Vaughan Vaughn
ReUnion 2009

Whether you plan on attending the reunion or not, please consider the following!!

Vaughan Vaughn Database and Gedcom Submissions

We are working on the Vaughan Vaughn Database which currently has over 50,000 persons! If you
have not submitted a gedcom or you need to update your information please do so as soon as possible.  
The more lines we have in the database, the more likely we are to make connections.  

When submitting a gedcom PLEASE include the following:
Your name
Postal address
E-mail address

When naming your gedcom, I have found it more reliable to use your e-mail address.  99% of the
gedcoms recieved are name Vaughan or Vaughn.  If you submit your gedcom with your e-mail address
as the file name, it is MUCH easier to keep your information together and locatable!  

Send your gedcom to:     OR
Postal address to send to is:
600 West Browntown Road
Huntington, AR  72940

If you have already submitted a gedcom, drop me a note at one of the above addresses and let me know
your current e-mail address.  Your postal address would also be beneficial to you!  If your family is already
included in the database but you need to resubmit your information, please let us know whom your previous
submission started with, your previous address (if you are providing a new one), and what additions you have

If you have problems creating a gedcom, please drop me a note at one of the above addresses and I will
do my best to instruct you as to how to create the file.  The file extention MUST be   .ged    
Family Tree Maker (?) will  create a   .FTM file for uploading to it's site.  We can not convert these files,
(to my knowledge) so please be sure it is a   .ged     extention on your file.  I may be wrong in assuming
Family Tree Maker will generate a ged file but I hope not!

Family Group Sheets and Ancestry Charts.

If for some reason you do not wish to submit a gedcom, please send a family group sheet or ancestry chart.
Submission will help in linking some of our families together!  If you do not attend but DO submit your
information, as long as we have contact information for you, we will notify you of any connections we might
find for your line.  

Personal Webpages

If you have a personal webpage with your Vaughan Vaughn family and would like it linked to the
RESOURCE Page, please send a brief description of your family, your e-mail address, and your
site address.  Unfortunately, if you wish to have your information included in the database, you will
have to send a gedcom file as we can not take the information from the internet.  Transcribing from
the internet means a lot of additional manual work of which is unavailable.

Additional Information

Before completing your packing for the reunion, be sure to collect you old family photos, deeds,
marriage certificates, birth and death certificates: ANYTHING and EVERYTHING you would like
to share!  If you have any reference books (ie cemetery, deeds, census, etc.)  you would like to share,
please bring them along!  If you don't have room to bring these items, please feel free to send copies
to me.  I will compile a folder with all your information you are wishing to share!

For submission of any of the above information or if you need additional information,
contact me at:
Linda Welden
600 W. Browntown Road
Huntington, AR  72940