County Intro

Nansemond County was formed in 1637 when Upper Norfolk County was split off from New Norfolk County. In 1646, Upper Norfolk County was renamed to Nansemond County. In 1974 Nansemond County became extinct upon being merged into the Independent City of Suffolk.

Parish Intro

Elizabeth River Parish was formed in 1636. Three parishes were split off from Elizabeth River Parish in 1643. All three: South Parish, East Parish and West Parish comprised Nansemond County. In 1927, South and East Parish were combined and renamed Upper Suffolk Parish; and West Parish was renamed Lower Suffolk Parish.


Nansemond County has suffered profound record losses. It has no early Deeds, Marriage, Estate or Chancery records.

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Vaughan Roster

Census Summary 1790-1850

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Personal Tax Digests Summary 1782-1795

Personal Tax Digests Summary 1796-1809

Personal Tax Digests Summary 1810-1823

Personal Tax Digests Summary 1824-1837

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Land Tax Digests Summary 1782-1795

Land Tax Digests Summary 1796-1809

Land Tax Digests Summary 1810-1823

Land Tax Digests Summary 1824-1837

Land Tax Digests Summary 1838-1850

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