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Anderson Bosque Cherokee Coke
Dallas Deaf Smith Ellis Erath
Fannin Frio Guadalupe Hardin
Hopkins Houston Hunt Jack
Jefferson Lamar Medina Menard
Milam Nachodoches Navarro Orange
Palo Pinto Panola Polk Red River
Rusk San Augustine Tarrant Taylor
Tyler Walker Wise

Anderson County
Vaughn, Annie Dyer, John 23 Jan 1896
Vaughan, Miss F. M. Hassell, A. J 19 Jan 1898
Vaughan, Kit Glover, Lucy 25 Jan 1885
Vaughan, W. W. Matthew, Mrs. M. L. 19 May 1882


Bosque County
Vaughn, Belle Spivey, G. B. 30 Jul 1893
Vaughan, C. Tomlin, Mary 17 Aug 1892
Vaughan, Laura Smith, A. G. 08 Jan 1891
Vaughan, Mollie Shafer, Robert 21 Jun 1896
Vaughan, Miss S. A. Dickson, R. S. 26 Dec 1888
Vaughan, William Chambers, Dora 31 Mar 1884
Vaughan, William Spencer, Ellanora C. 08 Sep 1886


Cherokee County
Vaughan, Bettie Lacy, Green 17 Jun 1903
Vaughan, Homer Burke, Stella 13 Sep 1903
Vaughan, L. V. Wallace, G. B. 22 Dec 1887
Vaughan, Lizzie Dillard, T. T. 13 Dec 1869
Vaughn, Lucy Dennis, Ephraim 22 Aug 1872 
Vaughan, Lula A. Nowlin, M. O. 22 Oct 1891
Vaughn, W. G. Holleyman, L. C. 01 Nov 1894
Vaughan, W. M.  Wilson, Annie 17 May 1903


Coke County
Vaugen, J. M. Scott, Lizzie 27 May 1896
Vaughn, F. M.  Warner, Laura Jane 24 Aug 1897


Dallas County 
Vaughan, W. Lood  Hagy, Mrs Josephine M.  04 Nov 1879


Deaf Smith County
Vaughan, Addye Miller, John B 30 Oct 1907
Vaughn, Beatrice Harris, Henry 04 Jun 1929
Vaughn, Billie F Mrs Parten, Roy Oscar 31 May 1979
Vaughn, Della Mae New, Oscar Lee 12 Oct 1962
Vaughn, Della Mae Bromlow, Clarence A 14 Jan 1966
Vaughn, Denzil Ray Cone, Carolyn Ruth 01 Sep 1965
Vaughn, Doyle Ray Bezner, Marcella Marie 16 Jul 1956
Vaughn, Freddie Laverne Parvin, R L 11 Dec 1946
Vaughn, Henry Earl  Henderson, Rhoda May 18 Nov 1966
Vaughn, Jasper Melvin Dienelt, Kathleen Ann 16 Jun 1946
Vaughn, Letha Marlene Parmer, Michael Ray 03 Nov 1972
Vaughn, Lillie Faye Vaughn, Monte Kay 29 Jan 1969
Vaughn, Mable Agnes Mitchell, James Herman 24 May 1926
Vaughn, Monte Kay Vaughn, Lillie Faye 29 Jan 1969
Vaughn, Napoleon Whtie, Viola 19 Aug 1965
Vaughn, Opal  Walker, Homer T 12 Dec 1920
Vaughn, Oscar Read, Minnie Mrs 28 Oct 1917
Vaughn, Randol Lee Collier, Cindy Leigh 26 Nov 1976
Vaughn, Roberta Sue Smith, Marvin Lee 18 Dec 1971
Vaughn, Roy White, Geraldine 06 Mar 1948
Vaughn, Ted Harold Blackwell, Tonie Daisy 23 Jan 1969
Vaughn, Tena Joyce  Kirkpatrick, Steven S 16 Mar 1972
Vaughn, Thos L Schultz, Anna 22 Dec 1913
Vaughn, W A Kibbe, Ida May 09 May 1907 
Vaughn, Woodson D  Carl, Minnie E 10 Sep 1916


Ellis County
Vaughan, Andrew J. West, Harriet R. 08 Apr 1858
Vaughn, Georgia A. Brasher, J. G. 28 Feb 1884
Vaughn, Hiram C.  Winniford, Martha 03 Dec 1855
Vaughan, Laura J. Hurley, J. T. 21 Oct 1884 
Vaughn, Martin W. McKinney, Emmie 25 Apr 1886
Vaughn, Sarah Jane Winniford, William J. 20 Dec 1855
Vaughn, T. M. Way, Nannie 14 Nov 1886


Erath County
Vaughn, Bettie  Bigham, J. M. 28 Mar 1889
Vaughn, C. B. Hailey, W. H. 29 Nov 1893
Vaughn, Callie Alford, J. A. 06 Jan 1881
Vaughn, Ida Winbush, Alex 07 Jun 1896
Vaughn, Josie Elrod, R. B. 03 Nov 1896
Vaughn, Lon Rausmusson, Annie 09 Jun 1895
Vaughn, Lula Norton, Oscar 07 Apr 1895
Vaughn, Marion Elkins, Nannie 07 Nov 1897
Vaughn, N. J. Wyat, R. 07 Aug 1884 
Vaughn, R. H. Dickerson, A. W. 23 Aug 1885
Vaughn, S. A.  Purvis, Robert 22 Jul 1886
Vaughn, S. E. Singleton, C. F. 08 Nov 1885
Vaughn, Sallie Madden, Henry 03 May 1893
Vaughn, William W. Currier, M. A. A. 13 Sep 1885


Fannin County
Vaughan, Daniel Going, Catherine 26 Jun 1865
Vaughn, Elijah McKinley, Sarah 02 Jan 1853
Vaughn, James K.  Williams, Lydia 23 Jan 1870
Vaughn, Jessie M. Cummins, James R. 19 Jul 1869
Vaughn, Matilda Bernard, H. A. 30 Oct 1853 
Vaughn, Robert H. Petty, Mahala A. 29 Apr 1868
Vaughn, William W. Corbett, Mrs. J. 23 Jul 1866


Frio County 
Vaughn, Lucy Alice Dunlay, John N. 15 Sep 1896


Guadalupe County
Vaughn, Mollie A. Gaines, Judson O. 15 Apr 1881
Vaughan, Sarah Jane Bichelson, Samuel J.F. 15 Jun 1873


Hardin County
Vaughn, Cynthia Gore, C. L. 21 Nov 1895
Vaughan, Martin Crier, Mrs. Odie 09 Jan 1895


Hopkins County
Vaughn, Sarah Ann Petty, Anderson 13 May 1849


Houston County 
Vaughan,  L. W. (Miss) Conner, W. A.  23 Dec 1890


Hunt County
Vaughn, Abigail  Ramsey, Henry 19 Apr 1866
Vaughn, C. E.  Armistead, Lucy 08 Oct 1882
Vaughan, E. J. H. Nichels, J. G. 26 Feb 1881
Vaughn, Florence Gains, W. K. 10 Apr 1881
Vaughn, Riley  Cunningham, A. C. 21 Nov 1887 
Vaughn, Robert Britt, Martha L. E. 09 Jul 1878
Vaughn, Sarah A. Zachery, John 06 Jun 1867


Jack County 
Vaughan, Lydia  Perkins, W. R. 05 Nov 1879


Jefferson County
Vaughan, A. N. Keith, Allie 01 Jan 1868
Vaughan, Elizabeth Pulliam, Benjamin 13 Aug 1846


Lamar County
Vaughan, Emma E. Mayo, W. A. 11 Jan 1866
Vaughan, Jno Collins, Susan C. 27 Sep 1859
Vaughan, M. H. Stephenson, R. J. 15 Jun 1872
Vaughn, Mary A. P. Coward, Robert 30 Mar 1865
Vaughan, Martha J. Whitesides, Thoa 02 Feb 1867
Vaughan, Sonora W West, Jas. E. 13 Dec 1873
Vaughan, W. P. Lowe, N. E. 20 Sep 1866


Medina County 
Vaughan, W. P. Thomas, Louisa 02 Jul 1881


Menard County 
Vaughan, A. W. Noguess, James L.  20 Nov 1879

Milam County
Vaughn, M. A. Austin, S. A. 31 Aug 1875
Vaughn, Mary O. H. Sanders, J. L. 27 Oct 1875


Nachodoches County
Vaughan, John Blackwell, Sarah Ann 04 Oct 1837
Vaughan, Melkijah D. Shade, Anna S. E. 28 May 1843


Navarro County 
Vaughn, W. S.  Roper, E. J.  03 Sep 1861


Orange County 
Vaughn, Mattie Lindon, Will  17 Dec 1890


Palo Pinto County
Vaughan, Clara E. Patterson, W. C. 21 Jun 1872
Vaughan, Emma T. Robinson, H. M. 23 Sep 1880
Vaughn, James Hutchinson, Susan 29 Dec 1859 
Vaughan, L. W. Taylor, Caroline 18 Feb 1872
Vaughan, Lizzie Jones, A. 25 Dec 1872
Vaughan, M. A. (Miss)  Duncan, I. W. 03 Mar 1881
Vaughn, Maise Nellie Williams, E. F. 17 Dec 1879 
Vaughan, Mary J. Whitley, A. H. 10 Oct 1872
Vaughan, Martha C. Dyer, J. W. 30 Jun 1874
Vaughan, Molly M. Bryan, M. B. 17 Dec 1872
Vaughan, S. H. Lane, Miss S. J. 08 Aug 1878
Vaughn, Sarah Ann Robertson, George W. 07 Jan 1860


Panola County
Vaughan, Willis Arnold, Celia A. (Mrs.) 27 Sep 1850


Polk County 
Vaughn, J. B. McQuaig, F.  17 Sep 1861


Red River County
Vaughn, C. E. Hamilton, Augustie A. 25 Nov 1878
Vaughn, George Bogans, Milly 26 Sep 1870 
Vaughn, J. A. Jennings, Rachel N. 18 Mar 1875
Vaughn, James R. Lamberson, Sarah E. 24 Dec 1874
Vaughn, Jennie Runnells, J. R. 25 Oct 1877


Rusk County 
Vaughan, Eldridge  Harris, Mary (Mrs.) 07 Feb 1845


San Augustine County 
Vaughn, Nancy Gillam, W.  23 Jun 1844


Tarrant County 
Vaughn, J. W. Kilgore,  W. A.  (Miss) 01 Dec 1879


Taylor County
Vaughan, H. H. Mitchell, Zenobia (Mrs.)  22 Sep 1895 
Vaughan, H. L. Garroute, Susie 19 Mar 1893


Tyler County 
Vaughan, H. H. (Rev.) Charloton, U. M.  09 Nov 1882


Walker County
Vaughn, Mary Ann Wood, John W. 05 Dec 1850
Vaughn, P.  Harrison, Ella H. 15 Sep 1875


Wise County
Vaughn, Pearl Ray, Helen 13 Oct 1892
Vaughan, Samuel  Nichols, Sallie 21 Jul 1892
Vaughan, Sarah H. Welch, W. F. 06 Feb 1882
Vaughn, W. E. Colley, Miss S. A. 23 Feb 1891


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