Bureau of Land Management
Submitted by David Hoffman

At the Bureau of Land Management website, the date of the patent, the acreage, and the location by township and range are provided. This material may be downloaded. In addition, for the patentees in Missouri, a copy of the original document can be viewed and downloaded. If you prefer, you can purchase a copy from the BLM.


B. T. 1883 Summit
Benjamin F 1919 Washington
Boon C. 1892 Moffat
Boyd L. 1903 Moffat
C. Minford 1936 Moffat
Carter 1891 Fremont
Clark H. 1891 Delta
Clark N. 1898 Delta
Clayton W. 1910 Garfield
Clayton W. 1914 Garfield
Clayton W. 1916 Garfield
E. R. 1902 Teller
Emma 1914 Pueblo
Enoch T. 1892 Weld
George E. 1919 Morgan
George E. 1919 Morgan
George S. 1890 Alamosa
James L. 1938 Moffat
John D. 1901 Boulder
John M. 1892 Park
Moody Oscar 1919 El Paso
Roy 1944 Mesa
Thomas 1912 Pueblo
Thomas 1892 Pueblo
William R. 1914 Baca

Aaron 1914 Boulder
Aaron M. 1890 Baca
Alexis S. 1895 Sedgwick
Alexis S. 1891 Sedgwick
Anthony 1873 Las Animas
Arthur O., heirs of 1945 Montrose
Arthur Osco 1928 Montrose
Augustus G. 1893 Elbert
Benjamin T. 1896 Washington
Berry R. 1913 Saguache
Carl A. 1929 Montrose
Charles B. 1920 Las Animas
Charles G 1897 Mineral
Charles G. 1897 Mineral
Charles G. 1890 Washington
E. J. 1901 Boulder
Edward 1891 Washington
Eleanor M. 1919 Weld
Elizabeth 1897 Garfield
Emma E. 1891 Yuma
Enos H. 1900 Yuma
Enos H. 1898 Yuma
Enos H 1890 Yuma
Ephraim A. 1920 Lincoln
Ernest 1920 Montrose
Ernest 1923 Montrose
Ernest 1923 Montrose
Ernest R. 1921 Baca
Eugene 1904 Elbert
F. E. 1892 Pitkin
F. E. 1902 Lake
Frank L. 1917 Kit Carson
George B. 1895 Yuma
George B. 1892 Yuma
George L. 1912 Rio Blanco
George M. 1916 Montrose
George M. 1890 Las Animas
George O. 1882 Saguache
Green F. 1916 Boulder
Green F. 1917 Boulder
Hattie L. 1890 Boulder
Henry  1916 El Paso
Hiram C. 1874 Fremont
Hugh J. 1919 Yuma
Isaac P. 1891 Routt
Jack W. 1923 Moffat
Jack W. 1923 Moffat
James 1917 Pueblo
James F. 1891 Kiowa
John C. 1898 Alamosa
John C. 1890 Alamosa
John F. 1902 Kiowa
John F. 1891 Kiowa
John H. 1921 San Juan
John L. 1915 Montrose
John L. 1915 Montrose
John P. 1912 Jackson
John P. 1914 Jackson
Joshua 1892 Eagle
Leonard 1890 Kiowa
Levi 1910 Mesa
Lilburn A. 1916 Yuma
Lina 1915 Morgan
Lina Mary 1930 Montrose
Lina Mary 1923 Montrose
Lucy A. 1891 Las Animas
Martha A. 1918 Montrose
Mary E. 1891 Kiowa
Mattie J. 1890 Yuma
Mattie J. 1890 Yuma
Michael 1904 Gilpin
Morgan L. 1913 Weld
Olive H 1892 Sedgwick
Orville A. 1923 Kit Carson
Peter W. 1920 Las Animas
Peter W. 1921 Las Animas
Pleasant H.  1916 Cheyenne
Robert J., heirs of  1916 Routt
Smith, heirs of  1917 Yuma
Spencer S. 1919 Weld
Stella M. 1900 Fremont
Stephen G. 1886 Custer
Thomas 1920 El Paso
Thomas E. 1914 Weld
Thomas J. 1916 Baca
Virgil  1922 Moffat
Virgil  1927 Moffat
Wayland 1891 Phillips
Wayland 1895 Phillips
Willard F.  1912 El Paso
William A. 1920 El Paso
William A. 1906 Lincoln
William E. 1912 Logan
William H. 1916 Montrose
William M. 1910 Prowers
Winfield S. 1891 Baca


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