William John Vaughn
of Tennessee
Submitted by Misty Flannigan

William, son of H. (Herrod) Vaughn and Sarah Vaughn
was born in "Bedford County" Tennessee in 1832.
William's parents were born and raised in "Brunswick
County" Virginia. His mother "Sarah" was the daughter
of "John H. Vaughn" and Rebecca Drake Vaughn, who
were married Jan. 9, 1804 in "Brunswick County".
H. Vaughn and Sarah Vaughn were married in
"Brunswick County" March 14, 1820. By the 1830 census
they were in "Bedford County, Tennessee". Census records
indicate they came to Tennessee before 1825. In 1830
Herrod and Sarah were living near the family of "Samuel
and Zelpha Marr" the parents of "Nancy Ann Marr" the
future wife of William J. Vaughn.

Family tradition says the Vaughns and other families
divided during the political activity previous to the Civil
War and that William was part of the group that moved
to an area more compatible to their way of thinking.
William J. Vaughn and Samuel Marr, along with other
families from Bedford County are in "Crittenden County,
Kentucky" in 1855. William J. Vaughn and Nancy Ann
Marr were married Sept. 17, 1856 in Crittenden County.
Her parents, Samuel and Zelpha both died in Crittenden
County and are buried in the "Old Rushing Cemetery",
south of "Crayne". He in 1876 and she in 1859.

Family tradition says William fought in the Civil War
and that he and Nancy had four children, all born in
Crittenden County. "Sarah E.", the first was born June
17, 1858. The second "John B." was born June 1st or
7th, 1860. The fourth child was Samuel born May 6,
1869. Family tradition says the third child, was a boy
who died young with his mother before they moved to
Hardin County.

William, after his wife and young son died, moved to
Hardin County, Illinois in about 1873, with his three
surviving children. William Vaughn was said to be of
French background and his wife Nancy Ann was part
Indian. He lived in Cave-In-Rock and Tower Rack the
rest of his life and had a second marriage later in life.
He enjoyed playing the violin. He died in 1904-05 and
is buried in Bascom Cemetery.

John B. Vaughn, a single man, died Nov. 7, 1986 and
is buried in Bascom Cemetery.

Sarah E. Vaughn married Henry Riggs, the 15th of Feb.,
1882 and lived the rest of her life in Cave-In-Rock. She
died Jan. 10, 1950 and is buried in Bascom Cemetery
with Henry and some of her children. When she was a
little girl, she would help her father in the tobacco fields
and get sick. She could not stand tobacco. After her
mother died, she stayed home and kept house and
watched the younger children.

Samuel Vaughn married Lucy Ellen Davis Jan. 31, 1889.
She had a twin brother, Lewis Earl Davis. They were the
children of John Davis and Lucy Cavender. Samuel
Vaughn was a hard worker (in the mines), who never
socialized much, but always helped his neighbors when
needed. Lucy Ellen was very well thought of by her
neighbors and was considered a person to see when help
was needed. Samuel and Lucy Vaughn had a large family.
Some of the children were Green B. (1890), John (1892),
Henry (1894), Rura (1898), William Bryan (1901), Roxie
(1904), Mable (1905) and Joseph (1909). Rura Vaughn
died at three and is buried at Bascom Cemetery. Henry
died in 1913 and is buried at Bascom. One unnamed
infant boy died in 1900 and is buried at Bascom Cemetery.
Lucy Ellen died, in childbirth, Feb.13, 1913 and is buried
at Bascom with the baby boy in the same grave. Samuel
Vaughn died April 29, 1924 from a lung disease, a few
months after returning from Colorado where he went
for treatment and was told nothing could be done for him.

Green B. and John (Happy) Vaughn lived out their lives
in Hardin County. Green B. was a law officer for a few
years and John (Happy) loved to play the violin. John
served in the first world war. They both were married but
never had any children. John had one adopted child.

William Bryan moved to St. Louis and had a large family,
four boys and two girls.

Roxie moved to Chicago, married and had stepchildren.
She retired and came back to Hardin County. Mable
married Andy Cox, had a large family and is still living
in Eldorado, Illinois.

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