James Fork Cemetery
Hartford, Sebastian County

Established 1880
ARMSTRONG                                    BARTLETT

BLACKBURN                                     BREWER

CHASTEEN                                         COKER

CONAWAY                                         COWARD

CUMMINS                                           DILL

DuBOISE                                              EUFORD

EVANS                                                 GIPSON

GLASGOW                                          GOODWIN

GOSS                                                    HICKMAN

HOGUE                                                 HORN

HORNBACK                                         INGLE

JOHNSON                                             LOWERY

MASON                                                 MAY

McKIMENS                                           MOORE

MOSES                                                  OXFORD

SANDERS                                              SHELBY

SMITH                                                   STATHAM

STRICKLAND                                       SUGG

VAUGHN                                               WARE

WEDDLE                                                WATSON

WHISENANT                                          WILLIAMS

WOODS                                                   YORK

This is a full list of known surnames for the people that have been buried in the James Fork Cemetery. I am still  looking for names
to place with the 84 fieldstones that are scattered throughout the cemetery.   Some of these families above I have a great amount of information on; others I have next to nothing. I will gladly share
what information I have. Any additional information would be
greatly appreciated. 

Any questions, suggestions, corrections, or additional information,
contact me, Linda CONAWAY Welden at:


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