of the Halifax County, Virginia, Vaughans.  For instance, on February 5, 1791,  (Halifax Co., Va.
DB 15:195) a James Vaughan bought 200 acres of land on Burches
Creek in Halifax from Thomas, James and Archibald Douglas, and
Rosey Edwards,  sister of the above mentioned Liles Edwards, married
an Archibald Douglas.

7.  Henry Banks Vaughan.  One Henry B. Vaughan married Martha C. Campbell in Wilson  County, Tennessee, in 1847, and they may be the
following couple found in the 1850  census of Sumner County,
Tennessee, p. 327/506:

  H. B, Vaughan   53 Virginia
  Martha    33 Tennessee
  L. W     15
  Henry    12
  James G.    2
  Elizabeth CARTWRIGHT 13
  Martha G.   10
  B. F. ALLEN   24
  Luiza                         22
  Cornelia GRESHAM

 Some of this family are buried in Gallatin Cemetery in Sumner
County: Lucillus W. Vaughan, Inf son of H. B. and Phebe Vaughan
20 Oct 1867-1 Feb 1868  [Obviously not the same person who is in the 1850
census, but perhaps the son or nephew of the 1850 person.  mg]
Henry Banks Vaughan. 5 Dec 1837 - 3 Oct 1872
Lucillius Winchester Vaughn.  Husband. 6 Nov 1834 - 14 Oct 1867
James G. Vaughan. 29 Sep 1848 - 6 May 1877

1.  Marriage records of Halifax County, Virginia
2. "Ansearchiní" News.  Volume 22, No. 2, Summer 1975, page 52.  Information submitted by Col.  Laurence T. Ayres, 3000 Susquehanna
Lane, Austin, Texas, 78723.
3.  Halifax County, Virginia, Will Book 22, age 290
4.  Early Middle Tennessee Marriages.  Byron and Barbara Sistler
5.  Smith County, Tennessee Wills, 1803-1896.  F. C. Key, Sue W.
Maggart and Jane C. Turner
6.  Granville County, North Carolina, marriage and estate records.

"Ansearchiní"  News  Vol. 2-?, No. 2, Summer 1975. p. 52.

3000 Susquehanna Lane, Austin, Texas, 78723, has written us addition-
al information about the people whose tombstones were copied by
Robert Y. Clay and published in Vol. 21, 1974... His script is quoted

"Mr.  John P. Seay and wife, Mrs. Jennie Vaughan Seay, who is a
daughter of the late Colonel James Harrison Vaughan," owned the
Tilman Dixon home in Dixon Springs, Tennessee, about fifty years
after the place "was owned by Dr. Shelby of Nashville and occupied
by Mrs. Tunstall and a single daughter as a wayside inn.  It was about
that time or soon after purchased of Dr. Shelby by Frederick Nance
Mitchell, also of Nashville who moved to it and lived there for a time.
Colonel Vaughan, who was then a young man keeping store at Dixon's
Springs, married his daughter and after the death of her father bought
the place and resided there, making improvements and alterations
referred to, till his death which occurred in the year 1879, his wife
having died several years before." (Extracted from Bowen's History of Smith Co.)

Two of the individuals mentioned above are buried in the Tilman Dixon cemetery near the site of the house which burned in December, 1974.
The two resting there are Colonel Vaughan and his wife, Eliza Ann
(Mitchell) Vaughan.  The "Martha Mitchell" probably was the wife of Frederick Mitchell and they may be the Frederick Nance Mitchell and
Martha "Patsey" Perkins who were married November 18, 1799 in
Pittsylvania Virginia (sic mg) The "C.  P. Mitchell" may be a son of
Frederick and Martha Mitchell and a brother of Eliza Mitchell Vaughan.
(One wonders where Frederick Mitchell was buried.)

James H. Vaughan, who once owned the Tilman Dixon home, was the
son of John S. Vaughan of Halifax County, Virginia.  His mother was
Ann (Stanfield) Vaughan, daughter of Marmaduke and Anne Stanfield.
John S. Vaughan was the executor of the estate of his father-in-law, Marmaduke Stanfield. the will of the latter having been filed in Halifax County.  In addition to James Harrison Vaughan, John and Ann
Vaughan had at least six children, 4 girls and 2 boys, one being Henry
Banks (from mg., i.e., Henry Banks Vaughan) and the other being
John S., (Vaughan) Jr.

Mary Frances Vaughan married John Chambers Bridgewater; she
was a daughter of James H. and Eliza Ann (Mitchell) Vaughan.
Although she is buried in the Tilman Dixon cemetery, her husband
is not; he died before returning home from the Civil War.

Other children of James and Eliza Vaughan were: Martha "Jennie",
wife of John P. Seay; Victoria "Vickie", wife of G. F. Potter; James
H. Vaughan, Jr., who may have married a McClellan; and William
S. Vaughan.  Susan A. Vaughan may have been a daughter or a daughter-in-law.  The John S. Vaughan probably was a grandson of
James Vaughan, Sr.; the identity of Mary W. Burke remains to be

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