Creating a GEDCOM

To submit your information to the Vaughan Vaughn Database, you need to create a gedcom file.  Once you
have created the file, send it to  It will then add it to the database and you will be
notified of any possible connections. These first directions will work for most genealogy programs.  If these
basic instructions don't work correctly, page down a bit further on this page and see if there might be
directions for your specific program.  Included here are directions for 36 various genealogy programs.  If
none of these proceedures work or you need help with creating your file, please feel free to contact me at the
above address.

Addtional hints to submitting a gedcom file
1. When naming your gedcom, please consider using your e-mail address as the name. All you need to do is,
when requested to name your file, type your FULL e-mail address in as the name.  Your genealogy program
should automatically add the file extention .ged to the end of your file name (e-mail address)  In using your
e-mail address, you are making your submission unique.   Remember!  Everyone submitting to the database
are submitting Vaughan - Vaughn information.  If you name you file Vaughan or Vaughn it becomes nearly
impossible for me to correctly connect the researcher to their ged file.
2. When typing your information into your genealogy program, try not to use abreviations!!!!!  When your file
is uploaded to the database, your information may be over looked in the search engine.  All searches done on
the database are done so using the FULL state name.  I have seen a huge multiple of ways to abreviate a state
and when doing a search, it is impossible to use all the possible combinations for one state.
3. Before sending your gedcom, make sure you attach your name, postal address, and e-mail address INSIDE
the file!  This, obviously, helps in keeping files and submitters names together and should be an option on most
genealogical programs!
4. When creating a gedcom, you should have the option of submitting your resources, pictures, etc.  You are
more than welcome to send as much as you wish, to be included with our information.  If you do not wish to
submit you resources, either omit them upon creation of your gedcom or notify me of your with not to included
the information on the RESOURCE Page
5. Although it is my policy NOT to include personal information on people whom are under the age of 90, I will
include all information you provide, as part of the database.  NO INFORMATION of prersons under the age of
90, will be shared with anyone other than the submitter.  
6. If a connection is found, through the database, contact me with your possible connection and I will forward
your information to the individual whom has submitted the database information.  
7. Births and Deaths by state, of all database submissions, are being posted and updated to the RESOURCE Page.  
Don't be afraid to check those indexes and let me know if you find a connection!!!
8.  If you do not have a genealogical program or would like to try a totally fantastic program, go to
and download the
Brother's Keeper program.  The programmer for BK is John Steed.  
I, personally, have used Mr. Steed's program for at least the past 18 years.  I believe it is the BEST!  It is thorough,
easy to use and understand, has multiple forms for pritting you files, and much more.  Mr. Steed has personally
answered any questions I have had regarding his program.  I prefer this type of personal assistance over the
generic help received from some of these big companies.  Over the years, I have tried a dozen (probably more!)
different genealogical programs and I've always ended back with Brothers Keeper.  This is a AAA+ program!
Brother's Keeper is a shareware program.  Shareware means that your are allowed to use the program as long
as you wish.  If you like the program,  the programmer has a registration fee.  Upon paying the fee, you will
recieve updates, patches, personal support, etc.)
9. Thanks you for your submission and BEST! of luck

Creating a GEDCOM File that works for most genealogy programs:

Launch your family tree program and open your genealogy file.

  1. In the top-left hand corner of your screen, click the File menu.
  2. Select either Export or Save as...
  3. Change the Save As Type or Destination drop-down box to GEDCOM or .GED.
  4. Select the location where you'd like to save your file.
  5. Enter a filename such as 'ChristmanMarcus1732' (the program will automatically add the .ged extension). Use the earliest named ancestor or immigrant and their birthyear.
  6. Click Save or Export.
  7. Some type of confirmation box will appear stating that your export has succeeded.
  8. Click OK.
  9. When sending a Gedcom to The Christman Genealogy Website for inclusion please ensure that the Gedcom contains all information including the data on living people.
  10. Your file is now ready to share with others.

Additional directions for creating a gedcom
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Arbre généalogique V1 - Premium
Brother's Keeper
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Gene 4.3.4 (Mac)
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 GeneWeb GenoPro
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Heredis Mac X2
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Visual Genealogie 2000
Win Family
Win Genealogic

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