Death Records
Virginia 1953
Submitted by Beth Bond


Alfred M. King & Queen Co.        April 16
Bertha L. Richmond city        Dec. 6
Della Sussex Co.        Feb. 25
Edgar T. Roanoke city        March 17
Edgar W. Norfolk city        Feb. 8
Edward S. Colonial Heights        Feb. 21
Eugene Nansemond Co.        Aug. 23
Gwendelin Richmond city        Aug. 15
(also listed under Vaughn for some reason)
Harriett C. Nelson Co.        Sept. 27
Irene E. Powhatan Co.        Feb. 13
James Portsmouth        Sept. 20
James A Mecklenburg Co.        Sept. 26
James A.(?) Stafford Co.        Nov. 10
Jefferson Richmond city        March 7
John Portsmouth        Sept. 7
John A. Roanoke city        June 16
John H. Petersburg        March 10
Katie H. Richmond city        July 10
(my great-grandmother, Katie Belle Harwell)
Kirk P. Richmond city        April 15
(a cousin in my tree, Kirk Parrish)
Leona F. Henry Co.        Feb. 23
Lillie Newport News        Oct. 27
Lottie S.(?) South Boston        March 21
Mary A. Loudoun Co.        Jan. 6
Matthew J.(?) Nansemond Co.        April 21
Meredith Lynchburg        June 2
Pearl Portsmouth        Nov. 23
Rose Richmond city        Nov. 19
Roy L. Nansemond Co.        Nov. 6
Sammy L. Pulaski city        May 19
Sarah Richmond city        Feb. 4
Spotswood W. Warwick Co.        July 26
Susan R. Amherst Co.        Aug. 16
Wade Nansemond Co.        March 24
Walter Richmond city        Oct. 10
William R. Petersburg        July 27



Alma M. Norfolk Co.,         Dec. 29
Bettie R. Franklin Co.,         Jan. 14
Carrie V. Richmond city,         Nov. 23
Clifton C.-Alexandria,         July 7
Dollie Radford,         Nov. 23
Frank A. Roanoke city,         May 25
Frank T. Radford,         Dec. 25
Gene F. Norfolk city,         Nov. 23
George H. Hampton,         March 19
Gwendelin Richmond city,         Aug. 15
(also listed under Vaughan)
Hattie B. Clifton Forge,         Feb.21
Janie F. Alexandria,         Feb. 18
LutherJ. Newport News,        Feb. 23
Martha C. James City Co.,         April 3
Sam W. Radford,         March 18
Shirley M. Martinsville,        April 26
Virginia R. Pittsylvania Co.,         March 30
William H. Alexandria,         July 30


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