Rhode Island
Washington County

Washington County
Vital records from marriages and probate records            Volume 5
Complied by Alden Gamaliel Beaman. Ph. D.

Abigail Vaughan of David & Dinah Vaughan AND Mr Dankin married 1761 North Kingstown 9:352

AbigailVaughan  of DanielVaughan  AND George Hull Thomas married 1807 North Kingstown 16:88

Clarisy G. Vaughan  of James F. Vaughan  AND Mr Franklin married 1853 Exeter 15:106

Elizabeth Vaughan  of John & Elizabeth Vaughan  AND Mr Corns married 1743
North Kingstown 8:258

Elizabeth Vaughan  of David & DinahVaughan  AND Mr Wood married 1761 North Kingstown 9:352

Elizabeth A. Vaughan of Daniel Vaughan  AND Thomas Moore married 1807 North Kingstown 16:88

John Vaughan  AND Sarah Havens of Robert Havens married 1777 North Kingstown 10:204

Joshua Vaughan  AND Mary Gardner sister of Benoni & James married 1785 Exeter 4:176

Mary Vaughan  of John & Elizabeth Vaughan AND Mr Congdon married 1743 North Kingstown 8:258

Mary Vaughan of JohnVaughan  AND Daniel Brown - deceased - married 1821 North Kingstown 23:1

Samuel Vaughan  AND Mary Gorton of John & Sarah Gorton married 1787 Westerly 6A:1; 1B:464

Samuel Vaughan AND Sarah Nichols of Alexander & Sarah (Browning) Nichols
married 1791 South Kingstown 1B:44,53

Stephen Vaughan  AND Elizabeth Boone of Richard & Elizabeth Boone married 1813 Exeter 9:46,187

Mr Vaughan AND Freelove Boon of Samuel Boon married 1766 North Kingstown

Mr Vaughan AND Elizabeth Reynolds of George & JoannaReynolds married 1777
Exeter 4:85

Mr Vaughan AND Lucretia Allen of George & Anstress Allen married 1854 North Kingstown 33:176; 37:90 (3-292)

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