Vaughan FAMILY

Will Abstracts 1735-1850

ABRAHAM VAUGHAN                                           1748

ABRAHAM VAUGHAN Wife Loveday; sons Richard, Abraham; daughters Martha, Mary, Anne, Rachel, Sarah. Exec: Loveday Vaughan and Richard Vaughan. Wit: Ralph Dunkley, Samuel Fowers, Henry Field. Made 22 Oct 1748; returned 2 Mar 1748. (Book #2, pp. 177-178)

Additional notes: Will Book 2, 1738-1750; 1783-1785 (Reel 20) p. 162. Inv. & Appr. rec. 1 June 1749. pp. 177-179. Will, pro. 2 Mch. 1748. NOTE: Part of index to Brunswick County Wills and Administrations (1732 - 1800)

JAMES VOUGHN                                                     1735

JAMES VOUGHN Wife Ann; sons James, George. Tabitha Voughn, Winne Curoks(?), Mary Markdavill, Joshua Winn. Exec: James and George Voughn, sons. Wit: William Maclin, James Mize, William Walters. Made 12 May 1735; recorded 3 July 1735. (Book #1, p. 216)

JAMES [“BUCK”] VAUGHAN                               1806

JAMES VAUGHAN Wife Susanna; sons Robert, James, Kinchen, William; daughters Susanna, Salley; granddaughters Elizabeth M. Bass, Polly Bass. Robert and James receive each 1/2 land owned in Fayette Co., Kentucky, near Lexington. Exec: wife Susanna and four sons Robert, James, Kinchen, William. Wit: Thomas Bass, Frederick Maclin, William B. Collier, James Bruce and Green Houze. Made 29 Aug 1806; recorded 22 July 1811 (Book #7 pp. 464-465)

See Susanna Vaughan

[Per Deed Book 23.457. Tabitha Vaughan was the widow of Kinchen Vaughan, dec’d of Guilford and Rockingham Co., NC. His children were James P. Vaughan, Eliza J. Vaughan, Alvis Vaughan, Dearborn Vaughan, Emily Vaughan. Both Kinchen and Tabitha were deceased by 28 Oct 1817. At least some of the children were minors. There may have also been a daughter who married Lewis Peebles. -DHR]

See Brunswick County Chancery Case(s) 1812-007, 1817-021, 1824-042 & 1826-042 for more details.

RICHARD VAUGHAN                                             1748

RICHARD VAUGHAN Of St. Andrews Parish. Daughter-in-law Loveday Vaughan; grandsons Richard and Abraham; daughters Susanna Field, Martha Wall, Amey Pain; sons Richard and Abraham; grandchildren David Pain, Mary Pain. Exec: Henry Embry, Sr. Wit: Henry Embry, Jr., Daniel Wall, John Wall. Made 14 Jan 1748; recorded 1 June 1749 (Book #2 pp. 165-66)

RICHARD VAUGHAN                                             1750

RICHARD VAUGHAN 1750 Will Book 2, 1738-1750; 1783-1785 (Reel 20) pp. 165-166. Will, pro. 1 June 1749. p. 183. Inv. rec. 27 June 1750. NOTE Part of index to Brunswick County Wills and Administrations (1732 - 1800)

WILLIAM VAUGHAN                                             1755

WILLIAM VAUGHAN 1755 Will Book 3, 1751-1761; 1765-1769 (Reel 20) pp. 132-133. Inv. & Appr. rec. 25 June 1754. p. 152. Inv. & Appr. rec. 22 Apr. 1755. pp. 158-160. Accts. rec. 27 May 1755. NOTE Part of index to Brunswick County Wills and Administrations (1732 - 1800)

WILLIAM VAUGHAN                                             1796

WILLIAM VAUGHAN Son James; daughter Sinah. Exec: son James; Wit: Frederick Maclin, Frederick Maclin, Jr., Tabitha Lanier. Made 11 Oct 1796; recorded 25 Feb 1799 or 1800 (Book #6, p. 257) (Note: The 1800 date has been written over as 1799; but if viewed in sequence with other entries, it fits with 1800)

WILLIAM VAUGHAN                                             1809

WILLIAM VAUGHAN of Meherrin Parish. Wife Peggy "and her child called Rebecca Elizabeth Holman Vaughan and the child she is now pregnant with"; son Robert, daughters Sarah W., Mary Ammarella; son William; Robert Vaughan's children; Rebecca Elizabeth Holman Vaughan is later referred to as one of "my children". Exec: Col. Robert Watson, William Rice. Wit: Richard John ___, Will Rice, Jr. Made 17 Oct 1809; recorded 25 Dec 1809 (Book #7, pp. 376-377)

See Brunswick County Chancery Case(s) 1811-016 for more details.

Beneficiaries Per Will


Rebecca Elizabeth Holman Vaughan

Sarah W.

Mary Ammarella

William [Note: William B. Vaughan, husband of Eliza, of Bedford Co., Va.]


Beneficiaries Per Tax Digests



Sarah W

Mary A



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