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Clark Crawford Davies Dearborn
Delaware Gibson Harrison Hendricks
Jackson Jefferson Kosicusko Marion
Marshall Owen Parke Perry
Randolph Ripley St. Joseph Shelby
Vanderburgh Warrick Washington Wayne

Clark County
Wait Vaughan Samantha Holt  14-SEP-1821
Ella Vaughn Henry C Robertson  17-JUL-1901


Crawford County
Mary Vaughn  Jacob Done 01-OCT-1818
Mary Vaughn  John Stuart 02-JAN-1822


Davies County
Vawn, Eleanor Averett, William 07 Nov 1833

Dearborn County
David Vaughn Cornelia Hamblin 20-JUL-1829


Delaware County
John Vaughn Eliza Ann Bush 08-JAN-1835


Gibson County
James A Vaughn Polly Music 15-NOV-1816


Harrison County
Elizabeth Vaughn George H Brown 02-APR-1837
Lewis Vaughn Hanna Applegate 31-DEC-1837


Hendricks County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
William G. Vaughan CynthiaAnn Ward 9-30-1849


Jefferson County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
Elizabeth Vaughn Richard Wilson 1-24-1833


Jackson County
Submitted by Jill Stafford

Lucinda Vaughan Jacob H. Ulmer 5-30-1849


Kosicusko County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
James Vaughan Mahala Lundy 18-JUL-1837
Margaret Vaughan  Thomas Williss 7-5-1838
Mary Vaughn Nathan Reed 28-MAY-1839


Marion County
Edward Vaughn Patsey Sowan 04-NOV-1827


Marshall County
Eliz F  Vaughn (Mrs) James Harmison 22-MAY-1843


Owen County
Sally Vaughn Stephen L Bigger 07-JUN-1827
Thomas Vaughn UNKNOWN 17-AUG-1829
Meakey Vaughn Geo W  Boyd 06-JUL-1833
Susannah Vaughn Silas Myers 25-MAR-1834


Parke County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
Susan Vaughn Richard A. Watson 4-18-1839


Perry County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
Davis Vaughn Susannah Wells 5-19-1825


Randolph County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
John T. Vaughn Margaret Woodburn 9-15-1843


Ripley County
Benjamin Vaughn Claricy Farmer 25-AUG-1830


St. Joseph County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
Edward Vaughn Priscilla Ann Wycoff 10-5-1843


Shelby County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
James Vaughn Polly Williams 4-9-1829


Vanderburgh County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
Lewis Vaughn Mary Williams Jul-18-1839
Henry P. Vaughan Hannah F. Wright  Sep-10-1840 


Warrick County
Cyrus Vaughn Julian Beach 04-JUN-1839


Washington County
Submitted by Jill Stafford
David  Vaughan Polly Wilson 3-19-1826
William Vaughn Emily Vaughn  12-5-1850
Baily Vaughn Polly Mitchell 08 Dec 1830


Wayne County
Hannah Vaughan Edgar Mason 29-JUL-1830


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