Coroner's Inquest

Name of the Deceased  County Date of death  Cause of death 
Infant Of Mary Vaughan St. Louis City 1898/10/11 Congenital Debility
Vaughan,Clarisse E. St. Louis City 1892/04/26 Accident - Drowning
Vaughan, James St. Louis City 1892/03/04 Accident - Injuries
Vaughn, Child Of Mary St. Louis City 1898-10-12 Congenital Debelity
Vaughn, Francis St. Louis City 1848/02/26 Accident - Crushed In An Attempt To Launch A Steamboat
Vaughn, George Cape Girardeau 1884 Accidently Shot And Killed By Christian Ulrich
Vaughn, Georgiana St. Louis City 1880/05/03 Pneumonia
Vaughn, Grover St. Francois 1925 Mine Accident/hit By Motor Car
Vaughn, James St. Louis City 1891/05/27 Homicide - Gunshot Wound
Vaughn, Stirlin St. Louis City 1895/07/16 Natural - Marasmus
Vaughn, Thomas St. Louis City 1885/02/08 Hepatitis
Vaught, Oma Clinton 1898/02/01 Suicide - By Poison

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