Census Index Head of household
Submitted by Scott R. Vaughn, and Doug Vaughn

Counties Included

Andrew Gentry Newton 
Atchison Greene Nodaway
Barry Hickory Osage
Benton Howard Pike
Boone Jackson Platte
Buchanan Jefferson Polk
Butler Johnson Pulaski 
Callaway Knox Randolph 
Camden Laclede Ray
Cape Girardeau Lafayette Saline
Clark Lewis Shelby
Clay Lincoln St. Clair
Clinton Livingston St. Genevieve
Cole Macon St. Louis 
Cooper Marion Stoddard
Crawford Miller Taney
Dade Moniteau Texas
Franklin Monroe Washington
Gasconade Montgomery  Wright

1850 off site

Andrew County

Charles E. Vaughn
James Vaughn
Lucy A. Vaughn
Nathaniel Vaughn
Oscar Vaughn
Thomas Vaughn

Atchison County

Burril Vaughn

Barry County

Samuel Vaughn

Benton County

George Vaughn

Boone County

Vaughn Bannester

Vaughn James H 27 KY

Amanda 20 KY

Sarah  1 MO

Buchanan County

Mark Vagan
Alfred Vaughn
Lee A. Vaughn
Thomas G. Vaughn

Butler County

Elijah Vaughn
Ephraim Vaughn

Callaway County

Enoch Vaughan
Francis Vaughan
Tylman Vaughan
William W. Vaughan

Camden County

Elisha Vaughan
John Vaughan

Cape Girardeau County

Alexander Vaughn
Powhatan Vaughn

Clark County

Mary Ann Vaughm
Dinwiddie Vaughn
J. W. Vaughn
Mary Ann Vaughn

Clay County

Jackson Vaughn
Sarah A. Vaughn
William M. Vaughn

Clinton County

Alexander Vaughn
David Vaughn
M. Vaughn
Phebe Vaughn

Cole County

Vaughan James 29  KY

Agnes 22 VA

William   4

Rachael   2


Cooper County

Dist 23
Vaughan John 28

Milly 24

William  7

Mariah  1

Minerva 18

William 16

Vaughan James

Vaughan Joseph

Vaughan Thomas

Crawford County

H.C. Vaughan
John Vaughan
L. Vaughan
R. Vaughan

Dade County

Sarah Vaughan

Franklin County

James Vaughn
William Vaughn

Gasconade County

William Vaughn

Gentry County
Josiah Vaughn


Greene County
Achillus Vaughn

Beverly T. Vaughn
Edmund Vaughn
Edmund Vaughn
James Vaughn
James Vaughn
John Vaughn
William Vaughn

Hickory County
Douzy Vaughan

Eliza Vaughan

Howard County

Isaac P. Vaughan
J. P. Vaughan

Jackson County
Submitted by Doug Vaughn

Page 499
Vaughn Reuben M 48 Farmer UNK

Anna F 31

James M  6

Jno M  1

Mary F 13

William M  9

James M  7

Page 507
Vaughn Josiah M 40 Farmer KY

Mary F 34

William M 17

John M 15

Thomas M 12

Daniel M 10

James M  8

Martha F  6

Margaret F  3

Susan F 3/12

Page 520
Vaughn Thomas 20 Farmer KY

Anna F 16

Page 624
Living w/ J Lemons family
Vaughn Shadrach M 77 Farmer VA

Sarah F 67

Page 634
Living w/ E Wood family
Vaughn Wayne M 10 MO 

Page 669
Vaughn Thomas H M 40 Farmer VA

Louisa F 43

William M 18

Sarah E F 16

Jesse H M 14

Caroline 12

Josephine F 10


Jefferson County
Jonson Vaughn

Sarah Vaughn

Johnson County
G. W. Vaughn


Knox County
George H. Vaughan


Laclede County
Margaret Vaughan

Ruben Vaughan

Lafayette County
Benjamin Vaughn

Harrison B. Vaughn
John Vaughn

Lewis County
Elizabeth Vaughan

George Vaughan
W. Vaughan

Lincoln County
M Vaughan

William Vaughan
Richard Vaughan

Livingston County
John H. Vaughn


Macon County
Catharine Vaughn

Fredrick P. Vaughn

Marion County
Wilson Vaughn


Miller County
Elisha Vaughan
Submitted by Bob Vaughan
Households 1-200 Page 17 age born 
Elisha Vaughan m 57 VA
Martha    f 43 KY
Benjamin m 18 MO
Mahala  f 16 MO
Thomas  14 MO
Charity  f 13 MO
Elvira 11 MO
Rench m 9 MO
Sarah MO
Martha  6 MO
Elizabeth 5 MO
Joseph m MO
Linanna MO

John Vaughan
Submitted by Bob Vaughan

187 age born 
John Vaughan m 42 VA
Mahala Vaughan f 40 KY
Manon Vaughan m 21 MO
Joseph Vaughan m 16 MO
John Vaughan m 14 MO
Marquis Vaughan m 12 MO
Sarah Vaughan 10 MO
Lievina Vaughan MO
Lucretia Vaughan 6 MO
Martha Vaughan 4 MO
Lucinda Vaughan MO
Permelia Vaughan MO

Obediah Vaughan
Submitted by Bob Vaughan

401 age born 
Creed T Biggers m 40 VA
Nancy Biggers  f 31 KY
George Biggers m MO
Elizabeth Biggers 3 MO
James Biggers m 1 MO
Joseph Whittle m 55 KY
Priscilla Luna 23 AL
Obediah Vaughan m ? MO
Benjamin Vaughan 8 MO

Stephen Vaughan 
Submitted by Bob Vaughan

509 age born 
Stephen Vaughan m 24
Charity Vaughan  f 26 TN
Mary Vaughan  f 3 TN
Sarah Vaughan  f 1 MO


Moniteau County
Submitted by Bob Vaughan
James Vaughn

Nancy Vaughn

Joshua Vaughn
Submitted by Bob Vaughan
Household 361

Joshua Vaughn M 46 Farmer
Elizabeth F 37
Andrew F 19
Irena F 13
June F 9
Joseph M
Elizabeth F 4
Mary F

William Vaughn
Submitted by Bob Vaughan
Pg 27a
Household 360
11 Sept 1850

Name Gender Age Occupation Value of assets born
William  M 21 Farmer $100.00 MO
Jane F 16 

Benjamin 8/12


Note:  Andrew,  through June was noted as having attended school in the last 6 months.  Also, the wife, Elizabeth was noted as not being able to read or write.

Monroe County
Harrison Vaughan

James Vaughan
James Vaughan
John Vaughan
Joseph Vaughan
Thomas Vaughan
William H. Vaughan

Montgomery County
Abram C. Vaughan


Newton County
Mary Vaughn


Nodaway County
Nancy Vaughn


Osage County
Cynthia Vaughan

George W. Vaughan
John Vaughan
Peter Vaughan
Reuben Vaughan
Robert Vaughan
Samuel C. Vaughan
William H. Vaughan
William Vaughan
Alexander Vaughn

Pike County
A. T. Vaughan

Andrew M. Vuaghan
Marion Vaughan
Peter T. Vaughan
Rowland Vaughan
Thomas R. Vaughan
Thomas Vaughan
William P. Vaughan
Thomas R. Vaughn

Platte County
Benjamin Vaughan

Caswell B. Vaughan
Judith Vaughan
Lewis Vaughan
Lydia Vaughn
Silas T. Vaughan

Polk County
Thomas Vaughn

Wilson Vaughn

Pulaski County
Benjamin B. Vaughan

Mahala Vaughan
Nancy Vaughan
Nathan Vaughan
Riley Vaughan
Bramlett Vaughn
William F. Vaughn

Randolph County
Adaline E. Vaughn

Cornelius Vaughn
John Vaughn

Ray County
Alvis Vaughn


Saline County
Margaret Vaughan

Richard C. Vaughan
George H. Vaughn
George R. Vaughn
John S. Vaughn

Shelby County
Spencer Vaughn


St. Clair County
Isam Vaughan

Obediah Vaughan
Reubin Vaughan
William L. Vaughan

St. Genevieve County
Joel Vaughn

Mary S. Voughn

St. Louis County
Andrew Vaughan

Charles Vaughn
Edward Vaughan
Edward Vaughn
Elizabeth Vaughan
Ellen Vaughan
James Vaughan
James Vaughn
John Vaughan
Oliver Vaughn
Patrick Vaughn
R.L. Vaughn
Samuel L. Vaughan
Thomas Vaughn
William Vaughan
William Vaughan
William Vaughan
William Vaughn
William P. Vaughn

Stoddard County
Jesse Vaughn

Sarah Vaughn
William Vaughn

Taney County
J. Vaughan

R. Vaughn

Texas County
Pamelia Vaughan

William Vaughan

Washington County
Judia Vaughan

Nancy Vaughan

Wright County
Submitted by Deborah Burns

Page 266B
Vaughn Mabun m 35 TN

Liucinda f 38 TN

Berthy f 13 TN

William m 11 TN

Jane f   9 TN

Francis f   7 TN

Emoley? f   5 MO

John m   2 MO

Hezehion? m 1/12mo MO Index looks like Hezekion


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