Land Patents
Bureau of Land Management

At the Bureau of Land Management website, the date of the patent, the acreage, and the location by township and range are provided. This material may be downloaded. In addition, for the patentees in Missouri, a copy of the original document can be viewed and downloaded. If you prefer, you can purchase a copy from the BLM.

AARON C Crawford 6/1/1858 
ABRAHAM Portage  5/1/1855 
ANSLEM Portage  11/10/1869 
AUSALEM P Portage 5/1/1855 
BENJAMIN Sauk  6/10/1856 
CHAUNCEY Langlade 2/20/1883
CHRISTIE Lincoln 12/20/1904 
DALLAS Eau Claire  10/17/1892 
DANIEL Door  5/2/1859 
DANIEL C Fond Du Lac  9/1/1846 
DANIEL C Fond Du Lac 5/10/1848
EBENEZER K Dodge 6/1/1848 
ELIPHALET H Dane  8/1/1849 
ELIPHALET H Portage 9/1/1857 
HATTIE O Langlade  12/1/1882
IRA Dane  1/1/1850 
IRA Portage  12/1/1857
ISAAC Fond Du Lac  9/1/1846 
ISAAC W Fond Du Lac 3/1/1848
JACOB Portage 12/15/1855 
JACOB Portage 5/1/1855 
JACOB Portage  5/1/1855
JOHN Lafayette  9/1/1852 
JONAS P Washington 8/1/1844 
JONATHAN Kenosha  3/3/1843 
JONATHAN Kenosha  3/3/1843 
MARGARET Fond Du Lac 8/10/1850
MARY S Adams  10/1/1903
PETER Lafayette  9/1/1852
RAYMOND T Shawano 3/14/1889
THOMAS Lafayette 9/1/1848
WILLIAM Manitowoc 2/22/1858 
WILLIAM Racine  8/1/1844
WILLIAM W Green Lake 9/1/1846


ADELIA Bayfield  1/31/1903
ALANSON B Rock 3/1/1848
ALANSON B Rock 3/1/1848
ALONZO Bayfield  1/31/1903
AMOS Lafayette 1/5/1841
AMOS Lafayette 1/1/1849
AMOS Lafayette 1/5/1841 
ANSELM P Taylor 3/16/1885
CHARLES Jefferson  5/3/1858
DANIEL C Fond Du Lac  2/1/1848 
DAVID H Oneida  6/15/1894
DAVID T Walworth 12/10/1840
DAVID T Walworth 3/3/1843
EBENEZER K Dodge 9/1/1849
EBENEZER K Dodge  8/1/1849
EDWARD Lafayette  9/1/1848
ELIAS Sheboygan 8/1/1849
ELLEN Lafayette 11/10/1855
EMELINE E Ashland  3/20/1871
EMELINE E Bayfield  6/30/1882 
EMELINE E Bayfield  6/30/1882 
EMELINE E Bayfield  6/30/1882 
EMELINE E Ashland  6/1/1869
EMELINE E Bayfield  6/1/1869
EPHRAIM P Kenosha 8/1/1844
ERASTUS O Walworth 2/1/1848
ERASTUS O Walworth 3/3/1843 
ERASTUS O Racine  3/3/1843
FRED Iron 4/26/1906 
GUS A Polk  10/27/1914
IRA S Oconto 3/20/1877
JEROME Rock  3/1/1848
JOHN M Waushara  10/1/1860
LONNIE Polk  1/6/1910
MARTIN Oneida 5/23/1910
MORRIS Price 6/30/1884
PATIN Grant 7/10/1844
ROYAL Rock 3/1/1848 
RUBEN Langlade 3/27/1915
S S Ashland  8/20/1881
S S Ashland  3/30/1883
S S Bayfield  3/30/1882
S S Bayfield  6/30/1882 
SAMUEL Bayfield  3/1/1865
SAMUEL Ashland  6/1/1868 
SAMUEL C Walworth  3/25/1841 
SAMUEL C Walworth  3/3/1843
SAMUEL S Ashland  12/1/1869
SAMUEL S Ashland  12/1/1869 
SAMUEL S Ashland  9/10/1870 
SAMUEL S Ashland  9/1/1870 
SAMUEL S Ashland  6/27/1871
SAMUEL S Ashland  9/10/1870
SAMUEL S Bayfield  9/10/1870
SAMUEL S Bayfield  3/20/1871
SAMUEL S Ashland  8/1/1872
SAMUEL S Ashland  10/1/1872 
SAMUEL S Ashland  11/20/1872
SAMUEL S Ashland  11/20/1872 
SAMUEL S Ashland  1/30/1874 
SAMUEL S Iron 4/10/1875 
SAMUEL S Iron 4/10/1875 
SAMUEL S Bayfield  7/21/1879 
SAMUEL S Bayfield  12/30/1879 
SAMUEL S Bayfield  3/30/1883 
SAMUEL S Bayfield  3/30/1883 
SAMUEL S Bayfield  3/30/1883 
SAMUEL S Bayfield  3/30/1883 
SAMUEL S Ashland  6/1/1859 
SAMUEL S Ashland  3/30/1883 
SAMUEL S Ashland  3/30/1883 
SAMUEL S Ashland  8/15/1884 
SAMUEL S Ashland  8/15/1884
SAMUEL S Ashland  8/15/1884
SAMUEL S Bayfield  3/1/1865
SAMUEL S Ashland  10/2/1854 
SAMUEL S Ashland  10/2/1854
SAMUEL S Ashland  10/2/1854 
SILAS B Douglas 6/15/1855
THOMAS Lafayette  8/1/1849 

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