Vaughan Marriages
Virginia 1900-1911
Grooms A-K
Submitted by Beth Bond

Note from Beth:  These are from the indexes. Additional information available.


 A. A.                      Mattie Bland                      Pulaski Co.               1909
 A. D.                      Maggie Renfro                   Wise Co.                   1905
A. G.                       Linn F. Gardener               Floyd Co.                 1903
J.                           Eugenia Vaughan              Mecklenburg Co.      1903
A. J.                       Ora B. Myers                     Radford Co.             1902
A. J.                       Missouri Beverly                Wise Co.                  1908
Abraham C.          Marguerite E. Russell        Newport News         1904
 Abraham S.         Edith Hudson                    Pulaski Co.              1902
 Adrian Spencer   Susan Bagnall Cooke        Gloucester Co.          1910
Alfred                   Mary Crawford                 Pulaski Co.               1907
 Allen                    Rosa Eppes                        Amelia Co.               1910
 Amos                   Vincia Vaughan                 Grayson Co.             1901
 Anderson            Julia N. Starke                   Brunswick Co.          1900
 Anderson             Anna E. Washington           Sussex Co.               1909
 Andrew                Mittie Jones                        Southhampton Co.    1901
Andrew                 Belle Clark                         Mecklenburg Co.       1902
Andrew J.             Essie Gay Gwaltney            Newport News           1909
 Andrew T.            Laura Fitz                          Scott Co.                   1904
Archer                   Laura Harvey                    Charlotte Co.             1901
Arthur Thomas    Sue Fannie Watson            Lynchburg                1900
Artie                      Bertie Peters                      Nelson Co.                1900


B. F.                      Eula J. Edwards              Southhampton Co.    1903
B. J.                      M. V. Young                    Sussex Co.                1901
Ben                       Rebecca Jennings             Nottoway Co.            1910
Ben                       Annie Riddick                  Norfolk Co.               1911
Benj. A.                Polly J. Coggin                Isle of Wight Co.        1904
Benj. Franklin    Ida Lee Whittaker            Caroline Co.              1910
Berry                    Rosetta Allen                    Nansemond Co.        1911
Boolar                  Lucy Bailey                      Suseex Co.                1902
Brack                   Jennie Ward                     Amherst Co.             1908
Buster                 Laura Wren                     Southhampton Co.     1910
Butler                 Mary Smith                      Norfolk Co.               1901


C. B.                   Bertha L. Smith                Danville,Pitts. Co.    1903
C. W.                  Mary A. Townsend            Dinwiddie Co.          1900
Cephas               Virginia Farley                  Dinwiddie Co.          1908
Charles              Ana Williams                    Rockbridge Co.         1900
Charles              Mollie Via                          Patrick Co.               1901
Charles              Josephine Steptoe               Lynchburg               1903
Charles              Carrie Minor                     Rockbridge Co.         1907?
Charles               Mary Jane Carter              Richmond City          1908
Chas. Benj.         Lillie Bennett?                  Gloucetser Co.           1909
Charles H.          Mary E. Jones                   Brunswick Co.          1910
Charley               Mandy Abbitt                    Lynchburg                1909
Chester               Mary Ida Green?               Powhatan Co.           1906
Chris C.              Nettie V. Wood                  Nelson Co.                1910
Claude                Kate Huntsinger                Danville                    1911
Clement R.         Annie F. Page                   Roanoke City            1906
Cleveland            Irena Smith                       Wise Co.                  1904
Cleveland            Sallie Vaughan                  Culpeper Co.            1903?
Clinton Davis      Mollie Mayhew                  Bedford Co.              1903
Co_n? Wallace    Estelle Jane Warner           Norfolk City             1908
Cracket L.           Martha Criger                    Grayson Co.             1902


Daniel W.?           Sarah Gordon                    Norfolk Co.            1904
Darcy                    Mollie Shite                       Petersburg              1903
David                    Mamie Moody                    Norfolk City           1910
David O.               Haseltine J. Morris             Princess Anne Co.  1900
Dennis                 Jane Harris                         Prince Edward Co. 1902
Dennis                 Jennie Smith                       Prince Edward       1910
Doctor Joe          Nora Marshall                     Nottoway Co.         1910
Dolph                  May Bedsaul                        Grayson                 1900


E. J.                    L. M. Grizzard                     Sussex Co.             1905
E. T.                   Florence Foster                    Charlotte Co.         1901
E. V.                  Mary Lovell                         Bedford Co.            1901
Earnest L.         Edith T. Watkins                  King & Queen Co.  1906
Eddie                 Mary W. Sharp                    Henrico Co.            1903
Edgar L.            Margarett E. Lark                Southhampton Co.  1902
Edmore             Alice Walker                         King & Queen Co . 1903
Edward             Elnora Hill                           Newport News         1905
Edward             Irene Evans                          Powhatan Co.         1902
Edward             Emma Lou Harris                Southhampton Co.  1900
Edward             Mittie Stiff                            Prince Edward Co.  1907
Edward             Delia Gaines                         Lunenburg Co.       1910
Edward B.        Victoria Shomberger              Richmond City       1911
Edward S.         Vessie B. Blake                     Middlesex Co.         1901
Edw. Spencer    Ethel Vaughan                      Petersburg              1911
Edward Wm.     Nannie G. Pollard                 Rockbridge Co.       1902
Edwin B.           Carrie B. Santon                    Newport News        1907
Ellis                   Mary Powell                           Halifax Co.            1911
Elwood              Fannie Dodd                          Lynchburg             1906
Emanuel           Rosetta Manson                      RichmondCity        1909
Emmett             Anna? Mason                         Lunenburg Co.       1910
Emory A.           Ella M. McCloud                   Norfolk Co.            1903
Ernest               Sarah Peachy                         Amelia Co.             1904
Ernest                Irene Jordan                          Portsmouth             1911
Euclas               Hester Parham                      Sussex Co.              1903


Floyd                Mattie Lou Taylor                   Chesterfield Co.       1904
Floyd B.            Rosa B. Tinsley                        Richmond City        1904
Francis             Lelia Vaughan                        Grayson Co.            1910
Francis Marion    Ella May Joyner                 Norfolk Cty             1901
Frank                 Lizzie Robinson                       Montgomery Co.     1905
Frank                 Olive Marie Snyder                   Rockingham Co.    1909
Franklin V.        Marie L. Graves                       Alexandria City      1909
Freeman J.        Alice M. Burks                         Mecklenburg Co.    1909


G. M.                 Minerva McCann                       Halifax Co.            1901
Garland Estes   Marion Yancy Jackson              Lynchburg             1902
George              Mary Cook                                 King & Queen Co.  1900
George              Classie Barksdale                       Danville                  1905
George D.         Harriett L. C_____?                   Richmond City       1907
Geo. Francis    Russell Jinie Taylor                   Culpeper Co.           1907
George I.          Victoria Dixon                           Lunenburg Co.        1900
George L.         Minnie Waddell                         Pulaski Co.             1909
George Thomas   Meta Annie Murray               Culpeper Co.          1904
George W.         Mattie R. Witten                        Wise Co.                 1905
George W.         Annie L. Lee                             Elizabeth City         1907
Gibson               Lissie King                                Petersburg              1910
Grant                 Maggie Pryor                            Richmond City       1910


H. B.                Mary Pickett                             Prince Edward Co.   1901
H. J.                 M. E. Bernett                            Mecklenburg Co.      1900
H. L.                 Josie C. Tucker                         Amelia Co.               1901
Hamford W.     Lucy Akers                                Pulaski Co.              1905
Hampton          Bertha Charlton                        Pulaski Co.              1900
Harry                Grace Anthony                          Norolk City              1901
Harry                Nancy Jones                              Norfolk City            1905
Harry J.            Minnie K. Howell                       Allegheny Co.         1901
Harry Hill        Lena Specks                              Norfolk Co.             1908
Harvey              Sarah E. Abernathy                   Brunswick Co.        1909
Henry               Caroline Riddick                        Nansemond Co.      1904
Henry               Ora Bess Hatchett                      Isle of Wight Co.    1906
Henry F.          Florence L. Franklin                 Richmond City       1901
Henry Guy       Bertha Elsie Shipley                  Hanover Co.           1904
Henry S.          Josephine E. Rison                    Alexandria City      1905
Henry T.          Eva Foster                                 Charlotte Co.         1902
Hillory L.         Mary J. Gardner                       Southhampton Co. 1904
Hiram              Flora Starnes                             Wise Co.                1903
Howard            Lucy Johnson                            Sussex Co.             1908
Howard S.        Annie S. Keene                          Richmond City       1903


I. Daner           Rose B. Ferrell                         Charlotte Co.         1903
I. W.                Corrina C. Vaughan                 Nottoway Co.         1911
I. Newton, Jr.  Margaret N. Shields                 Richmond City       1907
Isaac               Lelia Venable                           Cumberland Co.    1908?
Isaac W.         Bessie V. Vaughan                    Amelia Co.            1903
Isaiah             Bettie Watkins                          Charlotte Co.         1902


J. A.                 Sadie A. Young                        Spotsylvania Co.       1901
J. B.                 P. A. McCheney                       Hanover CO.            1902
J. G.                Hattie Bell Hall                       Brunswick Co.          1906
J. H.                Mary Dyson                            Greensville? Co         1905
J. H.                H. L. Leneve                           Mecklenburg Co.       1902
J. H. M.          Mary C. Dreucker                   Nottoway Co             1901
J. L.                 Martha J. Willis                     Wise Co.                    1900
J. N.                Sallie Raney                           Wise Co.                    1905
J. T.                 Ollie Akera                             Tazewell Co.              1904
J. V.                 Pattie Long                             Halifax Co.                1902
J. W.               Gertrude Tomkins                   Hanover Co.              1902
J. W. Jr.         Jennie Traylor                        Chesterfield Co.         1902
J. W.               Estella Gilliam                        Southhampton Co.     1910
J. Willie         Georgia C. Lacks                    Halifax Co.               1904
James             Mary J. Pugh                         Charlotte Co.             1900
James            Annetta Watkins                     Richmond City          1908
James             Cora Harcum                         Southhampton Co.    1910
James             Emma Smith                          Montgomery Co.       1909
James             Nannie Sexton                        Wise Co.                   1911
James A.        Althrea Claiborne                   Brunswick Co.          1908
James A.        Lillie A. Ridley                       Southhampton Co.    1901
James A.        Luvenia M. Fletcher               Halifax Co.              1903
James B.        Willie W. Morris                     Richmond City         1903
James Cass    Mary L. McCoy                      Norfolk Co.             1901
James Cassandra    Ida Jones                     Norfolk City             1902
James E          Mary E. Beasley                     Nottoway Co.           1902
James L.        Jessie Moore                          Nansemond Co.        1910
James Ellis    Elizabeth Preston                   Lynchburg               1910?
James Ellis    Sallie D. Gilbert                     Lynchburg               1906
James F.        Martha S. Lambert                 Dickenson Co.         1905
James G.       Nannie Babb                          Southhampton Co.   1905?
James H      Maud Garland                       Nelson Co.               1901
James H.     Martha Spivey                        Isle of Wight Co.      1910
James Henry     Pinkie Benton?                Norfolk City             1904
James Henry    Minnie Clatterbuck                Culpeper Co.            1905
James Hugh      Nellie Ann Sheffield              Dinwiddie Co.          1910
James Luther     Sue Bevel                              Norfolk Co.              1904
James R.            Rebecca Booker                    Henrico Co.              1909
James Thomas   Ida May Hart                        Isle of Wight Co.      1911
James W.           Martha Roberts                     Scott Co.                  1903
Jeffrey                Lena Nash                            Richmond City         1907
Jesse B.              Alice George Hale                 Roanoke City           1909
Jesse Jackson    ___? Jane Sawyer                Norfolk Co.             1905
Jessie                Ether Stewart                        King William Co.     1908
Joe                    Mary Vaughan                       Nottoway Co.           1905
John                  Ada Wilson                            Northhampton Co.   1905
John                  Mattie Gardner                      Richmond City         1910
John                  Caroline Johnson                  Richmond City         1910
John                  Cora L. Davis                        Nottoway Co.           1901
John                  Rosa Belle Drew                    Richmond City         1901
John                  Ellen Gilliam                         Cumberland Co.      1900
John                  Francis Chapman                  Sussex Co.               1906
John                  Susie Johnson                        Richmond City        1911
John B.              Bessie B. Rhudy                      Grayson Co.           1905
John Edward     Gertrude Westmoreland          Petersburg              1910
John H.              Laura E. Cargill                     Newport News        1910
John James        Fannie North                          Amherst Co.           1903
John K.              Nettie McDowell                    Richmond City        1906
John L.              Rosa Hardaway                      Nottoway Co.         1902
John L.              Nettye L. Lambert                   Petersburg             1900
John M.              A. T. Hilton                            Manchester            1902
John M.              Avie Louisa Watson                Bedford Co.            1906
John Mason        Vergie Lee Branch                  Dinwiddie Co.        1906
John Monroe       Lizzie Erie Anderson              Culpeper Co.          1908
John S.                Effie L. Nelms                        Nansemond Co.      1900
John W.              Phoebe Criger                        Grayson Co.            1902
John W.             Lillian Ross Carter                 Amelia Co.              1901
John W.             Fannie Napier                        Nelson Co.              1901
John W.             Ellen Joyner                           Norfolk Co.             1901
John Whaley     Susie Howard-Beasley            Norfolk City            1909
Joseph               Nora Hill                               Nelson Co.              1907
Joseph               Annie Goode                          Sussex Co.              1910
Joseph              Daisy Bowles                         Richmond City        1900
Joseph             Mary Honigan                       Campbell Co.          1911
Joseph F.         Dessie Vaughan                     Pulaski Co.            1911
Joseph G.         Minnie Quarles                      Halifax Co.            1905
Joseph John    Annie C. Bailey                     Norfolk Co.            1908
Joseph William    Amanda R. Carden         Charlotte Co.          1905
Judge                Laura H. Bowman                Prince Edward Co. 1904
Julian               Lula M. Brown                    Culpeper Co.           1900
Julian G.          Elsie Rena Harris                 Southhampton Co.  1903


Kelly                   Dolly Gatlin?                        Isle of Wight Co.      1902
Kenneth M.       Mamie Ella Dyson                Caroline Co.            1911
Kirk P.               Bessie P. Howard                 Richmond City         1910
Kirsey F.            Fannie V. Payne                  Pittsylvania Co.         1903

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