Hundley Vaughan, Sr.
Descendancy Chart
Submitted by Mary Gregg

           1. Hundley Vaughan, Sr. (born in Virginia, probably not
              later than ca 1745)
              married Elizabeth, who may or may not have been the
              mother of his children, who probably included:

        X     2.  Hundley Vaughan, Jr.
                     Perhaps also:
                3.  William H. Vaughan of Lafayette County,
        X     4.  ________ Vaughan who married John Fowler

              2.  The name "Hundley Vaughan, Jr." appears in no
                  record so far discovered, and his existence can only
                  be theorized.  Mrs. James, in her 1915 letter, did
                  not use the designation "Jr.". writing merely
                  "Hunley Vaughan"; I shall now list the children
                  given by Mrs. James, and, based upon the evidence
                  given above, I shall call their father "Hundley
                  Vaughan, Jr."
                  Children of Hundley Vaughan, Jr.:

        X        5.  Littleberry Vaughan
        X        6.  Manoah Vaughan
                  7.  William Vaughan
        X       8.  Melkijah S. Vaughan
        X       9.  Abner Vaughan
               10.  Benjamin Vaughan
               11.  Hundley Vaughan (died young)
               12.  Sarah (Sally) Vaughan (died young)

              3.  William H. Vaughan (born in Virginia ca 1775;
                   living, in 1850, in Lafayette County, Mississippi)
                   married  _______ ________.
                   I have a tentative list of this William's children,
                   supplied by correspondents,and supplemented with a
                   bit of my own research:

                   13.  David M. Vaughan (born ca 1808 in Georgia)
                         married Cynthia Ann Gideon, daughter of
                        Richard Gideon.
                 14.  Walton Harris Vaughan (born ca 1811 in
                       Georgia; died February 3, 1857 at Palestine,
                       Texas) perhaps
                       married (1) in Hardeman County, Tennessee,
                       September 10, 1832, Frances Richardson;
                       he is said also to have married Savannah Shade;
                       he did marry, in Marshall County, Mississippi,
                       May 2, 1846, Sarah Ann Brady, daughter of Thomas
                15.  Murphy Vaughan (born December 22, 1816 in Alabama;
                       died December 14, 1869 in Anderson County, Texas)
                       married, September 21, 1837, in Monroe County,
                       Mississippi, Louisa Conaway (born February 10,
                       1822 in Tennessee; died November 7. 1868 in
                       Anderson County, Texas), daughter of James Conaway.
                16.  (Dr.) Hundley Vaughan (born ca 1816 in Alabama;
                       died June 20, 1874 at Water Valley, Yalobusha
                       County, Mississippi)
                       married, in 1861, in Calhoun County, Mississippi,
                       Anna Rose Wallace (born ca 1846 in Maryland; died
                       July 1897 in Yalobusha County), daughter of James
                       Wallace and Susan Augusta Rodney,
                       [Ancestors of Felicia Gourdin]
                17.  Melkijah D, Vaughan (born ca 1819-1820 in Alabama
                       or Mississippi; died February 15, 1867 in Texas)
                       married, May 23, 1843, at Nacogdoches, Texas,
                       Anna S. Elizabeth Shade (born ca 1829 in Tennessee).
                18.  Word Gideon Vaughan (born June 6. 1824 in Madison
                       or Blount County, Alabama; died August 27, 1889 at
                       Oakwood, Leon County, Texas)
                       married (1) in Lafayette County, Mississippi,
                       April 23, 1848, Martha A. Hunter (died in Lafayette
                       County in November, 1874);
                       married (2) in Gregg County, Texas, August 21,
                       1878, Laura Alexander.
                19.  Miles Malone Vaughan (born December 17, 1826 in
                       Mississippi; died January 23, 1906 at Mullen, Texas)
                       married, October 3. 1848, in Pontotoc County,
                       Mississippi Malvina Taylor Vaughan (born January 22,
                       1832 in Tennessee; died July 51 1913 in Mullen,
                       Texas) daughter of Asa Fleming Vaughan and Katherine
                20.  Jane Vaughan (born in Alabama) is said to have been
                       the first wife of Henry Blanton Vaughan (born ca
                       1810 in Mississippi; died August 15, 1875 in Wilson
                       County, Tennessee), son of Littleberry Vaughan and
                       Sarah Strickland Jane died after the birth of
                       their first child.

                       I [Mary Gregg] believe there should be added to the
                       above list:
                21. William M. Vaughan (died ca 1856 in  Houston
                      County, Texas) married, probably in Mississippi,
                      Mrs. Barbara (------- ) Menefee.

              4.     _______ Vaughan (died a. 1850 census)
                     married John Fowler (born in South Carolina ca 1770;
                     died in Morgan County, Alabama, in 1850 or 1851) and
                     had children, named in John Fowler's will:

                     22.   Aphra (Affried, etc.) Fowler born in South Carolina
                            ca 1796; living, in 1870, in Marshall County,
                           Mississippi) married, in Madison County, Alabama,
                           December 16, 1815, Thomas B. Rountree (born in
                           Union County, South Carolina, ca 1794; died in
                           Marshall County, Mississippi, in 1874). Son of
                           Woodson and Jane (Brandon) Rountree, and
                           grandson of Turner and Sarah (Woodson) Rountree
                           and of Thomas and Elizabeth (McCool) Brandon,
                           all of Union County, South Carolina.
                                 [Ancestors of  Mary Gregg]

                    23. Jane Fowler
                          married, October 28, 1816, in Madison County,
                          Alabama, James Teague.

                   24.  Narcissa Fowler
                          married, in Madison County, Alabama, January 27,
                          1816, Coleman Thompson.

                  25.  Nancy Fowler
                         married, in Morgan County, Alabama, February 15,
                         1827, Pleasant B. Rowland.

                  26.  Susan E. Fowler
                         married, in Morgan County, Alabama, August 3,
                        1832, Aaron Perry.

                  27.  Levi G. Bertram Wheeler Fowler (born October 12,
                        1802, in(?Franklin County), Georgia; died June 28,
                        1889 in Tate County, Mississippi)
                        married (1) December 27, 1826, in Madison County,
                        Alabama, Mary Hill (died September 21, 1853 in
                        Madison County, Mississippi);
                        married (2) in Mississippi, Mary Elizabeth Still
                        (born June 2, 1820; died May 11, 1911 in Tate
                        County, Mississippi),

                28.  Hundley Vaughan Fowler (born January 6, 1806 in
                      (?Franklin County), Georgia; died August 6, 1866
                      in Lamar Count . Texas)
                      married (1) in Madison County, Alabama, December
                      2, 1825, Susan Hill, who was the mother of all
                      four of his children;
                      married (2) in Lamar County, Texas, August 17,
                      1848, as the second of her three husbands, Sarah W,
                      (Patton) Brooks, daughter of Robert and Nancy
                      (Black) Patton, and widow of John S, Brooks,
                      Sarah's third husband was General Rice Maxey.

                29.  Melkiiah D. Fowler (born ca 1816-1817 in Alabama;
                       died ca 1865 in Morgan County, Alabama)
                       married, in Morgan County, Alabama, March 18,1841,
                       Louisa Jane Steward.

                30. Elizabeth Olivia Fowler (born ca 1819 in Alabama;
                      died in Lamar County, Texas)
                      married, in Morgan County, Alabama, December  20,
                      1832, Andrew Black Patton, brother of Sarah W.
                      (Patton) Brooks who married Elizabeth Olivia's
                      brother, Hundley Vaughan Fowler.

                31. John Reuben Osborn Fowler (born ca 1820 in
                      Alabama; died August 4. 1883 in Lamar County,
                      Texas) probably:
                      married (1) September 8. 1855 in Morgan County,
                      Alabama, Rebecca E. Hobbs;
                      married (?2nd) January 24, 1860 in Smith County,
                      Texas, Mary Wilson.

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