Containing Vaughan Surname Before 1850

Note: The first part of this table includes Vaughan Estate cases in the LVA Chancery Case Index for Cumberland County as of August 24, 2017. These cases are highlighted in green. The first part is organized by estate in order of the first case to appear under the estate. The second part of this table has all other cases in Cumberland County containing a Vaughan and is organized in case order without any grouping.

Notes have been added as the case files are reviewed. These notes are not in much detail. The cases can be readily reviewed online. Additions, corrections or suggestions are welcome. David Robertson

Vaughan Chancery Cases Before 1850

Index Number






Scanned / Original/ Microfilmed

Edmund Vaughan gdn. for Elizabeth Hughes dau. of John Hughes


Cumberland Co

Elizabeth Hughes Et al

John Hughes

Hughes, Vaughan, Woodson



1776. Petition for distribution. Elizabeth Hughes by Edmund Vaughan, her gdn., Sally Hughes by John Woodson, her gdn. Nancy Nevile Hughes, Judith Hughes, Esther Hughes, by Judith Hughes, their gdn. Plaintiffs and Defendant are sons of John Hughes, dec’d. Joseph Hughes, formerly of Cumberland Co. but now dec’d in his will gave property to Elizabeth Hughes (now dec’d), and upon her death to the children of John Hughes. Slaves distributed.

James Vaughn m. Mary or Sarah or Judah Walker dau. of Benjamin Walker


Cumberland Co

Legt(s) of Benjamin Walker

Thomas Hudson & Miller Woodson Adms of Benjamin Walker

Hudson, King, Law, Mason, Vaughan, Walker, Woodson



Distributions to James Vaughan and wife, Magdalene Walker, Betsy Walker, Henry King & his wife, John Low & his wife. Will 9 Nov 1781, proved 28 Jan 1782. Daus. Mary, Sary, Judah, Betsy, Magdalene. Wife Sarah.

_____ Vaughan m. Mary Wilkinson, dau. of Thomas Wilkinson


Cumberland Co

Children of Thomas Wilkinson

Exrs of Thomas Wilkinson

Vaughan, Wilkinson



Petition to distribute assets. Will 25 Feb 1811, proved October 1811. Thomas Wilkinson willed property to his wife Sarah for life and then to his youngest children. Thomas Izard, James John. Lydderdale and Sarah P. Wilkinson. His older two children Mary Vaughn and Carter Wilkinson had each already received a share.

Joseph Vaughan m. Henrietta R. _____


Cumberland Co

Exr of Osborne Jones

Henrietta R Vaughan Et al

Brooks, Cooke, Foster, Jones, Oliver, Price, Raine, Richardson, Vaughan, Walton, Womack, Woodson, Wright



41 pages. Petition 22 Dec 1828. Osborne Jones in his will gave slaves to Betsy Jones for life. She sold her interest to Joseph Vaughan. Joseph died and slaves in possession of his Admx. Henrietta R. Vaughan and his son in law _____ Cook. Claim That they intended to carry off and sell the slaves.


Cumberland Co

Cumberland Co

Francis Vaughan, Elizabeth Haskins for Et al

Haskins, Lockett, Vaughan



Suit about a judgment. Stopped. Further review may be warranted.


Cumberland Co

Seymour Wright Sr

Samuel Williams & Wife

Anglea, Chrisp, Cox, Holman, Vaughan, Walker, Whitehead, Williams, Wilson, Wright



32 pages. George Wright died leaving his entire estate to his wife Mary during her life and upon her death to William Wright, Gabriel Wright, Seymour Wright and Anne Holman, formerly Wright. Seymour Wright has purchased the rights of the others. Mary Wright has married Samuel Williams. Timber has been destroyed and land wasted. Vaughan not found in the first few pages. Further review may be warranted.


Cumberland Co

Jesse Johns

Joseph Vaughan

Johns, Vaughan



Dispute on a land contract. Further review may be warranted.


Cumberland Co

Richard Ligon, Willis Vaughan

Robert B Gibson Et al

Childress, Gibson, Isbell, Johns, Johnson, Ligon, Ray, Strong, Vaughan



105 pages. Suit on a debt. Stopped. Further review may be warranted.

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