Land Patents
Bureau of Land Management

At the Bureau of Land Management website, the date of the patent, the acreage, and the location by township and range are provided. This material may be downloaded. In addition, for the patentees in Missouri, a copy of the original document can be viewed and downloaded. If you prefer, you can purchase a copy from the BLM.

SINGLETON Solano 5/31/1867


ALFRED TERRY San Bernardino 6/26/1953 
CHARLES F Placer  4/19/1894
EDWARD Kern 5/6/1921 
EDWARD J Plumas 7/30/1875
EUPHA San Bernardino 2/18/1964
FRANCIS M Butte  2/20/1882
GEORGE Santa Clara 11/1/1881
GEORGE Santa Clara 6/20/1888
GEORGE W Tulare 11/15/1860 
HAL W Los Angeles  11/4/1914
HARRY B Trinity 4/1/1931
HARRY B Trinity 3/31/1906
HEWS W Santa Clara 7/9/1901 
JAMES San Luis Obispo 2/15/1871
JAMES EDWARD EUGENE San Bernardino 4/12/1960
JAMES F Los Angeles 7/6/1914
JESSE H Sonoma 1/5/1872
JESSE ORVILLE San Bernardino 7/27/1956
JIM Inyo  12/28/1888
JOHN EVERETT San Bernardino 3/22/1962
LOUISA J Sonoma 1/5/1872 
MARY M Lassen 3/27/1911 
MELVILLE M Humboldt 4/5/1890
MILES E Placer 12/1/1860 
MYRTLE BENNETT Imperial  9/8/1930 
ROBERT Mendocino 8/30/1904
SUSAN M Mendocino 10/1/1879 
JAMES San Bernardino 1/20/1959
WALTER E Inyo  2/14/1945 
WILLIAM J Sonoma  2/1/1875
WILLIAM O Trinity 1/30/1877


AARON BENJAMIN Riverside 3/19/1959
ABEL Contra Costa 11/20/1872
ABEL Contra Costa  3/1/1873
ALVA T Imperial 9/5/1916
ANN Riverside 1/12/1889
ANNA JENETT San Bernardino 2/24/1955 
ARTHUR O Shasta  11/21/1902
BENJAMIN A Tuolumne  7/1/1874 
BERT B Trinity 8/21/1935 
BETTY BYRLE San Bernardino 6/27/1960
CHARLES Modoc  8/26/1920 
CHARLES C Mendocino 7/1/1912
CHARLES L Imperial 4/23/1915 
CHARLIE WILLIAM San Bernardino 3/16/1961
CLAIBORNE Los Angeles 12/19/1885
CLAIBURN Sonoma  7/19/1866 
CLARENCE A Imperial 6/4/1915 
DANIEL Sonoma  11/1/1867 
DANIEL Sonoma  5/2/1870
DANIEL Sacramento 5/1/1878
DANIEL E Nevada, Sierra  6/30/1879 
DAVID Inyo 10/23/1894 
DAVID Inyo 12/12/1898 
DEARBORN Amador 12/1/1875 
DEFOREST H Trinity 4/30/1924 
EDMOND WILLIAM San Bernardino  1/8/1959
EDWARD Amador 2/20/1882
EDWARD Kern 4/24/1893
EDWARD N Trinity 3/10/1937
EDWARD N Trinity 12/9/1941
ELIJAH K Sonoma  4/15/1879 
ELIZABETH J Kern  2/27/1926
ELIZABETH W Merced  9/9/1892 
ELLIS MARVIN San Bernardino 10/17/1960
EMILY M San Bernardino 2/3/1961
GERTIE L Imperial 4/23/1915 
HARRISON SAMUEL Siskiyou 8/4/1917 
HEBERT H Modoc 8/7/1906 
HOMER W Fresno, Imperial 5/14/1913
HULDA H Imperial  10/27/1915
HULDA H Imperial 10/30/1914
JAMES Nevada, Sierra  9/15/1882
JAMES Shasta  7/13/1904
JAMES Amador  6/30/1880 
JAMES Nevada  11/20/1872 
JAMES H Riverside  8/16/1899 
JAMES V Lassen 5/1/1906
JAMES W San Luis Obispo 12/29/1890
JOHN C Imperial 10/29/1910
JOHN C Imperial, San Benito  4/22/1912
JOHN GLENDON San Bernardino 9/22/1953
JOHN J San Bernardino 4/9/1892
JOSEPH San Joaquin 3/15/1860
LAWRENCE W Modoc 8/21/1913 
LEMUEL Shasta  1/22/1896 
LUCILLE San Bernardino 9/19/1961
LUCY A Kern 10/13/1898
MAHALA L Kern 10/10/1924
MARY ANN San Bernardino 2/12/1958
NELLIE M Imperial  9/21/1916 
OPAL San Bernardino 6/20/1958
RICHARD San Bernardino 8/15/1961 
RICHARD C Kern 6/22/1925 
RICHARD G Imperial  10/15/1921
ROBERT Solano  8/1/1866
S Solano  4/24/1883 
SEVAN Tehama 12/13/1889
SINGLETON Solano  5/10/1867 
SINGLETON Solano  5/20/1867 
SINGLETON Solano  5/31/1867
SINGLETON Solano  5/31/1867
SINGLETON Solano  5/31/1867 
SINGLETON Solano  7/19/1867 
SINGLETON Solano  5/31/1867
SINGLETON Solano  6/10/1867 
SINGLETON Solano  6/10/1867
SINGLETON Solano  6/10/1867
SINGLETON Solano  6/29/1867
SINGLETON Solano  6/29/1867
SINGLETON Sacramento, Solano 6/29/1867 
SINGLETON Solano  6/29/1867
SINGLETON Solano  6/29/1867
SINGLETON Fresno 12/17/1898
SINGLETON Kings 12/1/1896
WILBANKS San Bernardino  9/19/1961
WILLIAM Inyo  2/6/1899
WILLIAM D Trinity 5/29/1896
WILLIAM H El Dorado 11/26/1889 
WILLIAM H El Dorado 11/24/1905
WILLIAM H Tehama  10/20/1882
WILLIAM O Humboldt  5/10/1870
WILLIAM W Inyo 4/9/1891
WILLIE H Inyo 10/13/1898 
WILLIS H Trinity 4/18/1895

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