Marriage Bonds

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Amherst Bedford Fredricksburg
Henry Orange Pittsylvania

Amherst County
Submitted by Dee

Nov. 11, 1778.
Vaughan, Cornelius, bachelor, and Nancy Carter, spinster,
William Carter, surety.
Consent of his guardian, Joseph Edmunds, who states that Nancy
Carter is a daughter of Job Carter.

Dec 24, 1795
Vaughan, George, bachelor, and Sucky Loving, spinster
George Woody, surety
Consent of Betty Loving
Certificate of marriage by the Rev. William Crawford

Jan 5, l789
Vaughan, William, bachelor, of Culpeper Co.,
and Elizabeth Loving, spinster
Consent of her father, John Loving

before l767
Mary Martin, daughter of John Martin, married to Matthew Vaughn.
He was an officer in the Rev. War. Their children are given in the
Douglas Register, of the St. James Northam Parish. Stella Bass of the
Va. State Lib., Archives Division, is a descendant of this Mary Martin
who married Matthew Vaughn through their daughter Ann Vaughn.
(Her brother, Hudson Martin is mentioned as living in Albemarle Co., Va.)

Bedford County
Submitted by Molly Shumate

William Young to Salley Vaughan                       Jul-06-1793

Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Pittsylvania Co., VA 1767-1805  By Catherine Lindsey Knorr

James Allen and Cloey Vaughan                          Aug-25-1785
Surety: John Vaughan

Joseph Ferguson and Patsey Vaughan                  Dec-12-1788
Surety: William Wilkinson

Drewry Vaughan and Sally Johns                        Dec-31-1794
daughter of Joseph Johns who consents.
Surety: Edward Nunnelee.
Married by Rev. Richard Elliott

William B. Vaughan and Sarah Terry                   Jan-07-1805
daughter of Joseph Terry who consents.
Surety: Jeremiah Terry. Married  by Rev. Griffith Dickinson.
Pittsylvania Co. Marriages 1806-1830
No race given

Thomas Fitzgerald and Nancy Vaughan                   Dec-16-1806
daughter of Henry and Fanny Vaughan, who consents.
Surety: Leonard Fitzgerald

Daniel King and Nancy Vaughan                             Oct-02-1810
daughter of William Vaughan, who consents.
Surety: Thomas Vaughan

Frances Kinston and Fanny Vaughan                        Dec-24-1811
daughter of Mary Harmon who consents.
Surety: Nicholas Harmon.
By Wm. Blair

Jessie Pitts and Sally Vaughan                                  Sep-11-1815
Surety: George Vaughan who signs the certificate.
No relationship given.

Perry Vaughan and Heziah Hay                                Dec-24-1817
daughter of Reubin Hay who consents.
Surety: Woodson Hay

William Vaughan and Sally East                                Aug-04-1818
Surety: Ezekial East

Matthew Sparks and Mary Vaughan                          Dec-26-1818
daughter of William Vaughan who consents.
Surety: Pleasant Vaughan

George Vaughan and Henrietta Turner                       Nov-15-1822
who signs her own consent.
Surety: Thomas T. Vaughan
Married Nov-15 by Rev. Shadrach Mustain

Charles Angel and Martha Vaughan                          Dec-17-1825
who signs her own consent.
Surety: Emanuel Wayne.
Married Dec-25 by Ebn. Angel.

John Moore and Mitilly Vaughan                                Jan-02-1825
daughter of William and Prisile Vaughan who consents.
Surety: Benjamin Ritcher

John Walker and Judish Vaughan                               Mar-13-1827
who signs her own consent.
Surety: John Warsham.
Married Mar-20 by Eden Angle

John Vaughan and Martha Lane                                 Sep-07-1827
who signs her own consent.
Surety: John W. Watler.
Married Sep-08 by Griffith Dickinson

Booker Dove and Frances Vaughan                            Jun-18-1827
who signs her own certificate.
Surety: E. Y. Winbish

Samuel Burton and Winifred Vaughan                        Nov-09-1837
Bond: John Hyler s/Polly Vaughan By Nathan Anderson

Fredricksburg County
Submitted by Dee

24 Dec 1850
Vaughan, William & Eliza Jane Norton

Henry County
Submitted by Molly Shumate

Roberson Vaughan and Elizabeth Durham.
Henry Co. Marriage Bonds 1778-1849 by Virginia Anderton Dodd
Richmond 1953 Minister's returns - p. 128

Reuben Vaughan and Mary McKenney
By publication.
Manning Hill, min.

Aris Vaughan, Jr. and Sarah Sands

Gabriel Vaughan and Nancy Pyrtle  sister of John P. Pyrtle

Robert Vaughan and Elizabeth Durham

William Vaughan and Jean Watson

Peter Smith, Min Bonds
p. 43

Orange County
Submitted by Dee

l2 Jan l793
Beach, Bailey and Nancy Vaughn  d/o James Vaughn

11 May l796
Boston, George and Elizabeth Vaughn

Vaughan, Joseph & Nancy Turner  ( d/o. Ann Turner)
23 Aug 1798
Orange Co., Va.

Pittsylvania County
Submitted by Molly Shumate
Hay, Keziah m. Perry Vaughan                                    12/24/1817

dau of Reubin Hay
By Woodson Hay
Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Pittsylvania Co.,
VA 1767-1805  by Catherine Lindsey Knorr Pittsylvania Co., VA

Vaughan, Mary m. Matthew Sparks                        12/26/1818
Sur: Pleasant Vaughan
Marriage Bonds and Minister's Returns of Pittsylvania Co.,
VA 1767-1805  By Catherine Lindsey Knorr Pittsylvania Co., VA

Spotsylvania County
Submitted by Dee
22 Dec 1826

Knoto, Jordon and Julia S. Vaughan

30 Dec 1812
Truslow, Jn. & Lucy Vaughan

30 Dec 1827
Vaughan, Edmund G. & Ann M. Shepard

NOTE: Ann Shepard Vaughan and Edmund G. Vaughan moved
from Spot, Va to Fayette Co., Ky. in l83l. He died in l835, the
evening before they were to leave for Clay Co., Mo.  In l837 she
remarried, Clayton Tillery in Clay Co. Children  by Vaughan were
Sarah R. Vaughan; William A. M. Vaughan, and Mary J.
Vaughan. The Mo. records show the name spelled Vaughn.

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