Mrs. Eleanor Vaughan
104th Birthday Party Notice
Submitted by Beverly Evins

NOTE from Beverly:  The information below is from a collection, by one person, that was donated
to the library.  There were many obituaries that were clipped from the newspapers, Houston TX
area, and pasted on index cards that list the name and date of death.  Names of the papers are not
included on the cards.  Birth years are all estimated for identification only and are in ().

Vaughan, Mrs. Eleanor, 104, Silverton TX:
January 1956---SILVERTON-

Mrs. Eleanor Jane Vaughan Monday recieved congratulations from
her 300 descendants and friends on her 104th birthday.
        Mrs. Vaughan is alert and fairly active although she walks with
a cane.  Born Jan. 30, 1852, in Wood Co, she lives with a daughter,
Mrs W.A. Stephens.
        Her birthday comment:"The trouble with most of you (people of
today) is that you get lazy."

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