Bureau of Land Management
Submitted by David Hoffman

At the Bureau of Land Management website, the date of the patent, the acreage, and the location by township and range are provided. This material may be downloaded. In addition, for the patentees in Missouri, a copy of the original document can be viewed and downloaded. If you prefer, you can purchase a copy from the BLM.


Aideline 1885 Whitman
Frank R. 1909 Skamania
Frank S., heirs of  1917 Douglas
Franklin W. 1912 Douglas and Okanogan
Henry J. 1893   Lincoln
Henry J. 1883   Columbia
Henry J. 1883   Columbia
Ira F. 1898 Whitman
James O. 1908 Douglas
James O. 1920   Douglas
Joseph 1894 King
Joseph F. 1907 Douglas
Julia H.  1904 Chelan
Mae N. 1908 Douglas
Nellie D. 1909 Skamania
Warren B. 1895  Clallam
William  1874 Walla Walla
William E. 1894 King

Austin 1894 Douglas
Benjamin F. 1905 Yakima
Benjamin F. 1899 Yakima
Benjamin T. 1908 Pend Oreille
Cornelius 1891 Adams
Edward 1864  Thurston
Ella Bertrand 1919 Grays Harbor
Ellen Bertrand 1916 Grays Harbor
Ernest R. 1906 Okanogan
Howard R. 1915 Grant
James A. 1882 Wahkiakum
James A. 1877 Wahkiakum
Jennie 1908 Whatcom
John H 1891 Clark
John L. 1873 Kittitas
John W. 1918 Lincoln
John W. 1926 Lincoln
Julia H. 1904 Chelan
Martin 1879  Yakima
Martina Narcisse 1969 Ferry
Martina Narcisse 1971 Ferry
Nannie J. 1907 Pend Oreille
Ora W. 1899 Lewis
Pricie D. 1910 Douglas
Sylvester 1902 King
William 1878 Columbia
William C. C. 1881 Whitman
William C. C. 1882 Whitman
William F. 1904 Walla Walla
William H. 1907 Douglas
William R. 1892 Pacific

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