Death Records
Infant Daughters of
Thurman and Jane Vaughan
Greenup County, Kentucky
Submitted by Tom Adkins

Chariy Vaughan
died January 17, 1940
Hopeful Vaughan
died January 17, 1940
Faithful Vaughan
died January 24, 1940
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     The three infants, Faithful, Charity, and  Hopeful Vaughan, were born in Raceland, Greenup County, Kentucky, January 17, 1940, triplet children of Thurman and Jane Potter Vaughan.  Hopeful and Charity only lived 3+ hours; Faithful lived for seven days, passing away on January 24, 1940. All three infants were buried in "Caroline, Kentucky". The death records for the three indicate that both parents were born in Greenup County, Kentucky.
     No cemetery name was listed

     Tom Adkins

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